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Angry Birds Reloaded Download is available. It’s a new mobile game of Angry birds games series. The Developer of this game is Rovio Entertainment and released this game in July 2021. Today here I am going to introduce about this game. You should know all about this game before before going to play.

Angry Birds Reloaded Apk

In a new version of the mobile game, the world’s famed flock came back by storm. Join the classically shot Red, Chuck, Bomb, Silver and the others of the gang to make fans of all ages please. Angry Birds Reloaded contains familiar gameplay based on physics – now upgraded with aesthetic improvements, new characters and a lot of destruction!

The birds will not stop anything to get them back! King Pig and his maids have again stolen eggs! The lives of Angry Birds on the island are never the same, because both Pigs AND Eagles from Angry Bird’s films are confronted with the fight to safeguard eggs and homes.

Play Angry Birds new movies levels

Features of Angry Birds Reloaded Apk Unlimited Money

  • NEW Birds, Pig and Challenges:- Red, Chuck, Bomb and the remainder of the principal flock are here — plus fresh addition to the enlarged world of Angry Birds
  • New Game Mods:- The Eagles are here! A series of new stages of wreaking destruction on the island. Could they stop the Angry Birds?
  • Power UP:- Boost the destructive power of your birds with power-ups. Go ahead, soar up and knock down the towers of the pig!
  • Track Your Scores for top bragging rights, using local leadership boards against friends and family. All results will be tracked on the same iCloud account.
  • Now Reloaded A Timeless Classic:- Enjoy the traditional and satisfying slingshot action of the original game of Angrey Birds with hundreds of pigs, addicts and destructive gaming levels.

Excellent Graphics

Every gamer enjoys playing a game that has a lot of images, and Angry Birds Reloaded fulfils that need well. Not only does it provide you with the most impressive visuals, but it also makes you want to engage in the game more and more. You will have a deeper appreciation for the game as a result of its lighting and visuals.

New States and Mission

You have most likely already formed an opinion on the game’s overall theme. Because pigs and eagles have stolen the eggs from the birds, you will have to battle alongside the birds in order to retrieve the eggs. The pigs and the eagles are both in better form now that the necessary adjustments have been made.

You are erroneous if you think that the only animals that are transformed are pigs and eagles. The objectives of this version of the game are noticeably more sophisticated and challenging than those of previous versions.

New Gameplay system support all Devices

It is common knowledge that this game offers the most enjoyable gameplay available; in fact, you will never find another game of its sort that offers fun on the same level as this one. Everything flows so well, and it’s a treat to take in all of the funny characters and interesting sound effects.

We are all aware of how versatile this game is; without a doubt, it can be downloaded on devices running either Android or iOS. Therefore, there is no need to be worried about problems with downloading.

Angry Birds Reloaded gameplay

Angry Birds Reloaded Android Gameplay

The Casual Puzzle game is Angry Birds Reloaded. The gameplay is based on players who use a slingshot to launch pigs with the aim of destroying all pigs on the play field. Pigs in various structures and structures. New types of birds become available as players advance through the game.

The various kinds of birds that are used in the game are characterised by colour and shape. Only the basic red bird, the name Red is available at the earliest levels. As the player progresses through the game, other birds can be found. Some of the birds have special capabilities, which can be activated by players while the bird is airborne.

The game will be a slingshot game using the same code as most of the old slingshot games and Angry Birds Friends, which is highly inspired in sprites and reused from the latest versions. Similarly, the game is played with just a few changes like the previous games.

A slingshot is used by players to start a range of pre-determined birds, in addition to pigs on Movie 2 levels, to hit pig or eagle constructions. In midair the bird or the pig can activate its ability, which is important for achieving a higher level. The first is based on the Angry Birds Movie, in which the player uses birds and fights pigeons strictly, and the other is based on The Angry Birds Movie, where he uses birds and pigs, as well as fighting with Zeta and his eagles. There are two groups. The game will repeat the competitions of Angry Birds Classic and Angry Birds Friends.

Angry Birds Reloaded Apk Download

Is Angry Birds Reloaded Android Apk Available?

The New Angry Birds Reloaded game officially developed by Rovio Entertainment and Released on only for ios Mobile in the Worldwide. Angry Birds Reloaded Apk for android is not release yet by the developers. It’s also not available on Google play Store. If you want to play this game so you need ios Mobile. I hope after some time developers release Angry Birds Reloaded for Android soon. Why I say that, because everytime the Angry Birds games first release on iOS then after some time it’s also release on Android.


Those who like playing Angry Birds will be delighted. This is a game that every single one of us has tried our hand at at some time in our lives. And after releasing a number of minor upgrades and revisions over the course of several years, they have now released a big new edition. Angry Birds Reloaded is the version of the game that has been updated with new visuals, new characters, the greatest gameplay, and the most fun for you, so don’t waste any more time and download it right now on your mobile devices!

Additional Information

NameAngry Birds Reloaded
DeveloperRovio Entertainment Oyi
GenreClassic Slingshot Action & Puzzle Game
PlatformIOS, Android Coming Soon
Supported LanguagesEnglish, Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish
App Version1.1
Angry Birds Reloaded Download
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