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Hello Friends, Today here Z Legends 2 Mod Apk Latest Version is available with Unlimited Money. This is a New Dragon Ball Z Mugen style game for Android. The new game added in the Dragon Ball Game fan series of mobile. If you like Dragon Ball Games so this article is very amazing for you because after playing this game you enjoy the gameplay. Are you ready to know about this game and want to play with your favourite DBZ characters so Please stay with us till the end.

Z Legends 2 Mod apk Unlimited Money

Z Legends 2 Apk

Z Legends 2 is 2D fighting game based on Dragon Ball Super series. Geneildo Santos is developer of this game. He released the final version in January 2023. You will see 2D pixel graphics and Fighter z style game sound of Start game like Ready and Fight! The Game language is support only Spanish.

You will see Dragon Ball Legends style home screen with pixel characters with changing animation like db legends. In the home screen you will see DB Legends style Characters change effects. If you play Z Legends Apk on Android so you will see DB Legends and Fighter z mix effects.

Z Legends 2 Mod apk Mediafire 2022

Play Modes

  • 2 Vs 2:- Here you can do battle with 2 vs 2 characters. You can change your characters in the battle like if you select Goku and Vegeta so if the Goku lose the fight so you can change with Vegeta.
  • 1 vs 1:- One Vs One battle is normal battle mode everyone already know about it. Select your warrior the start the fight.
  • Survival:- Fight with one warrior and win the Fights as you can win just using one life bar.
  • Tournament:- Select your character and win the tournament then you will win $1000 coins to unlock new Dragon Ball Super warriors. In the Tournament you need to win 3 Fights to complete the Tournament Mode.
  • Traning Mode:- If you are new player and want to learn Gameplay so you can play Traning Mode.
  • Shop:- You can Unlock new Warriors in Shop. Collect the Coins by playing this game.
Z Legends 2 Mod apk All Characters Unlocked


Dragon Ball Super Warriors with Orginal Anime attacks. You will see 16 Characters from Dragon Ball Super Anime. Every character have all her organic manga and anime skills.

  • DBZ Goku:- Dragon Ball Z Saiyan Saga Goku with Super Spirit Boom and 20x Kaioken Kamehameha.
  • Scouter Vegeta :- DBZ Saiyan Saga Vegeta with Ultimate Galick Gun and Oozaru Attack.
  • Super Baby:- This is Dragon Ball GT Characters with Revenge Final Flash and Revenge Death Ball.
  • Piccolo:- Makankosappo and Hellzone Grenade.
  • Perfect Cell:- DBZ Anime 2 Second power full villain with Destruct Disk and Super Kamehameha Attack.
  • Frieza:- This is first power full enimie in Dragon Ball Z. Frieza have Death Saucer and Death Ball.
  • Black Goku:- Base to SSJ Rose and DBH Goku Black Rose with Kamehameha and Death Ball Attacks.
  • Goku Ultra Instinct:- Ultra Instinct Goku and Mastered Ultra Instinct with Anime Attacks like Super Kamehameha and UI Sign.
  • Gogeta:- Super Saiyan Gogeta from Dragon Ball Z and Gogeta Blue from Dragon Ball Super Movie Broly. Attacks have Soul Punisher, Ultimate Kamehameha and Meteor Explosion.
  • Vegito Blue:- Final Kamehameha and Omega Finishing Blow.
  • Vegeta Ultra Ego:- This is Vegeta’s New form from Dragon Ball Super Manga series. Vegeta Ultra Ego have Rush Attack + Hakai and Destruction Ball.
  • Future Gohan:- You have already known about the future Gohan, it’s a Dragon Ball Z Future Trunks storyline characters. Gohan have Kamehameha and Ki Charge attacks.
Z Legends 2 Apk New Update

Gameplay of Z Legends 2 Mod Apk 2023

The Gameplay of this game is 2D fighting game and Pixel graphics. The Gameplay system is based on Dragon Ball Legends and Dragon Ball Fighter Z. Every character have 2 special attacks and 2 combos. You can play this game easily become the every skills added in just one click. Experience the Legends and Fighter Z gameplay in 2D graphics on your Android device.

