Dragon Ball Legend Z War Apk (New DBZ Game For Android)

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Welcome to all Dragon Ball Fans, Today here you will going to see the new Dragon Ball Game for android. If you like Mugen games so it’s best for you because the game graphics looking like Mugen games style.

Dragon Ball Legend Z War Apk

Legend Z War Apk

Legend Z War is 2D Fighting Game for android. This is Dragon Ball game based on Dragon Ball Super series. In the game you will see some Dragon Ball Super characters because it’s also in progress mode. DM Lucas is developer of this game. DM Lucas is a youtuber which also create a Dragon Ball Games. Dragon Ball Legend Z War is new game of DM Lucas and he create it’s like Mugen style.

Dragon Ball Z Mugen Apk download

Gameplay of Z War Apk

The Gameplay of this game is very easy, every attacks you can shoot just one button. New players also play this game easily. Every characters have 2 super attack and one combo attack. You will see 6 characters in this game like Goku Mastered Ultra Instinct, Vegeta Ulta Ego, Black Goku Rose, Gogeta SSJ, Vegito Blue and Trunks SSJ. The entry of all characters is very amazing. If you select Gogeta and Vegito so you will see Goku and Vegeta fusion before battle.

Dragon Ball Super Manga Giant Goku Ultra Instinct


  • Goku Mastered Ultra Instinct:- Instinct Attack and Giant Goku Ultra Instinct Attack from Dragon Ball Super Manga.
  • Vegeta Ulta Ego:- This is Vegeta’s New Transformation from Dragon Ball Super Manga. Vegeta have Final Flash Attack and Hakai Ball Attack.
  • Gogeta SSJ:- All Dragon Ball Super Movie Attack like Multiple Fairing attack and Kamehameha.
  • Vegito Blue:- Final Kamehameha Attack and Hand sword Attack.
  • Black Goku Rose:- Kamehameha and Hand Sword Attack.
  • Trunks:- Final Flash and Big Sword Attack.

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Requirements And Additional Information

NameLegend Z War
Developer[DM] Lucas
GenreFighting Game
Online / OfflineOffline
Dragon Ball Legend Z War Apk
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