Super Contra Game Download For Android

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Now Download Super Contra Game for Android in Apk version which means everyone can play Super Contra Game on Android without NES Emulator. Today here I will going to introduce about this game and how you can Download Super Contra Apk. So stay with us till the end.

Super Contra Game Download For Android

Super Contra Apk

As far as games go, Super Contra is a classic Game. It’s was Released in 1988. This is thrilling 2-player game follows the plight of Bill Rizer and Lance Bean as they battle to save the earth from alien invaders known as Red Falcon.

Super Contra Game Download is one of those rare games. That really defined an entire genre and spawned a lot of imitators in its wake. In many ways you could say the game was ahead of its time. But it also didn’t age all that gracefully. The graphics and sounds are very good, but the gameplay is flawed.

Super Contra is a run-and-gun 2D side-scroller where players have to shoot down swarms of enemies and avoid projectiles coming from all directions. There are three different weapons – machine guns and spread shot for the player characters, plus homing rockets that lock onto the nearest enemy – and they can be upgraded eight times in all.

The game is difficult too. There are no lives or continues, so you have to beat it in one sitting without any help. The game’s difficulty is also increased by the instant kill attacks from the bosses and enemies. One more, plus some mean level design.

Super Contra Gameplay

Super Contra Game NES

Super Contra NES Version Game. Now All these retro games being released on mobile devices lately, I decided to check out Contra and evaluate how the game holds up today. The mobile version of Contra is a faithful recreation of the original title that features two-player co-op right on your phone or tablet. If you don’t feel like playing against the AI, your partner can help out as well.

The look is exactly the same as the NES version. It plays very smoothly with no sluggishness or frame rate drops. The game seems to be running at 30 frames per second with an aspect ratio of 1:1 in both portrait and landscape mode on most smartphones – if your screen looks a bit odd, try turning off in-app purchases to save memories.

You move Bill and Lance with the left and right virtual buttons, while firing in all directions can be done by tapping on the screen. This works well but it takes a bit of time to get used to it. At any rate, this version of Contra supports both portrait and landscape mode for Android phones – you can even play in one hand if you’re able to use your thumb effectively.

Super Contra Game Storyline

Bill and Lance are dispatched on another mission a year after the fight with the Red Falcon Organisation. This time the foreign forces took over an ally military base with the majority of its troops. Not only should Bill and Lance face their former companions, but also a new, mutated incarnation of the same extraterrestrial invaders they fought during their previous expedition.

In the brief title of Super C in North America and Probotector II it was transferred to the Nintendo entertainment system: return of evil forces in PAL territories. It follows the original Contra and the series Contra. The game stars Bill Rizer and Lance Bean as they are sent in order to prevent another alien invasion by Red Falcon. Both the arcade version and the NES version have after their original release been released on different additional platforms.

Super Contra Game Android Gameplay

As in the original Super Contra Game Download, up to two players can play the game simultaneously. The left player controls Bill, who wears green. While the right player controls Lance, who wears purple. The slide format of the previous game is maintained. Only the pseudo-3D and fixed screen phases are discarded.

Super Contra instead has vertically scrolling stages played from an overhead point of view in which the player can move in eight directions. During the side-scroll passages the controls stay basically equal, with the only exception being that the player can adjust the height of the jump by holding the joystick up or down while the jump is pushed.

Use Weapons to kill Opponents

The player can use one of four different weapons to replace his default weapon by destroying the flying capsules that emerge on each stage. The weaponry offered include a machine gun, a spreading weapon, a bomb and a laser gun. This time, weapons can be improved twice in a succession by picking up the same power, leading to more destructive capability.

The Super Contra power-ups are represented by the actual guns. The player is using instead of the icons in the Falcon form in the previous game. The player can also select a “hyper shell” element during overhead stages that will kill all the opponents on the screen. Players can be launched in these stages by pressing the jump button at any moment. The player can store more than one shell at a time and the count is sent between overhead stages.

Stages And Levels

The match comprises of five phases that are placed on a military facility. A rainforest and the lair of the alien. Stages 1, 3 and 4 are played from the usual side-scrolling point of view whereas Stages 2 and 5 have the top-down view. During each stage in Super Contra 30 lives, the player must fight their way through the defence line of the adversary. ncluding a couple of mid-bosses) until they reach the last goal.

After the lifetime runs out, the player cannot continue until five times before the game is over. epending on the DIP switch setting. Unlike the previous player, every player can now go on at any time, without having to wait for the other player.

Super Contra Game Features

  • Fast paced 2-player co-op gameplay like the original title. 1 Player Mode and 2 Player Mode Gameplay.
  • 3 levels of difficulty:- Play Super Contra all stages in Easy, Normal and Hard Mode.
  • 4 types of weapons:- 4 Different types of weapons which players can use to defeat opponent.
  • 5 difficult bosses
  • 30+ enemy characters and more.

Includes GameCenter achievements and leaderboards.

You’ll be pleased to know that the mobile version of Super Contra Game runs flawlessly on all Android devices. It even has a Retina graphics option with enhanced textures. If you’d like to unlock so you can unlock it free. The controls are the same as with the original NES version and so are the graphics. You can always adjust the touch sensitivity in these games if you want them to be easier.

Super Contra Game is a hugely enjoyable, that many people have never played. It’s a classic shoot ’em up with plenty of fun elements. It’s looks great on both handhelds and mobile devices. If you ever wanted to play Contra on the go, you now have the option to do so.

Which Languages Supported in Super Contra Game

If You Download Super Contra Game 30 lives in our website so you will see only English version. The English version and the Japanese version is available on the Internet. The two versions of the game are essentially identical in addition to the text language shown in the introductory segment.

However, after the player has finished the final phase. The English version is second version. The Japanese version will begin the game from the first phase on the ending credits. In the second loop, the player’s score, lives and weaponry will be carried over from the previous plays. The game’s challenge will be set to its greatest level (including the real setting of the machine). This signifies that the game is totally over whenever the player finishes the final level again or lives out.

How To Download Super Contra Game For Android

If you want to play Super Contra Game on Android with Emulator so you Download Super Contra Game in Apk version which you can play easily on your mobile. There are some simple steps which you can follow to play.

  1. Download Super Contra Apk. The link is given below.
  2. After Download Check this setting before installing the Game.
  3. Go to Android system settings and check Unknown source. If it’s OFF so ON it.
  4. Now install Super Contra Game and start play.
  5. If you facing Application not available problem so Install the game from your Orginal file manager app. (Android 9or 10 users can be face this problem.)

Requirements And Additional Information

NameSuper Contra Game Download
Genre2D Gun Shoot
Online / OfflineOffline
Super Contra Game Download

Super Contra Game Download


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