Key Features of Z Legends Mod Apk Unlimited Money

  • There is no risk in using this programme.
  • The app is simple to install and use.
  • It’s not possible to advertise with third-party companies.
  • You don’t have to pay a dime to use it.
  • Registration for the app is not required.
  • From our website, you can download and install updates for this app.
  • This game does not require an internet connection to play.
  • Z Legends 2 Mod Apk for Android has no pre-requisites.
  • Unlimited coins to unlock characters.
  • All characters Unlocked.

How To Download Z Legends 2 Apk Latest Version For Android

Your phone can easily download the Z Legends 2 APK. We’ve put together a step-by-step guide to help you download it for free.

  1. The first step is to click on the download button provided by us and begin the download process. Now that you’ve reached the download page, all you have to do is click Download and the app will begin downloading automatically after a few seconds.
  2. To start the download, simply click on the “download” button. After Downloaded Search APK file in your file manager.
  3. To enable an unknown source, follow these instructions: Installing software from an unknown source necessitates the activation of specific system settings. The unknown source settings on Android must be enabled before any third-party app can be installed.
  4. Download and Run the Program
  5. Click the Z Legends 2 APK file you downloaded earlier and play the game. You’ll be able to run your programme as soon as you complete this step.
  6. Your phone will now have an APK icon for Z Legends 2 APK. All you have to do to get started with it is give it a tap.
  7. If you facing No Application available and App no installed problem so do this.
  8. Install the apk from Google File Manager App and if you have old version apk of this game so uninstall and try again.

Requirements And Additional Information

NameZ Legends 2 Apk
DeveloperGeneildo Santos
Online / OfflineOffline
RelatedPower Warriors 16.0 APK MOD Download (All Characters unlocked)
Password To Unlock Linkhttps://apk2me.com/
Z Legends Apk download
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Z Legends 2 Mod Apk Mediafıre

Hello! Z Legends 2 APK Fans' Greetings! If you're looking for the most recent version of the Z Legends 2 mod APK, then you've found it.

If you want to know more about this game and its Mod Version Apk, you can find that information on this page. You will also find a one-click direct link to download Z Legends 2 Mod APK. Using Apk2me.com saves you time because you don't have to sign up or register like you would on other websites.

The most recent version of Dragon Ball Z Legends 2 for Android is available for free download. In terms of popularity, this is the most widely used App/Game. Geneildo Santos created it on April 11th, 2022, and it has remained up to date and popular ever since. This new DBZ game is available for Android users to download and install. It's can be used on any Android device running Android 5.1+ and later versions of the operating system.

Z Legends 2 APK is available for free download for Android tablets, phones, and other devices running the Android operating system. In this section, you'll find over a million free and paid Android apk apps that will meet your needs.

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Is the Z Legends 2 APK available for download for free?

Yes, the app is free to download and use on smartphones and other mobile devices.

Is it legal to get my hands on the Z Legends 2 APK?

Even though it is free, it is safe and legal to use. With so many great features, it's hard to choose.

If Z Legends 2 APK doesn't work, what's going on?

It's possible that your app won't work properly if it's out of date or hasn't been updated. As a result, you can do an app update right now to make sure everything is running smoothly.

The Z Legends 2 APK can be updated, but how?

No automatic updates are available for Z Legends 2 APK because it was developed by a third party. You'll have to remove the old version and reinstall the new one to get the latest version of the app.

Is root access required to install Z Legends 2 Mod APK on my Android device?

No, the Z Legends 2 APK does not require rooting to be installed. This app doesn't need any permissions. As a result, you don't need to root your phone to use the app. It is, however, possible to use the app if you already have root access on your device. Rooted and non-configured devices alike have access to the same features and user interface.

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