Vendir Plague Of Lies Mod Apk 1.1.189 Unlimited Money/Gold

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Now Download Vendir Plague Of Lies Mod Apk 1.1.189 Unlimited Money, Gold, Exp, Skills and win the stages with more exciting features.

Vendir Plague Of Lies Mod Apk

About Vendir Plague Of Lies

Traditional role-playing game centred on parties, with an epic and grim plot as well as turn-based combat.

In this ominous role-playing game (RPG), your team is about to embark on a legendary adventure in which you are the only one who can put an end to the evil that is plaguing a kingdom.

King Elrik is a tyrant who rules with an iron fist over the once-great kingdom of Vendir. His judgements are severe, and his punishments are excruciating. As a result of the discovery of an ancient prophecy that predicts the end of Elrik’s rule, two siblings are forced to travel from one muddy end of the Kingdom to the other, all the while drawing Elrik’s anger at each and every step of the journey. In a kingdom that is being suffocated by a plague of lies, you must challenge the truth.

Plague of Lies is a traditional party-based role-playing video game that features a compelling narrative and an emphasis on synergy-based combat. In the manner of traditional role-playing games from the late 1990s and early 2000s, you can look forward to many hours of gameplay that will be packed with memorable characters, fierce combat, rich and intriguing quests, character skills, and gear growth.


Gameplay of Vendir Plague Of Lies Mod Apk Unlimited Money and Gold

In Vendir: Plague of Lies, you’ll have to stop the despotic king and find a method to save his mother. An mishap in a kingdom caused widespread disorder due to the king’s ineptitude. As the battles continued, hopelessness spread across the population.

The monarch was powerless to prevent the series of disasters that befell his country. Even worse is when the king is a jerk who wants everyone else to suffer for his own ego. They couldn’t leave the country because of the harsh regulations he instituted. However, the warrior’s mother is still in the kingdom, and you’ll need to rescue her.

The kingdom is in its direst straits since the monarch couldn’t manage it. The messes keep popping up and are slowly but surely overtaking this world. The king was too self-centered to do anything to save his country.

To make matters worse, he actively opposed his workers relocating to a more favourable environment. Because of the king’s harsh rule, everyone must remain loyal to the domain at all costs. Those who are found guilty are given punishment if they are to have any chance of survival. You must overthrow the despotic king in order to save the mother and her people from the doomed kingdom.


When the children who were exiled get a letter offering assistance, they set out on a rescue mission. The elderly mother who now resides in a nearby kingdom sent the message. Assumptions that the king would implement a peaceful form of government turned out to be a cover for brutality.

The cruel monarch failed to establish a unified empire, and chaos ensued. The mother, unable to bear her children’s suffering any longer, reached out for assistance. The public turned against the monarch for his selfish actions, and he had to free the child’s trapped mother as soon as possible. Take against the kingdom’s ruthless ruler in battle and finish the quest to rescue the mom.

Vendir Plague Of Lies Mod Apk Unlimited skills

Features of Vendir Plague Of Lies Mod Menu Apk Unlocked All

The game begins with an unlimited amount of gold and money so you can Develop skills, upgrade your character and complete tasks.

Fight your way through The Realm of Vendir while looting and collecting treasure

A video game that features complex mechanisms for making items and fascinating collectibles, all of which have important narrative repercussions.

Vendir Plague Of Lies Mod Apk Unlimited Money

A complicated tree of skills, with potentially hundreds of abilities to learn

The inclusion of multiple playable classes, such as Warrior, Thief, Necromancer, and Plague Doctor, contributes significantly to the game’s extensive replayability.

A complex storyline that diverges depending on the decisions you make

Conversations that are heavy on lore and in which you, as the hero, make choices that have repercussions that persist for a very long time.

Terrific mission

A long time ago, darkness descended upon a country where even the king could not guarantee the safety of his subjects. He has no morals and imposes the worst laws ever enacted because of his insatiable lust for power. The evil monarch had deprived the citizens of his realm of their right to live, and now they were helpless to defend themselves.

The monarch was already violent enough, but his punishments for anyone who tried to escape were considerably harsher. The mother yelled for help because she knew her family needed to be freed. Whatever happens, you have an obligation to save the woman who gave birth to you. Assist the kids in their heroic mission to rescue mom from the king’s evil clutches.

Vendir Plague Of Lies Mod Apk Unlimited gold

In-turn combat

The cruel monarch had shattered the once-great realm beyond recognition. His harsh measures have aided in ruining favoured residential areas. Forbidden by the monarchy, emigration from the kingdom was unlikely even if it had been a popular choice.

But the mother’s distress signal reached the children across the realm. The kids have to face up against the forces of evil itself by crossing over to the other side. You’ll tag along with the kids as they do their matriarchal duties. Participate in turn-based battles with your kids against kingdom adversaries.

Unlimited Skills

The kids that help set out for the kingdom to rescue the mother are regular folks. You must therefore ensure the success of your offspring in battle during this voyage. You can train them to be fearless fighters who face off against the king’s troops head-on.

They might even adopt the combat methods of a multitalented thief. A child’s identity can change, yet they all share the common aim of protecting their mom. But, they will require your assistance in learning a fighting style of your choosing. Help the kids create a fighting system that fits their style of play.

A mother in a kingdom controlled by a cruel monarch speaks out for her children. People there lived in abject misery and grudgingly followed orders. The heartless ruler always enforces his draconian regulations, no matter the cost in human lives. So it’s not just the mom who needs saving from the king’s rule.

The kids are cool with you rescuing their mom, so they’ll tag along. The children will face a difficulty with the turn-based battle, but they may overcome it by honing their abilities. To overthrow the cruel monarch and free the trapped mother, download the Vendir: Plague of Lies mod unlimited skills

How to Download Vendir Plague Of Lies Mod Apk Latest Version 2023

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Requirements And Additional Information

NameVendir: Plague of Lies
Size355 MB
DeveloperEarly Morning Studio
ModUnlimited Gold
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Vendir Plague Of Lies Mod Apk
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Party-based RPG Vendir: Plague of Lies features a dark and epic storyline as well as traditional turn-based combat. In addition to its engaging story and focus on synergy-based combat, the game also boasts intense battles, a wide variety of quests with unique rewards, the development of unique skills for each playable character, and the acquisition of new equipment. Two siblings are forced to walk from one muddy end of the once-great kingdom of Vendir to the other because of the tyrannical rule of King Elrik. You must put an end to the despotic king and devise a plan to save the warrior's mother. The monarch of Vendir has put his country in a precarious position by acting in his own self-interest.

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