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Hello, Friends Today I am back again with another Dragon Ball Z Game and it’s Name is Dragon Ball Z Evolution Apk. This is a Android Game and You can play this easily on Android. So let’s Start.

Legendary Z Warriors Apk Download New Version

Dragon Ball Z Evolution Apk

Dragon Ball Z Evolution is 2D Pixel fighting Game for Android. This is a Dragon Ball Z Game. Friends Dragon Z Evolution is Upgraded Version of Legendary Z Warriors Apk. In This Version you will see All Characters of Dragon Ball Super Anime. You will see so many new characters like a Goku Ultra Instinct, Jiren Full Power, Goku SSJ4, Gogeta Blue, DBS Broly Rose and much more. In This Game you will see 28 Characters. Dragon Ball Z Evolution Apk is full based on Legendary Z Warriors Apk so in this Apk attacks is not new and you will see some changes in attacks. Attacks and Game Graphics is like Mugen Games.

Dragon Ball Z Evolution Apk Download

About Game Features

In This Dragon Ball Z Game you will see 5 Play mods options and More other options so let’s know about it.

  1. Versus Mode :- in this play Mod you will do battle 1 Vs 1 Battles. This is like Arcade Mod. Choose your enemy and Defeat the enemy to get reward.
  2. Tournament :- This is Very amazing Play Option. In this option you can do Tournament Battle and You can collect more coins in this Play Mod. If you win Tournament then you will get 1000 coins.
  3. Challenge Mod :- Join the Battle journey and defeat enemy’s and improve you skills. Every enemy defeat you will get 100 coins.
  4. Boss :- Here you will defeat Boss for save the world.
  5. Traning :- in this option you can improve your fighting skills and become a strongest warriors.
  6. Shop :- This is not Play Option. In this option you can unlock Characters. If you have not Coins you can buy Coins in 1$ and 2$.

About Gameplay Features

  1. Ki Charge :- You can charge Ki 200%
  2. Ki Blast Attack
  3. Punch
  4. Energy Attack :- You can do this Attack in 40% ki Charge.
  5. Super Energy Attack :- You can do this Attack in 50% Ki Charge.
  6. Instant Transmission
  7. Transformation :- you can Transform next Level.

Additional information

  • Game Name :- Dragon Ball Z Evolution.
  • Apk Size :- 41MB
  • Version :- 1.0.1
  • Released On :- March 9 , 2020
  • Genre :- Arcade and Fighting
  • Android :- 5.1
  • RAM :- 2GB
  • Processer :- 1.3Ghz

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