Txd Tool Apk 1.6.1 Free for Android 12 & 13 Download

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Modify and create your own own GTA assets with the help of the TXD tool APK. Let’s get TXD workshop and switch up our Grand Theft Auto sessions.

Txd Tool Apk 1.6.1

About TXD Tool APK

This is an essential piece of equipment for every GTA enthusiast. To modify Grand Theft Auto games, get TXD Tool APK for free. Nonetheless, you can’t use VC or SA until you’ve installed them.

RenderWare’s compressed texture archive format is known as a TXD file.

GTA games since GTA III have relied on the TXD file extension to save all of the game’s graphical assets and texture data.

Use of Txd Tool Apk

Use of TXD

Members of the community have created a number of programmes that can read. TXD files and extract/replace textures, letting games’ visuals be tweaked. Most notably, VIS created the TXD Workshop, which is widely used. Some of these and other resources are linked to below.

The purpose of the GTA SA Android TXD tool is to modify the game’s visuals, clothing, and infrastructure. However, this is easier said than done, and manually altering the game is not as straightforward as it may first appear. However, the TXD tool in Android has simplified things for Android programmers. It requires knowledge of Android programming to make any changes to the app.

Txd Tool Apk for Android

Make Changes in GTA Games

This GTA SA TXD mod editor is the best way to make your favourite changes to Grand Theft Auto Lite, Grand Theft Auto 5, or San Andreas. The roads, courses, and vehicles you use are all modifiable. Select the most potent vehicle available if you want consistent victories.

In addition, the programme allows you to create new attributes, as well as import and export existing ones, as well as rename existing ones. However, you’ll need Android expertise to accomplish this. You will be unable to finish this if you do not.

VIS provides access to a third-party app called TXD tool APK. There was a time when only Android smartphones and tablets could use it. Mipmaps and RLE compression can be created with. Formatting preferences can be transferred from the desktop to the mobile app. It enables you to alter the appearance of your vehicle’s paint job, as well as the attributes of your guns and other equipment. You’ll need the TXD tool for the Indonesian language on your mobile device if you want to make advantage of the localised features.

Txd Tool Apk 1.6.1 Free Download

Working on Android 13, 12 more lower versions

To get the most out of the TXD tool APK, though, you’ll need Android 4.1 or later android 12, 13. In addition to that, you’ll want to get Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City onto your Android device. There should also be at least 1GB of RAM in your gadget. It is also crucial that you have a firm grasp of the program’s texture editing capabilities. If you don’t, it could damage your gadget.

Features Of TXD tool no license

TXD tool now can be used without license for free and contains the following:-

The Grand Theft Auto game now supports complex texture manipulation

With the assistance of several helpful tools contained within this programme, users are able to perform simple as well as comprehensive texture manipulations on their GTA games. Because of the auto-rewrite mechanism, importing data and converting it from any file is now a very simple and straightforward process. After you have finished making changes to the game, you can save the updated files, and then reinstall them in the game folder.

Functions of Control That Are Simple to Use

The controls of the TXD tool APK are quite straightforward, making them uncomplicated to use and simple to get to. You have access to a wide variety of options, and some of these allow you to change the textures. Utilize RLF compression so that you can retain full control over the output quality. It is not difficult to produce mipmaps for textures.

Investigate the Many Capabilities of the Most Recent TXD Tool

Take use of a plethora of other fun features. TXD tool APK is going to become more well-known all over the world in a very short period of time. You may quickly navigate through the many various settings, and each one is simple to use.

You Can Bring in and Take Out Your Files

You are able to bring stuff from the outside world inside your game by using this TXD tool APK. Imagine that you are not an Android developer, but someone has sent you files that have been edited in some way, including their appearance and texture. You should not have any trouble importing this into your device now, and you should have no trouble modifying the game.

You also have the ability to export files, which is quite similar to the import feature. Imagine that you have developed some very incredible textures, or that you have designed some stunning and potent automobiles. You may now export everything and give it to your pals to astound them with their newfound knowledge.

Presentation of the Simple TXD tool Android application (APK)

The designers of this TXD tool APK have made the application appear to be very uncomplicated, and they have also made it simpler for people who are not technically savvy to utilise the TXD tool APK. If you have a basic understanding of android, then you should have no trouble carrying this out. However, Android expertise is still required in order to use this software effectively.

Free to Use

Because TXD Tool APK is open source software and completely free to use, you are free to make any changes you like to it without any restrictions or costs. The only requirement is that you have experience developing for Android.

How to Download TXD Tool Apk 1.6.1 For Android

  • Txd Tool apk Premium Unlocked, the latest version, may be downloaded by clicking the “download” button lower down on this page.
  • It is crucial that you don’t interrupt the download process in any way. Consequently, several issues are likely to surface as a direct result of this.
  • Users using Android-powered mobile devices that also have internet connectivity can start utilising the app after it has been downloaded.
  • Simply said, you must take every precaution and follow every item of advice as they are presented in the written content.
  • As soon as the setup is complete, you may begin taking advantage of the software’s many features.

Requirements And Additional Information

NameTXD Tool Apk
Size12 MB
DeveloperVIS Apps
ModPaid Version for Free
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Download Now


In order to edit and make new GTA assets using the TXD file extension, the TXD Tool APK is a crucial piece of gear for GTA fans. Changes to the game's aesthetics, clothing, and infrastructure can be made with the help of the GTA SA Android TXD tool, however doing so requires familiarity with Android programming. TXD tool APK, a third-party app, is made available to you by VIS, and you're welcome to use it without paying any sort of fee. Users can customise not only the look of their vehicle's paint job, but also the properties of their guns and other equipment. In order to fully utilise the app's features, users will require Android 4.1 or later, 1 GB of RAM, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Vice City, and an in-depth understanding of the app's texture editing capabilities.

The auto-rewrite method makes it easy to import data and transform it from any file type. Users can make adjustments and then save the modified files for later use. Android users can import and export files from and to the outside world with the help of the TXD tool APK. It's user-friendly, even for those who aren't particularly tech-savvy, because of how straightforward it is.
Even though the TXD Tool APK is free and open source, you should know your way around Android in order to get the most out of it. Users can get the most up-to-date version by clicking the "download" button at the bottom of this page; in the meantime, they should take all the safety measures and adhere to all the recommendations laid forth in the text. Users can begin taking advantage of the software's many functions as installation is complete.

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