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Hello Friends, today I have brought for you New Amazing DBZ TTT MOD With Download link, this game contains Cannon Characters. Cannon characters means in this DBZ TTT MOD you will see only Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super characters not other fan made characters. I hope you like this mod so friends read this post completely for more information about this dbz ttt mod.

Goku All Forms in DBZ TTT MOD BT3

About This New DBZ TTT MOD Download Link PPSSPP

Firstly I would like to say that this game is a mod of PSP DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team iso. You can play this game on your Android phone, PC and iOS phone but you need PSP Emulator. So I am only want to say this is not a apk Game. In this DBZ TTT MOD you will see new characters of Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball Z characters with new texture and new attacks. Many peoples can not play DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Game on Android because it’s very lag in Android. This game you have given Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Gameplay experience because in this mod have all Characters BT4 port attacks. So let’s know more.

About Characters

  • Goku :- you are seeing in the screenshot Goku base and Goku SSJ form. This Goku model of DBZ Frieza Saga Goku. In this mod Goku texture is full DB legends style with new BT4 attacks. Goku can transform up to Mastered Ultra Instinct. All the transformations of Goku contains DB Legends shading effects.
  • Bardock – This is a mod containing all DB legends effects so the Bardock is also in DB legends Style with his original anime attacks.
  • Gogeta – as I said before that the whole ISO consist of DB Legends graphics so there are four more characters to introduce you. Look at the below screenshots of game. This mod has Gogeta of Dragon ball super with all original anime attacks. Gogeta performs super Kamehameha ha as his ultimate move.
  • Broly – Broly’s model has extremely beautiful shadings of DB legends with his giga meteor attack. Giga meteor is Broly’s Ultimate attack in his legendary form. Broly’s hairs are perfectly designed as you can see in the screenshots.
  • Vegito – Vegito’s model contains his original final Kamehameha attack and all shading effects like other characters. Vegito has his all transformations such as base, super Saiyan and super Saiyan blue.
Dbz ttt mod With Permanent Menu

DBZ TTT MOD With Permanent Menu Download

You will Download dbz ttt mod and after download you will not see any menu so that’s bad dbz ttt mod to find mod characters. But Don’t worry in this DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team Mod you will see Permanent fix menu which helps to find all new characters. In the menu you will see New Home screen of game with new logo and new background characters images. New battles selection and characters selection menu. The Characters selection Menu modifications is something new like new character rows added which result so many characters.

Frieza and Goku Team Up Attack VS Jiren

Game Features

  • Battle selection mod – choose your two favorite fighters and fight with a tag team. There are more than 100 tag team in battle selection mod.
  • Dragon Walker – watch the entire dragon ball Z series by playing dragon ball z tenkaichi tag team. Dragon walker contains Broly, frieza, cell and buu saga untill the end.
  • Survival mod – unlike other games, DBZ TTT’s Survival mod is not comes with unlimited Fighter, so it has an end. Only 50 stages are there in survival but very hard.
  • Multiplayer – this is really a very time killer Option of this game and it comes with offline support. No data connection is needed, only a WiFi and hotspot connection are enough.
  • Customize character – Customize your favorite character with Z points and make their abilities far better than other characters.

So if would like to have this dragon ball Z Game on your Download then Download link is given below, have fun.

DBZ TTT Ultra Instinct mod Download PPSSPP

Guys, I’ve provided you DBZ TTT Ultra Instinct Mod Download PPSSPP Mediafire Link of the New DBZ TTT mod that I’ve been working on. This is version nine, and version nine has been in the works for some time. You adore the Dragon Ball series and want to play a variety of roles for the characters, each representing a different sort of dragon.

You can play a game based on Dragon Ball and anime on your mobile phone. It is recommended that you and your friends give this game a shot because it is unlike any other DBZ ttt mod. My meaning is that the other DBZ ttt mods do not feature all of the characters from the Dragon Ball series. Friends are you aware that the reason why dragon ball ttt mod are so popular is because friends are the primary reason why dbz ttt mod include a variety of maps and characters from the dragon ball franchise.

Plot Mod — All of the Dragon Ball Z: Tactics and Techniques stories, as well as the Dragon Ball Z: Tactics and Techniques mod stories, are based on the original story line of Dragon Ball Z.

The game has two distinct varieties of battle mod, either one of which can be selected using the dbz ttt mod two option. The first choice of names for this option is the 100-battle, while the second choice is the survival struggle.

Characters from the Tournament of Power and Dragon Ball Super Manga

There are three distinct types of characters from the Dragon Ball series included in this game. First things first, let’s have a look at the character roster for this DBZ TTT mod.

  • Bardock: This is a modified version of dragon ball z budokai teankaichi 3 that also includes all of the bt3 effects.
  • Granola:- The game has attacks that are unique to the anime. Therefore, you should install the dbz ttt bt3 mod on your mobile device.
  • Broly – The broly are available in this dbz ttt mod broly texture and model are perfectly friends are you aware that broly is an extremely legendary figure.
  • DBS Broly:- The Broly hair are drawn quite accurately to the genuine anime, as can be seen in the image.
  • Vegito has appeared in this DBZ TTT mod Mediafire with the authentic Kamehameha attacks, which are accompanied by a blue sparking aura.

DBZ TTT MOD Download IN 200MB

  1. Click on the Download button. Link is given below.
  2. Then you will see Other YouTube video because it’s a Video of Creator of this DBZ TTT MOD.
  3. Check that video description and comment box, you will see the download links of this dbz ttt mod Mediafire and Mega.
  4. After Download this mod, you Need to Extract them to see the ISO. You can Extract it by using RAR, Zarchiver and other which you already use.
  5. Then install psp Emulator from Play Store and open it.
  6. Select the ISO file in psp and start play.

Requirements And Additional information

Dragon Ball Budokai Teankaichi 3 game on their mobile phones. The game requires 4 GB of RAM and a good processor; this is in addition to the fact that the game’s file size is approximately 4 GB. Since you do not have 4 GB of RAM and a strong processor, the game will run extremely slowly on your android phone. However, you are able to play this dbz ttt mod because the dbz ttt can easily work on an android phone with 1 gigabyte of RAM. Every character has at least one bt4 character.

DevelopersBandai Namco
Mod ByMajin Miguel Gamex
Platform PPSSPP Emulator
Genre3D Fighting Game
Online / OfflineOffline

DBZ TTT Xenoverse 2 Mod With Permanent Menu and 100% Without Crash.

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