Dragon Ball Z Pixel Game Z Legends BETA V1.0.6 For Android

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Hello Everyone, Today I back with Another Dragon Ball Z Game. This is Dragon Ball Z Pixel Game for Android namely Z Legends BETA Apk.

Z Legends 2 Apk

Dragon Ball Z Pixel Game Z Legends BETA

Z Legends BETA is 2D Pixel Fighting Game of Dragon Ball Z. This is Pixel Version Game of Dragon Ball Legends Game. Dragon Ball Legends is Online 3D Fighting Game of Dragon Ball Z Android. In This Z Legends BETA Apk Game you will see Dragon Ball Legends Game in Pixel Graphics with Mugen Game style Attacks. Dragon Ball Legends is Online Game but Z Legends BETA is Offline Game. You will see new pixel Characters in Home background like Dragon Ball Legends style means which you open Game. You may have seen that Dragon Ball Legends shows a new interface every single time you open, just like this, this game also changes it’s home page every time you open it. Game Loading, Background, life bar and Gameplay is like DB Legends style with Pixel Graphic.

About Game Features

You will see 3 options for play.

  • Story :- The story mode is in progress because it’s a Beta Version Game.
  • 1Vs1 :- select your Character and opponent to start battle.
  • Traning :- you can check your fighting skills and improve them in Training Mode.
Z Legends 2 Apk Download

About Characters

  • Goku :- You will see Goku Base and Goku SSJ with Full Mugen Style Attacks. Goku have Spirit Bomb, Super Kamehame and Super Spirit Bomb Attack.
  • Broly :- Broly have original Anime attacks which was used in Movie. You will see Broly Base form and SSJ form with Legendary Super Saiyan Transformations.
  • Gogeta :- You will Gogeta only Blue form with original Anime attacks.
  • Frieza :- Frieza have only base form with original Anime attacks.
  • Vegeta :- You will see Vegeta Base form and SSJ form with Mugen Graphics attacks.
  • Black Goku with Super Saiyan Rose Transformation.
  • Cell, Buu, and Bardock.
  • Goku Mastered Ultra Instinct, Vegeta SSB Evolution, Vegito Blue, Beerus and Jiren.
New DBZ Mugen apk

About Gameplay

  • Ki Charge :- You need to touch card repeatedly for Ki charge. You can change ki only 3 Level.
  • Ki Blast :- You can do ki Blast just touching Card.
  • Punching :- Touch hand card to do hand Fight.
  • Super Attacks :- You will see 3 Super Attacks of every Characters. Every ki Charge level you will see Different attacks.

Requirements And Additional Information

  • Game Name :- Z Legends Beta
  • Game Size :- 15MB
  • Version : V1.0
  • Genre :- Fighting
  • Android :- 5.0
  • RAM :- 1GB

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