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Zatch bell Electric Arena

Hello Everyone, Playing Fighting games is my passion from childhood and I know there are many people similar to me. That’s why I am here with a fighting game of GBA that can be run very smoothly without any hindrance on your Android device. Any version is enough to play this game. The game is based on an anime, you may have seen it on Television, Name is Zatch bell. Although the anime series is never completed by the authors but still this is my favorite anime which I used to watch in my childhood. There are so many momodo characters with Amazing furious and sparking spells. Now let’s know about the game.

About Game

Zatch Bell Electric Arena is a 2D fighting Zatch bell anime based game with total 10 characters. The size of the game is only 4Mb and emulator is also a very low sized. So you can download it quickly and start play. You don’t even need to extract the game as it plays on zip format. Even though the size is too low but still the game has many amazing features and all original attacks of all existing characters.

Zatch Bell Electric Arena characters

Zatch bell Electric Arena characters

There are total 12 momodo characters with their human partners within the game. You have to play story mod to unlock remaining characters. Contains characters such as Zatch and kio, Sherry and Brago, kolulu, Kanchome and parco falgore, Wanrei, Tia and Migumi, Zeno ( the last momodo of Zatch bell anime ) and few more.

Gameplay Rules

Zatch Bell electric arena gameplay

The only rule is to beat the human partner of mamodo. Beating mamodo a hundred times will not going you to win the battle. Mamodo is like a shield as they comes in front of every attacks which is thrown for the human. You have to beat up the human totally by ignoring the mamodo. The opponent can shoot all spells to beat you as soon as possible and you also have spells, so use them to counter all spells of enemy.

Zatch bell Electric Arena Game Modes

Zatch bell electric arena game modes

The Default option is Story mod. By which you’ll unlock all characters by winning all stages. Initially only Zatch Bell is unlocked and all others characters are locked but you do not got to buy them through coins or money. Just go further within the story mod and unlock all of them easily.

Training – Master all Skills of Fighting by training mod. Learn all ultimate attacks of all momodos. Be the strongest mamodo fighter.

Vs Mod – A free battle mod. You choose one your fighter and one as the enemy and start the fight.

GBA Controls

  • A Button – Jumping
  • Higher Jump – Tap the A button two times  
  • Press Down Button – To make lock to avoid damage
  • B Button – To use rush attacks, combos.
  • Handle Up + B – powerful combo attack
  • Handle down + B – another combo attack.
  • Up + A + B – combos with your human partner.
  • Button R – the first level spell e.g. Zakeruga.
  • Up + R – the Second level spells e.g. Rashield
  • Long press R + Powerful and fully Charged Zakeruga.
  • Down + R – third Spell
  • Forward + B + R – the Ultimate Spells such as Bauo Zakeruga.


  • Download Rom ( 4Mb ) ( links are given below )
  • Download Emulator ( 2 MB )
  • Install Emulator and Open
  • Locate the rom folder, select file and start play.


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