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Now Crystal of Atlan Apk Download is available for Android & iOS. This is new open Word game for mobile. Gamers can Crystal of Atlan Android Download from Play Store and Crystal of Atlan ios download on Apple App store. Before going play this game you need to know everything about this game so please stay with us till the end.

Crystal of Atlan Apk

About Crystal of Atlan

Crystal of Atlan is a Action RPG Game on Mobile, developed by VI Games. In the game story, A vast floating continent, a mysterious city where technology and magic are linked. As to #晶核之密研#, every last effort is made.

In the South was a mysterious-looking girl, with a strange-looking right eye, and crystals all over the place. How many more secrets await discovery in this mystical continent?

It’s a land floating in the sky where science and magic come together. Players create characters who wield magic weapons to take on a wide range of adventures. Some examples include seeking the answers behind the destruction of ancient civilizations, discovering the truth about a new conspiracy, and defeating the latest threat.

There is no such thing as “occult magic,” only a broad class of energy forces which have predictable properties and can be applied practically. The nucleus of a crystal is a mysterious and practically limitless source of energy. It is thanks to the crystal nucleus that several major leaps in the development of magical technology can be seen throughout history. Research. The abundance of such a great secret drove all enemies in droves. At the time, it threatened to plunge the globe into World War 3.

Crystal of Atlan Mod Apk


Crystal of Atlan Apk is a open word Action RPG Game. In the game you will see beauty full open world area. Players can explore the world and also see Attractive Gameplay high graphics attacks and skills. The new Story of amazing combination of Magic and technology. Enjoy the journey of Crystal of Atlan. Unique attacks of all characters and many fighting skills. Boss battles is more challenging to other than.

According to the Taptap game description, the game is set in a world where technology and magic live side by side. In the form of an adventurer, we’ll explore ancient ruins. Dungeons? Raids? In the clip, we’re shown combating what appears to be a boss monster with other players in what appears to be a large-sized group. In other words, group content will almost certainly be in the game.

An appearance on the size of Final Fantasy XIV is a possibility for Crystal of Atlan, but whether it will materialise or not remains to be seen. The globe is wider and more open than that of SoulWorker’s, however the game is smaller and has less substance.

However, as of now, it is impossible to precisely determine the type of fighting system this game will use because the UI was not shown in the trailer.

While it appears as though Crystal Atlan may have the potential to challenge both Genshin Impact and Tower of Fantasy in the future, It is unclear what kind of game this will turn out to be, but I am excited to see the game’s development and evolution continue.

Crystal of Atlan Download

Characters Attacks & Skills IN Crystal of Atlan Apk 2022

The fighting methods of the characters in Crystal of Atlan Apk are diverse. Every character has three sizes of firearms: like small, medium, and huge. The team is well armed with rifles, shotguns, and even bazookas. In the game’s history, science and fantasy have frequently been intertwined. Humanity tremendously benefited from the mixture of magic and modern technology, which came into existence thanks to the enigmatic crystals. As the crystals began to vanish, conflict is sure to follow.

Players will assume the role of explorers who search ancient ruins, trying to find out what happened to an ancient civilization that has mysteriously disappeared, and solve the mystery behind the disappearing crystals. Crystal of Atlan has excellent-looking Attacks Animation graphics, but the whole experience will be determined by how effectively the game balances single-player and gacha aspects. Something that my grandmother, MiHoYo, was an expert at.

Crystal of Atlan Mod Apk Download

This is new ARPG game developed by VI Games and it’s Chinese company. VI Games released the Trailer of Crystal of Atlan gameplay in 1 Aug, 2021. In this time game is in developing mode and not released yet. This is mobile based game so if the developer releases the game so players can play it on Android & iOS Devices. The Release Date of Crystal of Atlan is not conformed yet. Maybe game will be first release in China then releases for globally. Crystal of Atlant Android Pre-registration is now available on Tap Tap. The link of pre registration is given below.

Requirements And Additional Information

NameCrystal of Atlan
SizeNot released yet
DeveloperVI Games
PlatformAndroid and iOS
Online / OfflineOnline
OSAndroid 9 or 10 And iOS 13 or more
Crystal of Atlan Apk
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