Fifa Street 2 PPSSPP ISO File Download For Android [70MB]

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Hello, football fans! In today’s post, you’ll find a link to a highly compressed 70MB file that contains the FIFA Street 2 PPSSPP ISO free download for Android. Using the PPSSPP Emulator apk and the iso data, you will have no trouble playing this game on any device, including a PC or an Android phone. Free download of the Fifa Street PPSSPP game, available through direct links to MediaFire and Mega.

FIFA Street 2 PPSSPP Download
Fifa Street 2 PSP
FIFA Street 2 for Android

This is the English version of the Fifa Street file, and it contains the full ISO as well as the Data Patch file. The file has been highly compressed, but the game’s graphics have not been affected.

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About FIFA Street 2 PPSSPP

The football simulation video game known as Fifa Street 2 was developed and published by EA sports. After the success of the first instalment of FIFA Street, this is the second iteration of the game. The game was made available for the NDS, PS2, PPSSPP, Xbox, and mobile phones when it was released officially. Since this game is available for download on all of the most popular gaming platforms, you should have no trouble playing it on your android device.

The only potential problem could be the size of the game, which is over 250 mb in size; however, that issue has been resolved with the release of this highly compressed 70 mb version zip/7z file of the FIFA Street 2 game for PPSSPP, which is available free of charge.


This is a soccer game in the same vein as Dream League Soccer, FIFA 18, FIFA 19, and a great deal of other similar titles. The gameplay of this game, on the other hand, is not taking place in a stadium with thousands of spectators watching the match while commentating is going on in the background. This sets it apart from every other game.

The action of the gameplay is taking place in a street, away from any spectators or commentators. The objective of the game is to score more goals than your opponent within a given time limit so as to emerge victorious. In the shop, you can purchase more advanced clothing as well as some skill upgrades. You start off by creating a team to compete against the other team, and as your abilities improve, you move up the ranks to become the team’s captain.

Key Features of FIFA Street 2 PPSSPP

  • The game may be played with very little difficulty, and it includes a help feature that walks you through the beginning of the game as well as other parts of the game if you get stuck.
  • The visuals and audio on offer in the FIFA Street 2 PlayStation Portable game are of a very high calibre. This game features graphics of HD quality, which give you the impression that you are playing a real football game. Even the sound quality is authentic, giving you the impression that you are participating in a real-life game of street football.
  • During the course of this game, you will have the opportunity to unlock football greats such as Johan Cruyff, Eusébio, and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. Unlocking these players will require you to make greater progress through the game. A significant number of players hailing from prominent footballing nations such as Brazil, England, Italy, Germany, France, and Spain are participating in the game.
  • There will be no spectators or commentators for this game of street football, which will feature four teams competing against them other.
  • Are you concerned that you will need to input your login information as well as the data of your payment card while logging in? Then you need not be concerned. This online video game does not need users to register, and there are no associated fees or membership costs.

Requirements for the Game and Adjusting Your PSP Settings

The fact that it is a PPSSPP game means that it can be played on any version of an Android device, with full graphics, and without an internet connection. Despite this, you have to configure ppsspp so that it looks like this, as described further down.

Graphics Mode: Using the non-buffered rendering technique
Display Resolution: Use the resolution that was originally intended for the device, or if that doesn’t work, try setting it to either 2x or 1x, depending on the size of your screen.
Fast Memory: Make sure it’s turned on; otherwise, you might see a black screen.

How To Download FIFA Street 2 PPSSPP ISO File 70MB For Android

Please follow the instructions below to successfully install the FIFA Street PPSSPP iso/cso file for Android and to ensure a lag-free and smooth playing experience when you play the game.

  1. To begin, click the button to the right and save the FIFA Street 2 PPSSPP Iso zip game file to your computer.
  2. Zarchiever or any other Decompressor can be used to extract the game file.
  3. Now, launch the PPSSPP emulator and navigate to the appropriate game iso folder.
  4. After finding the ISO file, select it using the mouse, then wait for it to load completely before beginning to play the file.

Additional Information

NameFIFA Street 2 PPSSPP
DeveloperEA Canada
PlatfromAndroid PPSSPP
FIFA Street 2 PPSSPP Download


Since the day it was released, Fifa Street 2 PPSSPP ISO 70 MB game has been one of the most popular football video games available for the PlayStation. It is adored by all football enthusiasts. Because of its widespread appeal, is among the most well-known online football games that can be played via the internet.

If you are the type of person who enjoys playing football games, particularly ones that have good images and sound, then you will most likely enjoy playing this particular video game. This game has received good feedback from users, indicating that it is, overall, a satisfying experience.

The home console adaptation of the game garnered reviews that were generally favourable, praising the game’s improvements over the original FIFA Street.

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