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Hello everyone, Today I am back with another Dragon Ball Z Game. This is PSP Dragon Ball Z Game Namely Dragon Ball Super Broly Tenkaichi Tag Team Mod. This is new DBZ TTT MOD of 2020. You can play this Game on Android and iOS by using PSP emulator. If you want know about this Game So please read this post completely.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot For Android PSP DBZ TTT Mod ISO Download

Dragon Ball Super Tenkaichi Tag Team Mod

Dragon Ball Super is new series of Dragon Ball Series. In This series you will see many new Characters and New Transformation of Goku and Vegeta. Now Today you can play with All Dragon Ball Super Characters in This Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team Mod. You will see all Dragon Ball Super and Broly Movie Characters in this DBZ TTT MOD. Dragon Ball Super Broly Tenkaichi Tag Team Mod is Full Modified in Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Graphics means in this DBZ TTT MOD you will see Original Dbz Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Attacks and Effects. So let’s know about New Updates.

What’s New In This DBZ TTT MOD

In this DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team Mod you will see New 3D Model of Characters With New Attacks. You will see New life bar like Budokai Tenkaichi 3 style.

About New Characters

Dragon Ball Super Goku Ultra Instinct Vs Jiren New 3D Model
  • Jiren :- This is Jiren new model it’s one of the best 3D Model of Jiren in DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team Mod series. You will see Jiren new Attacks full BT3 and New Aura like Anime Dragon Ball Super.
  • Goku Ultra Instinct :- You will New Goku Ultra Instinct with Amazing attacks. Goku Ultra Instinct all Attacks and Aura fully modified in Anime Graphics. This is Goku New 3D Model.
Dragon and Legends Shallot, Goku Blue and Vegeta SSB Evolution in DBZ TTT MOD
  • Vegeta :- You will see Vegeta all forms in BT3 Graphics like a BT3 Model and BT3 Attacks. Vegeta SSB Evolution have real Anime attacks with New Aura.
  • Dragon Ball Legends Shallot :- This is new and perfect Model of Shallot but Shallot have Ultimate Gohan attacks because Shallot have in developing mod.
  • Goku Blue :- This is New 3D Model of Goku Blue with Amazing attacks. You will see Goku New Super Kamehame attack with Aura.
Dragon Ball Super Broly Tenkaichi Tag Team Mod PSP BT3 ISO Download
  • Gogeta And Broly :- You will see Dragon Ball Super Movie Broly and Gogeta. This is new Model of Gogeta and Broly with Real Movie Attacks. You will also see Broly all Forms and Gogeta all Forms.
Dragon Ball Super Tenkaichi Tag Team Mod
  • Dragon Ball Super Black Goku Arc :- In screenshot you are seeing Strongest characters of Dragon Ball Super Black Goku arc Fusion Zamasu, Vegito Blue and Black Goku Rose. You will see Black Goku new sword attack and Vegito Blue Super Final Kamehameha Attack fully like Anime style. This is new model of those characters and you will also see Fused Zamasu all forms with New attacks.

DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team Mod Menu

The Menu is available in this DBZ TTT Mod with Permanent fix Menu but Menu is in developing mod means you will half Permanent Menu. You need to select America Latino language in PSP emulator for watch this Menu Because this is Latino DBZ TTT MOD.

About Game Features

  • Dragon Walker :- This is Story Mode of Dragon Ball Z but after modified you will enjoy Dragon Ball Z Storyline in Dragon Ball Super Style.
  • Battel Selection :- In This option you will see 2 more options namely 100 battle and Survival. In 100 battle mod you will see 6 battle levels. You can make your team then you will do battle with random tag team warriors. In Survival Mod you can check how much time you can do battle.
  • Free Battle :- Select your team and your opponent Team then start tag team battle in Free Battle Mod.
  • Multiplayer :- Play with your friends in Multiplayer Mod via WiFi connection. You can do battle with internet. On Hotspot and connect phones then go to PSP Network setting and enter IP address and check the all box options. Then go to Multiplayer option and Creat room then connect and start play.
  • Customize :- You can Customize Characters Power levels, Defense and Attacks level in Customize Mode.
  • Traning :- Chack your fighting skills and improve your fighting abilities in Training mode.
Dragon Ball Super Broly Tenkaichi Tag Team Mod Gameplay

About Gameplay of DBZ TTT MOD

DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team is 3D fighting Game. The Gameplay of this Game is Little Hard but don’t worry about it because all Characters skills list already added in Game which you can see and easily learn about Gameplay Features. So let’s what you can do in Game

  • Kicking And Punching
  • Ki Charge
  • Ki Blast
  • You will see 6 combos attacks of all Characters.
  • 3 attacks of all Characters like Small, Super and Ultimate Attack.
  • Beam Struggle
  • Blow exchange
  • Instant Transmission
  • Super Saiyan Transformations
  • Counter Attacks

How To Install Dragon Ball Super Broly Tenkaichi Tag Team Mod

Friends here I am going to tell you how you can install DBZ TTT MOD on Android, iOS and PC. All steps would work on all platforms so please read and follow all steps carefully.

  1. Download PSP Emulator. You can download on all platforms App Stores.
  2. Then Download Game.
  3. If you see Game file Format RAR, Zip and 7z so you need to extract them. You can extract them by using any RAR extract app.
  4. If you see Game file Format ISO so you don’t need to extract them because Game original file format is ISO.
  5. Now install PSP emulator and Open it.
  6. Then Open PSP emulator and Select ISO file.
  7. Then you will see Game is Start.
Best PSP Setting for DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team Mod

How To Fix Crashing Problem in DBZ TTT MOD

If you facing Crashing Problem on DBZ TTT MOD so do this PSP Settings.

  • Go to PSP system setting and off fast memory unstable and Select Language America Latino.
  • Then Go to Graphics setting and Select Backend = OpenGL and Select Mode = Skip buffer effects ( non buffered, Faster and Select Frameskipping = 2.

Requirements And Additional Information

  • Game Name :- Dragon Ball Super Broly Tenkaichi Tag Team Mod.
  • Game Size :- 1GB
  • Genre :- 3D Fighting Game
  • Orignal Develover :- BANDAI NAMCO ENTERTAINMENT.
  • Android :- 5.1
  • iOS :- 6.1
  • RAM :- 2GB
  • Internal Memory :- 32GB
  • Processor :- 1.3Ghz


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