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Make a Death Note that uses your own handwriting in the Death Note Type Game. To cleanse the world of people who are evil, symbolically, utilise the Death Note, as like Kira. The punishment will fit the crime. You don’t need to have Death Note Type knowledge to play this game. Making a mistake? Hit the delete key to cross out any incorrect words. The suspense of the original Death Note music, paired with the conflicting morals, provides a thrilling challenge for the player.

Death Note Type Game Mobile

Here the all Death Note Type Game list given below. Death Note is an Anime maked by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. In this list you will see Death Note Type Game Apk for android and some online games.

Death Note Type Game Mobile

1. Death Note Book Type Game Anime Live Action

Death Note Type Anime is the anime game Death Note. In this game, you will play the role of Light Yagami. Write down the person’s name and the manner of his or her death. kill the bandits and the bad guys If you help Ryuk complete his job as the God of Death’s disciple, then Ryuk will be satisfied. You may notice that he like apples, so do not be worried if you begin to see him frequently.What is different about this notebook from others of its kind: Fulfilling your Last Will and Testament by documenting the cause of your death in both Russian and English languages.

Death Note Libres!

2. Death Note Libres!

Think about using the Death Note? This is an unofficial Death Note game. The most realistic notebook of Death Note is where you must write the name of your victim. This software has a human whose name is in it who will be given an opportunity to go to a better life. History is history, and the fun doesn’t stop because of that. Will you be the next Kira?

  • Name written in this application will result in death.
  • Unless the writer has the person’s face in mind when writing their name, this application will not work. In other words, the two people with the same name will remain unaffected.
  • The name in this application will cause a fatal heart attack for the individual whose name is provided within 40 seconds.
The Notebook of Death Game

3. The Notebook of Death Note Anime Inspired App

This Death Note Type Game Inspired by the anime and manga Death Note, which has become a bestselling and critically praised best-seller. This is not an official app. This is an experimental programme, which aims to give you the same feelings you would get from watching the anime. When you’re done writing the name, you’ll be given two options:

  • Doing things like writing your name in a notepad and have your name written over that of someone else is commonplace in the world of Light and his quirky sense of humour. Dub and sub are both options.
  • Story Mode, you will see a unique storey that is based on the Death Note anime and manga as well as prior clip options. I don’t want to ruin it for you, so I hope you like my perspective on this legendary film.

The rules of the Notebook of Death are as follows:

  1. Whoever is named in this application will be murdered.
  2. Once the writer has a mental image of the person in mind, this software will not be able to work. Thus, no one will be hindered by sharing the same name.
  3. The name written in this app will result in a heart attack for the individual whose name is written during the next 40 seconds.
  4. To start using this app, you will need to use 1 Death Token.

Disclaimers of This App

This software was created solely for fun. It can’t cause or lead to the death of any living being.
This application is unofficial, and it is built by anime and manga lovers. This software does not in any way represent or express the views or beliefs of any organisation. Death Note is a registered trademark of Shueisha, Inc.

Death Note Type Quiz Game

4. Shinigami Trivia Death Note Type Quiz Game

This is a Death Note Type Quiz Game for Android mobile. Very Fun Information About Anime Characters’ Deaths in the Death Note series. An addictive, addictive, and hard-to-beat game. Imagine: Match wits with gamers around the world in a cerebral challenge! Find all the names and keywords of the characters from the Anime Death Note and beat all the levels. Collect coins for free and use them to uncover a piece of the puzzle! Encourage your buddies to post the most challenging levels to challenge one another. Be able to finish all of the levels as quickly as possible. Offline gaming is also an option. The law is on my side! KIRA!

Death Incoming Apk Download

5. Death Incoming!

Do you have a high IQ? Are you an enjoyer of people dying in creative and gruesome ways? Would you appreciate watching the world’s problems become solved? Or is it another ordinary day for you, or is it your eleventh death? Gather your cloak and scythe, then solve these perplexing brain teasers to reap souls while harvesting them.

The brightest notion seems to have been to get on a trampoline in close proximity to an open construction site. A very different storey is told if we say that one of the visitors got too close to the tiger pit at the local zoo. By learning about all of the hilarious settings Death Himself, also known as the Grim Reaper, finds himself in as he puts wicked souls to rest, you’ll be introduced to the next chapter of Death Coming.

Game features:

  • games that are full of interesting situations:- The book takes you through several exciting scenes that ask you to find ways to remove your victims from their situations of constant unhappiness.
  • use your cognitive power to test:- Each episode will have unique deaths based on what you have to work with.
  • Customize your reaper so it is truly yours:- Lots of cool skins and options for customising. If you want to customise your Grim Reaper, go for it!
  • Take time to unwind and appreciate:- Those people claim you shouldn’t dread the reaper, and in this case, that’s a lot truer than ever.

Death Note Type Game Online

Here the Death Note Type Game online which you can play on your browser. Death Note Type Game online provide users to play any games on your browser without installing any application on your mobile.

Death Note Typing Game Online

Death Note Typing Game

Light Yagami, the main character in the Death Note anime series, is one of the most popular characters in the Death Note Typing game, which is quite popular on Young Light is outraged about all the crime he hears about, and he thinks that one day he will have a superpower, and he wants to use it to murder those who caused it.

Light, who finds a notebook that’s purported to contain information that will end everyone’s lives, decides to hone his skills in an attempt to survive. When convinced of the notebook’s authenticity, he begins watching the news and reading the papers. From this point on, he jots down all the names of criminals or people he sees as criminals, attempting to rid the world of these undesirables.

To his great surprise, he notices that within a short time, this journal causes all the characters that appear in it to die. After the young student leaves his name “Kira” at every murder, the police and Interpol commence a general pursuit. We developed an HTML5 game on, which is also playable on mobile devices. The first version of the game was only made in flash, but as flash games don’t run properly these days, we have come up with a more flexible version of the game for this new platform.

The game, Death Note Simulator, is now available on both mobile and tablet devices, so give it a try. You can play this Game on

An Example of The Death Note Type Game

Start a new game by writing down the villians and become the next Kira in the Death Note character quiz. You’ll have the power to record the identities of various offenders and make the world a better place, just like in an anime or manga. Light Yagami, The First Kira, are all Kiras. in the investigation into Kira, the police discovered several ways of murder, therefore they name them differently to identify them.

Compose a list of people’s names in the Death Note game and you will be the next Kira.

L-Kira, Misa Amane, Kyosuke Higuchi, Teru Mikami, C-Kira, and Minoru Tanaka all make up a total of six Kiras. Keep in mind that Ryuk is the Shinigami demon who gives power to people in the Death Note anime. Use it as you please, but exercise caution because Ryuk is this Shinigami demon.

Playing this game is easy; just list the names and hit the enter key to do them. Listen to music and anime soundtracks, and type out a Death Note. Believe me when I say that this is one of the most frightening games I’ve ever played. Gameszap offers fantastic horror games.

Here is how you play this game

To sum it up, the game is really simple to play.

  • Use the keyboard on your desktop to text, then the virtual keyboard on your mobile to select “Execute.”
  • if you hit the backspace key on your keyboard, you can erase the first word of the sentence and proceed on the following line
  • If you write something from accidently doing so in the first place (meaning that you typed it without meaning to), just hit backspace and it will be deleted from the note.

Who Created this Death Note Type Game?

Hunternif designed the Note Type game. In the series, Takeshi Obata and Tsugumi Ohba are responsible for creating the Death Note.

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