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Now Punishing gray raven global Apk Download for Android and ios is available. Punishing grey raven was developed and published by Kuro Game as a mobile action role play game. It first time released in China of 5 December 2019 and in Japan a year later on 4 December 2020. The Punishing gray raven global Released in 16 July 2021.

Punishing Gray Raven Global Apk

Punishing gray raven global Apk is science fiction 3D Action RPG on Mobile. Game Begin a quick fight! Casualty: Grey Raven is an extremely stylish, fast-paced Action RPG.

The human race is nearly extinguished. A robotic army – the Corrupted, deformed and distorted by the biomechanical virus called Punishing – was vanquished on earth. On board the Babylonia Space Station, the final survivors fled into orbit. The Gray Raven team leads the task of recovering their lost home world after years of preparation. You are their leaders.

You, commander of the unit Gray Raven, have the duty of assembling and fighting the strongest cyborg soldiers in the planet. Remove the evil facts of the Punishing virus, repress the Corrupted and recover the Earth with this stunning Action-RPG.

Game Story

In the near future, the storey takes place…The ultimate human discovery of fundamental science affected the tabou, and suddenly the punishment for “punishment” appeared. It rapidly destroys the fragile human body, handles and transforms the degraded mechanism into a violent murdering machine.

The formerly very successful human civilisation on Earth has practically lost its traces. The survivors were pushed into profound exile from their homes. And you, as a “saviour,” are on the road to return to earth with the latter “framework” of hope of human civilisation. Commander, combat my human civilisation with me, please!

Punishing gray raven global gameplay

Gameplay of Punishing Gray Raven Apk English

Punishing: Gray Raven manage the players against different opponents with a squad up to three individuals, known as “Construs.” Storytelling comes in a novel visual manner while fighting is based on hacking and slashing. The player fighting foes in real time through different stages. During battle you can earn different coloured ‘pings’ which fire various powers. Chaining three pings with the same colour makes this ability a potent version. Players can also avoid an attack by their enemies. You will activate a time effect after the player has successfully evaded, enabling him to hit the enemy. Evading strikes consume endurance that prevents players from escape all the time freely.

Constructions can be enhanced by equalisation and promotion. Equipment and equipment levelling by advancing history. Players can open up further buildings and more builds can be obtained via a gacha mechanic and event. Currency in-game purchases and playing games. That are utilised to gain buildings and goods via the gacha system can be obtained. A pity mechanism guarantees that after a specified amount of pulls the player gets rare things.

The game is also equipped with a dormitory housing system. In the Constructs, players can decorate and relocate to their rooms to enhance atmosphere. In-game resources can also be applied to constructs.

Punishing gray raven All Characters

New Characters IN Punishing Gray Raven Global Apk Latest Version

7 characters you will see in Punishing Gray Raven Global Apk. Some Characters is Attacker type and others like Support and Tank type. In the Gameplay characters can do Attack, Combat, Combos and Blade Attacks.

  • Liv La Paix (Support):- Behind the strength of Liv’s heart is a simple dream, and this powerful frame is the result.
  • Nanami Plus (Tank):- Nanami’s enhanced model, equipped with IR-005 propulsion wheels, allowing her to speed across the battlefield at ease.
  • Lee Random (Attacker):- The rules have been broken. Past and present intertwine, dominating the battlefield with superior computing power.
  • Karenina Ember (Attacker):- Free from restriction, Karenina is able to unleash the full force of her flaming wrath to ourn away everything in her way.
  • Kamui Dark Energon (Tank):- The result of Kamui’s control over the Dark Energon that he was imbued with, able to switch freely between the two forms.
  • Lee Thermite (Attacker):- Member of Gray Raven. Somewhat aloof in manner. Good at computers and machines, he is responsible for Gray Raven’s hardware and technical issues.
  • Lucia Padma (Attacker):- The leader of Gray Raven. Brave and selfless, she is ever at the frontline of the war against the Corrupted.
Punishing gray raven Characters Attacks

Punishing Gray Raven Mod Apk Features

Lots of amazing features you will see in the Punishing Gray Raven Global which is make it more playing RPG Game on Mobile. Here the all Game features is given below.


Get into stylish, high-speed fighting. In real time 3D conflicts directly control your squad members, tags between your midfight members, and masters the specific movements of each character. Parry, dodge and pin attackers with fast combination, then use a user-friendly match-3 system to smash your enemies with their best techniques.


Immerse yourself in a destroyed world, explore the truths of this dark cyberpunk scenario in Punishing Gray Raven. It is a dimly gorgeous world with many wonders to contemplate, with dozens of chapters in visual novel format. The courageous may even open hidden chapter, allowing the storey to be experienced in a much darker way.


Explore a variety of magnificent surroundings from abandoned city streets to desert warzones, towering megastructures and virtual abstract spaces. In an ever-expanding cinematic adventure, fight against the Corrupted to hard arctic battlefields and beyond the Earth’s weight.


Simple flesh and blood are not sufficient to fight the Punishment, thus the troops are greater. They are human minds known as constructs, embedded in powerful mechanical bodies. Recruit dozens of these live weapons, all lavishly detailed and full 3D animated, for combating hundreds of opponent sorts.


Dance in a symphony of destruction through the battlefield and the pulsating beats of the amazing soundtrack. Punishing: Gray Raven is as much a pleasure for the ears as the eyes from the ambient, atmospheric tunes to smashing drum and bass.


Let the amazing cute characters and comfortable sleeping places relieve your pressure seamlessly from cruelty. Decorate the different styles of each dorm. Take in the peace for which you struggle.

Punishing gray raven Boss Fight

How To Download Punishing Gray Raven Apk + OBB For Android & iOS

  1. You can Download Punishing Gray Raven Global from Play Store and App Store.
  2. Also Punishing Gray Raven Global Apk Download link is given below.
  3. After Download then installed the Apk and start play.
  4. If you facing any problem to play Punishing Gray Raven Global Apk on your mobile so use the Japan and China VPN to play Perfectly.
  5. Before going to Download please check the Punishing Gray Raven Global System Requirements.

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Requirements And Additional information

NamePunishing Gray raven global Apk
DeveloperKuro Game
PlatformAndroid & iOS
Genre3D Action RPG
Android9 or 10
IOS 10 or more
ProcessorSnapdragon 600 and more
Punishing Gray raven global Apk
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