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Now FIFA 14 PPSSPP Zip File Download is available for Android. You can Download and play FIFA 14 PPSSPP Highly Compressed 100MB on Android by using PSP Emulator. Low Android users can easily download this game on Android without memory problem. Today we are going to cover all about FIFA 14 PSP and How you can Download and install it on Android so please stay with us till the end.


Electronic Arts Canada is responsible for the development of the football simulation computer game FIFA 14 PPSSPP, which is then marketed by Electronic Arts around the world under the EA Sports brand. It was available on the PPSSPP, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo 3DS, and Microsoft Windows when it was launched in September of 2013.

It was released as a freemium game on iOS and Android on September 23, 2013, and for Windows Phone 8 on February 28, 2014; however, a significant portion of the game requires an in-app purchase to be played. The game was given the title FIFA 14 PPSSPP when it was released.

In November of 2013, it was released as a launch title for both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. The PlayStation 2 version was only available in Spanish-speaking countries and PAL regions when it was first published. It was the final game ever made for the platform to be distributed in the Americas. Only a digital download version of the PlayStation Portable game was made available in the North American market.

Features of FIFA 14 PPSSPP English

The FIFA 14 PPSSPP and Mobile versions of the game offer a wide variety of additions, and the following list outlines every one of those additions.

Gameplay and Graphics

The Impact Engine, which was previously utilised by the FIFA series, has been replaced with a new version that improves both the graphics and the gameplay (which is used for the, PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360 versions of the game). New features include “True Player Motion,” which creates more realistic movement from the players, and more enhanced realism for environmental features such as weather and the crowd, which reacts to what is happening on the pitch in a manner similar to a real crowd.

Other improvements include advanced artificial intelligence, which makes players react more like real human beings (for example, becoming anxious toward the end of a game when their team needs to score), “True Player Motion,” which creates more realistic movement from the players (such as lamenting a near miss). It was initially speculated that the Ignite Engine would also be included in the PC version of the game, but in May 2013, EA Sports announced that this would not be the case.


The video game includes 33 fully licenced leagues, each of which contains over 600 clubs and over 16,000 players. Additionally, the game includes 47 fully licenced international teams, as well as a legends team. Included for the very first time are the Argentine Primera División, the Chilean Primera División, and the Colombian Categora Primera A. All three of these leagues are considered to be the best in South American football.

Ultimate Team in FIFA 14 PPSSPP ROM

The multiplayer mode known as FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT), which debuted in FIFA 09, is back in FIFA 14. The game mode enables players to construct their own teams out of real-world players and staff, which they can then use to compete in both online and offline tournaments and divisions.

Players can build their teams through the game mode. A “single online match” is another option available to players of FIFA Ultimate Team. In this mode, players compete against one another in a single match that does not count toward any tournaments or seasons.

FIFA 14 PPSSPP ISO Offline Mode

Players gain coins to spend on upgrading their squad by participating in offline matches and winning such matches. Whether a team wins, loses, or draws a match results in the accumulation of a particular number of coins for that match. The game’s content can be obtained in the form of players and other items by collecting cards.

These cards can be obtained by purchasing packs of cards or by purchasing them directly from other players using the transfer option. There are three distinct levels of cards: bronze, silver, and gold. These levels correspond to increasing levels of player quality. There are also bronze, silver, and gold versions of the packs.

Additionally, there is a type of pack called Special Packs that contains uncommon cards. You can buy packs with either coins, which can be earned by competing in FUT matches, or FIFA points, which can only be obtained by spending real-world money. Coins can be used to buy packs.


Players have the ability to change any player’s play style as well as edit kit numbers and player roles for set pieces. Kit numbers and player roles can be edited for set pieces. The number of FUT seasons has been increased from five in FIFA 13 to 10 in FIFA 14 PPSSPP; previously, there were only five divisions available.

The “Legends” category of exclusive FIFA Ultimate Team content is available in the PPSSPP and Android versions of FIFA 14. Players have a chance to randomly acquire legendary players from the game’s past when they purchase Gold Packs.


There are over 69 different stadiums to choose from, including 32 that are based on actual locations. The Donbass Arena, La Bombonera, which is the home stadium of Boca Juniors, and Goodison Park, which is the home stadium of Everton, are three of the new stadiums that have been included to FIFA 14 PPSSPP (home stadium of Shakhtar Donetsk). After being deleted from FIFA 13 owing to licence concerns, Camp Nou, the stadium that serves as the home field for Barcelona, has been reinstated.

Celebrations of Goals Scored

New signature goal celebrations from a number of players are included in the game. These include Daniel Sturridge’s “Riding the Wave,” Cristiano Ronaldo’s “Calm down,” Gareth Bale’s “11 of Hearts,” Lionel Messi’s “Point to the Sky,” and others.

How To Download FIFA 14 PPSSPP Highly Compressed For Android

  1. Playing FIFA 14 PPSSPP necessitates installing the latest version of the PSP Emulator, which can be done through the Google Play store.
  2. Next, get the highly compressed zip file iso by clicking the link below.
  3. Twenty seconds after clicking the Download button, you’ll be able to click the Download Now button to start downloading.
  4. The zip file’s contents can be unzipped using any decompressor.
  5. Now that you’ve completed setting up everything, you can launch the PSP emulator, locate the ISO file, and start playing.

Requirements And Additional Information

Developer EA Sports
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