Bleach Vs Naruto Mugen APK Latest Version Download

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Bleach Vs Naruto Mugen APK

Bleach Vs Naruto Apk is one of the greatest and completed Mugen game on Android. Unlike Most of the Mugen games in Android which have a very low graphics and dramatic attacks. Naruto Vs bleach mugen contains all original and full dramatic attacks of each character. So keep reading to know all about this Game.

Bleach Vs Naruto Mugen APK Download

Game Features

  • No need To unlock – The most amazing thing about this APK is that you don’t have to unlock anything as all characters are already unlocked. So you don’t have to struggle behind coins.
  • Team Play – You can choose up to three characters but you will fight one by one. Enemy selection is on your hand and also you can decide whether you want 1vs 1, 2vs 3, 3 Vs 1 or as you want.
  • Single play – You can choose just one Fighter and one enemy and the fight will end by the lose of any one.
  • Single Arcade – Single arcade contains approximately 10 stages to complete. You can choose your favorite fighter and enemies are random.
  • Team arcade – You can choose your characters anywhere from 1 to 3 and enemies are always three at a time. You can’t change their frequency and 10 stages are there to win.
  • Training mod – Through Training mod you can learn all the fighting techniques. Special and ultimate attacks, combos, defence, ki charge etc.

New Characters

There are more than three hundred characters including Animes like Dragon ball, Naruto, Bleach, One punch man, None piece etc.

MUI Goku – Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku has large white energy ball attack as his ultimate. Goku also has Kamehameha ha and dramatic combo attack as his Special attacks. You can transform Goku base to Mastered UI.

Naruto – Naruto has his all transformations from base to golden. All forms of Naruto has three special and original attack. You can transform from base to ultimate. All transformations has unique moves.

Luffy – this is the most recent version of Naruto Vs bleach APK, as a result it contains Luffy 4th gear transformation. Luffy has all original punching attacks as in anime.

Saitama – Also called as one punch man is also in this game with his super dramatic punch attacks.

Zamasu – A character of dragon ball with all Godly attacks as in the anime. Zamasu has three special original moves.

Black Goku – black goku can transform from base to super Saiyan rose. This character has rose kamehame ha attack as his ultimate move.

Vegeta – Vegeta has only two forms, one is base and second is his latest transformation super Saiyan blue Evolution. Super Saiyan blue Evolution Vegeta performs final flash as his ultimate attack and combo moves as his special ones.

Sasuke – Sasuke is a character from naruto. He has all his transformations and attacks in this game.

Gohan – This game contains teen Gohan super Saiyan with Kamehameha ha attack.

Game Information

Name Bleach Vs Naruto APK
Supported SystemAndroid/APK
Android Version6.0 and higher
Size of Game1.03GB
Characters Count340+

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Bleach Vs Naruto Mugen APK Download
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