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Tower of Fantasy Apk Download is available for Android & iOS Devices. This is Tower of Fantasy Pre Download version for Best testing. Everyone should know about this game before going to Download. So please stay with us till the end for information.

Tower of Fantasy Apk

“Fantasy Tower” is Hotta Studio’s lightweight sci-fi open world mobile game. The combination of de-labeled modelizing character, film and film capture, high-freedom gameplay exploration, and desolate light science-fiction imagery, many scenes of interactive puzzle elements and a soothing fighting feel, conveying apocalyptic stories of salvation and destruction.

The Unreal 4.26 engine creates a seamless Idastar, the motion capture system offers a real dynamic character, the physics engine forms a number of interactive puzzle solving situations, a low threshold, a high-depth system and high-coolness action creates a highly free and refreshing battle, the fate and future of the planet!

Story Of Tower Fantasy

The extraterrestrial living planet, ‘Ada,’ was discovered by men in 2316 and colonial spacecraft were built. In 2339, Yuanwang left the land to head for Ida, the colonial starship. The spacecraft came to Ida in 2547 and people started building a civilisation on Ida. In 2653, the original comet “Mara” was found by Ada and a magic tower was planned. In 2659 Mara was successfully seized and caught in Ida Star’s field of gravity and people were given original energy.

The Phantom Tower was finished. In 2664, a big leak, i.e. a disaster, might have occurred because of unknown reasons. The original radiation of energy nearly destroyed the Ada civilization. 2665 saw the formation of the “Higarde” Scientist Research Organization. 2668 saw the development of a “supressor” and the ability of Ada humans to radiate antigen energy. In 2671 the “Son of Ada” resistance organisation was founded, which vowed to demolish the magic tower and to free the radiance. In 2712, during Idastar’s pioneering, you went into a coma… Hello pioneers!

Tower of Fantasy Game Download

Game Features

Tower of Fantasy have lots of Amazing features which make this game more entertaining and playable. Here the all Features of Game Tower of Fantasy.

  • Attractive Gameplay
  • High Graphics and Open World
  • You Can Create your own Characters
  • Easy To Use Controls
  • Online Battle Mode, PVP, Multiplayer and MMORPG.
Tower of Fantasy ios Download

Tower of Fantasy Global Apk Gameplay

Light science science-fi open-world mobile game “Tower of Fantasy”, de-tagging of character shaping, the Unreal engine 4.26, film-level motion capture, high degree of freedom exploratory gameplay and light sci-fi aesthetic styles.

Tower of Fantasy is Hotta Studios’ debut game, situated in a bright open environment akin to Genshin Impact. This game blends exploration and object searches with dynamic, fast-running fighting, in fact. Saving the universe from evil will not be easy, so be prepared in this realm of thrill and discovery for several hours. Explore, gather stuff and struggle against adversaries in real time to strengthen your character.

Tower of Fantasy Characters

Create Your Character

The first stage, of course, is to make your character from scratch with the editor. The anime-sthetic of all customising options is incredibly detailed. Once you are done, you will be ready to immerse yourself in this vast universe full of surprises, opponents and locations.

Graphics of Fantasy Tower

Tower of Fantasy graphics are extremely fantastic, thanks in large part to all Unreal Engine 4 intricacies. The graphics of each setting and character are vital to look at, as this game is also accessible for PC. You will need a high-performance smartphone, of course, like with other comparable games if you don’t want to get lagged.


The fantasy tower has typical ARPG games in which there are continual animations and battles. The controllers are properly positioned on the screen so that each action button is easier to hit to trigger powerful attacks and powerful combos. The camera tracks the action well, however you can change your perspective whenever you like.

Tower of Fantasy PVP Mode

The PvP arena seems not essential, seemingly by simply agreeing to engage in player-to-player fighting in any region of the open world. Buried under tonnes of fantasy towers and other intricacies, the following remark was directly interpreted from the original Chinese: we were able to discover: “The battle styles of the game are various as well as fighting talents. Online struggles against formidable adversaries are PvP conflicts between characters and multiplayer.”

What Developers Says About Tower of Fantasy Apk Global Version Apk

Hello! We are the developer team of the “Phantom Tower” mobile game Hotta Studio. Without knowing it, the first exhibition of “Phantom Tower” has taken more than six months. We received a great deal of attention and expectations during this period. Many thanks to you. The first online “Suppressor·Prototype Test” was held by Phantom Tower in October last year. We got many constructive input during the test, thank you again, your feedback improved the game (and also made us bald).

What’s New in Fantasy Tower Global

At the opening ceremony of “Suppressor Transformation Test” on April 15th, we added a number of new contents to “Phantom Tower,” such as the new maps “Snowfield Volan” and “Crohn Mine,” as well as new weapons, new BOSSs and gameplay. The monitor style, user interface, character settings, action system, etc. are all improved and updated. Today the completion of Idastar has taken us a huge step forward. I think we can receive more suggestions and improve the game following the ‘Suppressor·Renovation Test.’ Pioneers must move on with us on the next trip.

How To Download And Play Tower of Fantasy Apk

  1. You can download Tower of Fantasy game from link is given below.
  2. After Download the game you can play it on your Android device because it’s not available in iOS yet.
  3. If you facing any problem to play this game so use Japan VPN to play.
  4. The System Requirements of Tower of Fantasy is given below, Read this before downloading.

Tower of Fantasy ios and Android

Tower of Fantasy is new MMORPG Game maked by Japanese Gaming Company Hotta Studio. The beta Testing of this game is in progress and today here you will going to Download Tower of Fantasy Beta Apk. Best Testing is running only in Android so which means Tower of Fantasy ios Download is not available. But if you have Android mobile so you can play this game and enjoy the Beta Game. When this game developing program is fully complete so it’s release for ios soon. Every fans need to wait more to full release of this game for better gameplay experience. In the End of 2021 game will be released Globally.

Requirements And Additional Information

NameTower of Fantasy
DeveloperHotta Studio
PlatformAndroid & iOS
Android9 or 10
IOS10 and more (IOS Coming Soon)
ProcessorSnapdragon 400 or more
Online / OfflineOnline
Tower of Fantasy Apk Download
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