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About Zatch Bell Mamodo Battles

Hello Everyone, Zatch bell is an amazing Anime Series of Japan which is based on the partnership of Mamodos and Humans. The goal of the anime is to choose the strongest mamodo king. This is an extreme fighting anime so think about it how amazing the game would be of this game. Today I am introducing Zatch Bell mamodo Battles to you all that is an immense fighting game with many powerful spells. Spells are used for casting the special and ultimate attacks.

The game Zatch bell Mamodo Battles is based on original storyline of anime and there are only 15 mamodo characters within the game. This is 2D fighting game with 3D graphics of textures and all models. On the beginning when you will start the game then you will see an awesome game intro in which the gameplay trailer is added.

Zatch bell Mamodo Battles PS2 ISO
Zatch bell Game PS2

Game Modes

In the beginning there are only 4 characters are unlocked, Zatch, Tia, Brago, and Kanchome and all other characters are locked to be unlocked by playing game modes. The game contains story mod which almost unlocks all characters but still you have to play the Time attacks and Bonus mode to unlock Ponygon, Maestro and Laila.

Story mode

The most essential option that contains story of Zatch bell and kiyo, Tia and Megumi, Kanchome and parco falgore, Brago and Sherry, Wanrei and at the last Zeno and Dufort. The story of Zeno and dufort is locked untill you complete all other characters story modes.

Time Attack Mode

One of the most powerful mamodo Maestro will be unlocked through time attack mode. When you will complete the time attack battles 300 times then Maestro will come as a enemy and you must defeat him in order to have this character as selectable. Also the character Laila Powered up will also Unlock by playing time attack mode several times. Remember I said Laila Powered up, because normal laila is unlocked through bonus mode.

2P and 1P Versus mode

2P is multiplayer mode of this game where you can play with your friends via Hotspot connection. On the other hand 1P is Single player mode where you play with the Computer CPU and test your fighting skills.

Bonus Mode

Bonus mode contains cards in it. You have to buy all cards in order to unlock Laila Normal form and few battle maps. There are mamodo, spells, event and partner cards in bonus mode.

Develop mode

You can customize a particular characters by increasing his overall power level and health level.

About Gameplay

This is one on one and side by side battle game. Each character can cast approximately 3 Mamodo spells and some characters such as Zatch, Brago, Zeno and Bari can cast up to 5 different spells. Each character has one ultimate attack, the ultimate spell us unavoidable once cast successfully. You can stop the enemy before he casts ultimate spell, you have 1 second to stop him. After casting the ultimate spell, the other character can use their shields to avoid few damages.

Zatch Bell Mamodo Battles All Characters

How to install Zatch bell Mamodo Battles on Android

This is very simple process, just follow the instructions.

  • Install Damon PS2 emulator ( Link is Given below )
  • Download Bios file of PS2
  • Select Bios in PS2 mod on BIOS Selection.
  • Now Download Zip file of Zatch bell Mamodo Battles
  • Extract it.
  • Now choose ISO in PS2 and Start play.

Note:- PS2 is still not fully developed on Android so even if you have the highest version of Android, still the game would lag a bit. It is recommended to have the 10.0 of Android and 4GB Ram.

Download PS2 Emulator

Download Zatch Bell Mamodo Battles ISO


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