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Now Download New Dragon Ball Super PPSSPP ISO With all Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power Characters. This game is available many different types of Size like 300MB, 200MB and 600MB in Zip File Fully Highly Compressed. You can Play all Dragon Ball Super characters with er orginal attack from anime on Android by using PSP Emulator.

DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 4 PPSSPP ISO Download
Dragon Ball Super PPSSPP File Download
DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team Mod Download
Dragon Ball Super PSP DBZ TTT MOD Download
Dragon Ball Super PPSSPP ISO Download

PSP Emulator is a Android and iOS Application which you can use to play PlayStation Portable games on Monday mobile. You can Download PPSSPP Emulator from Play Store. If you are interested in this Dragon Ball Super PSP Game so please stay with us till the end.

About Dragon Ball Super PPSSPP

You may play the new PPSSPP game, Dragon Ball Super, on your mobile device if you have an Android or iOS device. This is a modified version of the DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team PSP game, however instead of using the DBZ BT4 graphics from that game, this version of DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team has all of the Dragon Ball Super characters.

The Dragon Ball Super series serves as the inspiration for the 3D fighting game known as Dragon Ball Super PPSSPP ISO. Both the original Base PSP ISO DBZ TTT and the modified version that was developed by our Apk2me Team were originally developed by BANDAI Namco Entertainment. You’ll get to experience the Dragon Ball Z Storyline with Dragon Ball Super Characters, and you’ll be able to take out all of your foes with new attacks.

Game Story

Six months after defeating Majin Buu, the powerful Saiyan Son Goku continues his mission to improve his strength and become even more powerful.

As a result of Son Goku and his friends’ efforts, Majin Buu was able to be vanquished approximately a half year earlier, and now there is peace on Earth. Son Goku has since become a radish farmer. However, a new danger materialises in the form of Beerus, the God of Destruction.

he is a threat. Beerus, who is widely regarded as the most fearsome entity in all of existence, is eagerly anticipating a battle with the famous fighter known as the Super Saiyan God, who was promised to appear in a prophesy decades ago. Before moving on to an original plot about the investigation of parallel worlds, the anime retells the events from the two Dragon Ball Z movies, Battle of Gods and Resurrection ‘F.’

Dragon Ball Super PPSSPP Features

Everyone is aware that Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team is based on the DBZ Series, and you are also familiar with the game’s menu and texture graphics; however, in this mod version, you will see so many new features that you do not see in the game, and you will enjoy playing this Dragon Ball Super PPSSPP ISO.

New Permanent Menu

You will see New Permanent Menu fully modified in DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3 style. In the Home Screen you will see DBZ BT4 Logo and BT4 style characters poster. The Battle selection Menu is also like PS2 DBZ BT3 style and Character selection Menu is also modified like DBZ BT3. The Menu is Fully permanent fix the ISO so you don’t need to do anything but do only one Setting in PSP Emulator to see Menu, Select Amarican Latino Language.

New Characters

All New Characters you will in this Game. Dragon Ball Super Goku and Vegeta Base form to SSB and Mastered Ultra Instinct and Vegeta SSB Evolution. Gogeta And Vegito Blue. DBS Movie Broly with all Forms Transformation. You can Transform any character in his full power forms which you have see in the Anime. You will see New Attacks from DBZ BT3 and Anime like Goku Mastered Ultra Instinct is have Dragon Ball FighterZ Attacks and Vegeta SSB Evolution have all Anime Attacks.

Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power Characters like Jiren, Toppo Full power, Hit, Kale, Caulifla, Kefla and More. You will also see God of Destruction Beerus and Whis.

New Battle Maps

You will see all New Battle Maps from Dragon Ball Super and Z. All Battle Maps are fully modified in DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3 style. Battle Map selection Menu is also look like DBZ BT3.

Latest Version Updates

  • New Upgrade Latest Version V2
  • All bug fix
  • No lag and Crash
  • Some new characters from Dragon Ball Super Manga
  • New Coustom Attacks
  • Aura update and combos

Dragon Ball Super PPSSPP Gameplay

The Gameplay of Dragon Ball Super PPSSPP is 3D Battle mode and you can do 1 vs 1 and 2 Vs 2 Battle between your favourite characters. The game involves high-impact fighting between two players against each other. It is the fourth and last game in the Dragon Ball series to be released on the PlayStation Portable, as well as the third entry in the Dragon Ball Z series for that platform.

The first game in the Tenkaichi series to appear on the PSP, Dragon Ball Super Tenkaichi Tag Team is also the first of its kind. On October 19, a demonstration was made available on the PSN. Characters that could be controlled by the player included Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Jiren, Toppo, and Kefla.

This is the first Tenkaichi game that does not include characters from Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball, but it is the first Dragon Ball Super game to feature the cast of Dragon Ball Heroes. Tenkaichi Tag Team was developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

What’s New

  • New Characters Added
  • New Attacks
  • Bug Fix of Black Screen
  • Permanent Menu fix
  • All Characters port BT3
  • New Power Up Aura and Effects

Dragon Ball Super PPSSPP Download Instructions

  1. If you would like to download Dragon Ball Super PPSSPP, then please click on the download button that is located further down on this page.
  2. After clicking the Download button, you will need to wait 20 seconds for the download link to be generated.
  3. After a minute and a half, you will see a button labelled “Download Now.” Please click on this button.
  4. You will need to wait a further 15 seconds before you can click the GET LINK button.
  5. After waiting for 15 seconds, click on the GET LINK button, and the downloading will begin immediately after that.
  6. You may get the PPSSPP APK from the Play Store and install it on your mobile device.
  7. Launch the PSP emulator, go to the location where you saved the Dragon Ball Super PPSSPP ISO, then press the Play button.

Requirements And Additional Information

NameDragon Ball Super PPSSPP
Developer BANDAI Namco Entertainment
Platfrom PPSSPP Emulator
Android 5.1
ReletedDragon Ball Super Movie Broly PPSSPP
Dragon Ball Super PPSSPP Download
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Can I Play this Dragon Ball Super PPSSPP ISO on Android & iOS Mobile?

Yes! You can play this Game on Android & iOS Mobile by using PSP Emulator. You can download psp emulator from PPSSPP.org according to your device.

How can extract RAR file to get ISO File?

Use RAR App and any Zip File Extractor Application to get ISO File to play this game on PSP emulator.

How many characters are in Dragon Ball Super PPSSPP Game?

150 Plus characters you will see in this game and you can unlock all characters by playing Story Mode.

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