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Now Whatsapp Immune Mod Apk Anti Virtex Download is available for Android and iOS. You can enjoy Latest Version of Whatsapp Immune Apk 2023 with New Updates Features. Today we are going to cover all about this App and how you can Download and install it on Android without any problem so please stay with us till the end.

Whatsapp Immune Mod Apk

About Whatsapp Immune Apk

Inmune WhatsApp is a modified version of the official WhatsApp app that has amazing features such as preventing other users from deleting messages and saving the status of other users. Inmune WhatsApp is available for download here. The inmune version of WhatsApp is available as an APK download in Spanish with ghost themes. You are able to change the language to English by navigating to the settings for the application’s language and selecting English from the drop-down menu.

In comparison to earlier versions, WhatsApp immune 2023 comes packed with a plethora of newly added features and improvements. When you download WhatsApp inmune, you will be able to interact with your pals without having to save their phone numbers, and you will also be able to enjoy great levels of privacy while doing so. Within the KA WhatsApp, you will also find many options to customise the colours of chats and change the theme from the theme store. KA WhatsApp is available on both Android and iOS.

Whatsapp Immune Apk New Update

Why Use Whatsapp Ultra Immune Apk

Are you looking for the greatest mod app that can be used with the official WhatsApp? Most likely, given that tens of thousands of users have expressed interest in seeing more features added to this app. You, however, have arrived to the correct location because we have purchased Immune WhatsApp with the intention of satisfying all of the frustrated users of the official WhatsApp.

As a result, one could argue that this software is the best alternative for a user who is interested in exploring new possibilities, and they would not be entirely wrong in doing so. Downloading Immune WhatsApp is what you need to do in order to experience the familiar software in a fresh presentation.

Whatsapp Immune Apk Anti Virtex

You might not believe it, but the smartphone has made the entire world feel like a much smaller place. By the use of a smartphone, it is now possible to communicate with a person who resides in a different part of the world in a simple and uncomplicated manner. A few decades ago, the idea that we could have a video conference with someone who was sitting hundreds or thousands of miles distant from us was unfathomable.

Whatsapp is often regarded as the most effective communication app due to the fact that users are able to quickly and easily communicate to their loved ones who are located at a distance for as long as they desire through the app. Since its launch in 2009, this app has consistently ranked as the one that users all over the world choose to use for instant chatting. This application has, during the course of its existence, been subjected to a great deal of evolution, and fresh capabilities have been added in order to familiarise users with its use.

Whatsapp Ultra Immune Apk

Features of Whatsapp Immune Mod Apk Anti Virtex

Yet, not everyone is satisfied with the Mod Features of Whatsapp Immune; rather, they desire more variety and freedom in how they might utilise it. As a result of this pattern among individuals, there are thousands of apps that are able to function in accordance with the requirements that people have. With the support of third-party apps, a large number of individuals from all over the world use WhatsApp, and they take use of the platform’s expanded functionality.

The software includes a comprehensive catalogue of functionalities, and a large number of users have expressed contentment with it for a variety of reasons. Hence, allow us to describe some of the most notable aspects that a user will be able to take advantage of by utilising it.

Whatsapp Immune Apk Latest Version 2023

Turn down calls

In WhatsApp Inmune, you can effortlessly speak with anyone while yet maintaining full control over your privacy settings. provides a few alternatives for rejecting incoming calls, including call denied, no internet, and missed call. This function can be accessed in the settings for the calls.

Manage your privacy

You have a lot of control over your privacy when you use WhatsApp Immune apk 2023 because it gives you a lot of options, such as freezing your last seen, regulating who may call you, preventing people from deleting messages, and a lot more.

WA Mod Apk

Store that sells themes

You can modify the look of your immune Whatsapp apk by going to the themes store, where you will find a wide variety of aesthetically pleasing themes to choose from.

Go to the initial message

It’s possible that many of your pals will send you messages. You might find yourself wanting to review the very first conversation on WhatsApp Inmune on occasion. You now have the ability to view the first message, as depicted in the image.

WA Imune Apk

Dark mode

You can switch your WhatsApp to dark mode by clicking on the crescent icon, as shown in the image. This option is available to you.

Five minute status

In contrast to official WhatsApp, WhatsApp inmune apk enables users to upload a video status that is up to 5 minutes long rather than the standard 30 seconds.

WA Imune Mod Apk

Key Features of Whatsapp Immune Apk Latest Version 2023

  • Seeing your contact’s Story is as simple as using the primary interface.
  • You may find the Direct Translation icon in your box of text. If you click and hold the mouse button, you can toggle between languages.
  • The option to share voice memos as Twitter or Facebook updates.
  • In InmuneMods > Home Screen > Header, you may disable the camera shortcut.
  • Create your own customised emoji to use in WhatsApp chats using bitmoji.
  • WhatsApp Immune just allows you to turn off your connection to the internet, so you’ll need to switch to flight mode afterward.
  • You’re free to make as many unique accounts as you’d like and toggle between them as often as you desire.
  • While the program’s global privacy settings cannot be changed, conversations’ settings may.

How To Download Whatsapp Immune Apk New Update For Android

  1. Remove older Whatsapp Immune Apk versions first.
  2. Enable this option to allow unidentified downloads on your mobile device.
  3. After selecting, you can download the file.
  4. The download box displays 20 seconds after clicking download.
  5. Please wait for the download. That should take a few minutes at most.
  6. Downloading the app now lets you use all in-app purchases for free.

Requirements And Additional Information

NameWhatsapp Immune
Developer WhatsApp IMUNE
Platfrom Android
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Whatsapp Immune Apk Download
Download Now


In conclusion, it can be stated that Immunity WhatsApp APK has finally been released in order to provide the greatest user experience possible for the Whatsapp mod programme. It comes with a large number of brand new and fascinating possibilities that people will be eager to make advantage of. As a result, we have spent money to acquire the most recent download link for this programme so that users can take use of a variety of enticing features without spending any money.

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