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Now Metal Slug 6 Apk + OBB Download is available for Android mobile. You can install and play Metal Slug 6 Apk Data for Android. Today we are going to cover all about this game and how you can play Metal Slug 6 Apk Mod offline on Android. If you want to play this game so please stay with us till the end.

Metal Slug 6 Apk OBB
Metal Slug 6 Apk Data
Metal Slug 6 Apk For Android

About Metal Slug 6 Apk

The run-and-gun video game known as Metal Slug 6 ( 6) is the latest instalment in the Metal Slug series, and it was developed for the Sammy Atomiswave arcade platform. It was first made available in 2006.

Game Story

One month after the conclusion of the events of Metal Slug 3, the menacing presence of General Morden can once again be felt all over the world. As the investigation into Morden’s most recent scheme continues, Eri Kasamoto and Fio Germi of SPARROWS are reunited with Marco Rossi and Tarma Roving of the Peregrine Falcon unit.

At the same time, they are joined by Ralf Jones and Clark Still of the Ikari Warriors, who are considered to be two new allies. Together, they travel into the mountains in the direction of an outpost that Morden’s Rebel Army has constructed there. The six soldiers confront Morden after destroying their most recent war machine in a lengthy battle on a hillside.

They learn that Morden has rebuilt his alliance with the Martians, which they use to their advantage. However, it is soon revealed that the Martians themselves are being invaded and consumed by a new terrible race of aliens known as Invaders, and that they have turned to Morden for assistance in this conflict.

As the Invaders make their way into the cities of Earth, the warriors put up a struggle to repel them and pursue them into the desert, where the Invader King has set up his nest. They were successful in defeating the Invader King and freeing the Martians that had been captured thanks to the assistance of the Rebels.

Gameplay of Metal Slug 6 Android

Metal Slug 6 brings back the Rebel-Martian alliance from previous games in the series, Metal Slug 2, X, and 3, but this time it’s on a far larger scale. The events of the previous games, in which the Martians broke the alliance and the Rebels helped the player in turn, do not repeat themselves in this game. Instead, the player joins forces with the Martians and the Rebels to fight an even more dangerous foe.

The player can now choose between an Easy mode and a Hard mode right from the start of the game. Both modes are available. The difficulty level of the game is reduced when Easy mode is selected, and the Heavy Machine Gun becomes the player’s default weapon. However, the game is completed just before the final mission when Easy mode is selected.

Metal Slug 6 Android Apk includes a variety of new Slugs, as was the case with the previous instalments, as well as a new sword called the Zantetsu Sword. This sword gives the player the ability to use their melee weapon to emit lethal energy waves that can counteract the effects of enemy firepower.

New Abilitys of Characters in Metal Slug 6 Mod Apk

Every playable character now possesses special skills, such as Marco’s basic rifle doing more damage, Eri having the ability to throw explosives in numerous directions, Ralf being able to perform the Vulcan Punch and taking two hits before passing out, and so on. Certain characters also come equipped with unique offensive moves that can only be accessed by pressing a particular combination of buttons.

The amount of ammunition that a character can lose has been increased to equal that of one gun power-up, and it can either be given to the opposing player or discarded entirely. There is also the option of using a supplementary melee attack. On the other hand, the sliding technique from Metal Slug 5 has been taken out of the game, and all players, with the exception of Fio and Ralf, receive just half as much ammunition for their special guns.


The ‘Weapon Stock System’ is the name given to the new gameplay mechanic that makes its debut in Metal Slug 6 Apk. It is now possible to carry both of the gun power-ups at the same time. Players have the option of using any of the two weapons, or they can simply put both of them away and use the standard weapon instead.

When a new weapon power-up is acquired, it will immediately take up residence in the vacant slot, or if both weapons are holstered, it will replace the one that was used the least frequently out of the two.

The total is then increased by various powers of 2. A metre located at the bottom of the screen indicates that the power level increases in direct proportion to the rate at which adversaries are eliminated. When it says “Max,” adversaries and other destructible things will drop coins for an increased chance to achieve a higher score.

How To Download Metal Slug 6 Apk For Android

  1. Click on Download Button to get Metal Slug 6 Apk Data on Android.
  2. Now Wait 20 Seconds to generate Download Now Button.
  3. Click on Download Button and to Download this game on Android.
  4. Install Apk and Start Play Metal Slug 6 Apk Mod Offline.

Requirements And Additional Information

NameMetal Slug 6 Apk
DeveloperNoise Factory
GenreRun and gun Arcade
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Metal Slug 6 Apk Download For Android

Final Word

The graphics in the original version of Metal Slug 6 Apk are quite high quality, and you should use them. The original game of Metal Slug 6 Android is an excellent example of a video game. The original Metal Slug 6 game is a relatively simple one to pick up and play.

The original game of Metal Slug 6 is an excellent example of both a video game and a mission game. Use this code to get limitless coins in the original Metal Slug 6 game. Metal Slug 6 Original Game is very excellent video game. Popular on both personal computers and arcade consoles, Metal Slug 6 Original Game is now also playable on Android phones.

Metal Slug 6 Original Game is a series Metal Slug Game. Multiplayer and single-player video games are both available to play in the original version of Metal Slug 6 Game. Metal Slug 6 Original Game many features available. All of the characters from the original Metal Slug 6 game can be unlocked.

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