New DBZ TTT BT4 Mod DOWNLOAD With Daishinkan Ultra Instinct Goku

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DBZ TTT Budokai Tenkaichi 4 Mod

Hello Friends, today I am back again with new amazing DBZ TTT MOD. You will going to see today totally DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 4 graphics in this DBZ TTT BT4 MOD. After Download this DBZ TTT MOD you will happy to play because this mod give you DBZ BT4 gameplay experience. So friends read this post completely for more information.

DBZ TTT MOD Download link and new Dbz ttt BT4 MOD Download
New Dbz TTT BT4 Mod Download

ISO Features and New characters

  • Goku Grand Priest – Play with a very powerful new character of dragon ball heroes with all his original anime attacks. Goku’s model made of full budokai tenkaichi 3 graphics. The aura shading contains sparkling effects.
  • Goku Mastered Ultra Instinct – Fight your battle with new amazing shining MUI goku. MUI goku consist of shining stuffs with all new BT-3 Port attacks.
  • Vegeta – Vegeta is looking vey beautiful with new budokai tenkaichi 4 Model. Aura is dark blue with no sparking stars around. Attacks are all anime port and as original as anime.
  • Gogeta – This mod contains new canon version of Gogeta with all anime port original attacks. Gogeta has multiple firing attack as his special and super Kamehameha ha as his ultimate attack. He also has hand explosion dramatic move.
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  • Kaioken Goku – This characters is looking all light red as goku is in his Kaioken transformation. Attacks are all powerful and awesome. Super Kamehameha ha is added and aura is half blue and half red.
  • Super Saiyan 5 – this is a dragon Ball absolone and non canon but very powerful transformation of Goku. Hairs are perfectly designed and are very longer as it should be. Super Saiyan 5 has original HD texture so it looks like ultimate tenkaichi. Aura is white and shining.
  • Vegeta Omni – a non canon fan made character with so much powerful looking moves. Vegeta Omni’s texture is full customized like BT-3. Attacks are so damaging so you can win any fight easily.
  • Black Goku Omni – A very recently designed character with BT-3 texture. The whole mod is based on BT3 as a result most of the characters has shining effects.

Recommended Requirements to play BT4 MOD in Android

Android 5.0 and higher
Supported System PSP
Does this Mod Contains menu? No
Ram 2GB
Rom 16GB
File type ISO
Use emulator PSP Gold/Awe PSP/PSP blue
if the mod crashes Turn Off Fast memory unstable Or Just install AWE PSP
If shows black screen Use only AWE PSP
Awe PSP Emulator Dowload click here

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