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Hello everyone, I am back again with another Android Game. This is Tom And Jerry Game Mouse Maze. This is offline Game and you can easily play on your Android phone. So let’s know about this Game.

Tom and Jerry Mouse Maze Game Download

Tom And Jerry Mouse Maze 2 Apk

Tom and Jerry Mouse Maze is Game of most popular cartoon show Tom And Jerry. In this Game you will see Tom and Jerry Cartoon Characters with very nice animation. This is Running and Classic Game and in this Game you will see 120 levels. While playing this Game you will go back to own childhood days. In this Game you will see same event like Tom and Jerry Cartoon Show. You already know Tom always want to catch Jerry and Jerry always steals cheese by escaping from Tom. Friends Tom and Jerry are back with their craziness and start fight again in this Game so Friends are you ready with Tom and Jerry to start spread craziness. So Download Game and Start Play link is Given below.

Tom and Jerry Cartoon Game

Features of Tom and Jerry Mouse Maze 2 Mod Apk

  • Tow Game Mode :- You will see Classic Game Mode and Runner Game Mode.
  • 120 Levels :- Many Entraining Levels of Cheese filled.
  • Objects And Obstacles :- Use everything at your arrangement to avoid traps, rockets and other obstacles.
  • Multiple Environments :- You will see Environment of living room, the garden, the attic and more.
  • Bonus Cards :- You can collect Bonus Cards which you can use for stay one step ahead of Tom.
  • Characters :- You will see 3 Characters which you can use for play. You will see Jerry, Nibbles and Tyke. Jerry is already Unlock but Nibbles and Tyke locked you need to Unlock them if you want to play with him. Nibbles is Rat baby and Tyke is Puppy.
Tom And Jerry Runner Game
Tom And Jerry Puzzle Game

Gameplay instruction

  • Swipe up to jump over obstacles and Collect Bonuses.
  • Swipe Down to slide under obstacles. You have 3 lives.
  • Destroy some obstacles by tapping on them or just jump over them.
  • Swipe right to run and avoid the falling obstacles.
  • Swipe up to jump on the table.
  • Jump over the holes in the floor.
  • Run to avoid the red bomb.
  • Avoid the red switch or a rocket will target you.
  • Swipe down to slide under the signs.
  • Use your finger to guide Jerry and Help him pick up all of the big red cheese.
  • Avoid the traps and watch out for the oil spots.
  • The flashing mouse holes will transport you.
  • Hide behind the vases and plants.
  • Pick up the clock to get more time.
  • Avoid Tom and his friends.
  • Hint: Tom can’t see you when you are behind him.
  • The pepper will make Jerry run faster.
  • Tom is not alone. His friends are now helping him.
  • Hint: If Tom hits a wall, he is stunned for a while
How to Install Android Application

How To Download Tom And Jerry Mouse Maze 2 Game Apk For Android

If you facing Installing problem so please do this Settings.

  • Go to your Settings and security settings.
  • Then on Unknown Sources.
  • If you on Unknown Sources then you can easily Install the Game.
  • After on Unknown Sources then click on Download link. Link is given below.
  • Then you will land in Playstore.
  • Then Click on Install Button after installing process complete.
  • So you can start play Game. Click on Open Button to start Game.

Requirements And Additional Information

  • Game Name :- Tom And Jerry Mouse Maze
  • Game Size :- 56MB
  • Develover :- GlobalFun Games
  • Android :- 5.1
  • RAM :- 2GB
  • Processor :- 1.3Ghz

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