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Hello Guys, we’ve talked about Tekken 3 on previous post and Today I am introducing Tekken tag Tournament to you all. I used to play this game by paying money but nowadays as PS2 is now available for Android phones. However there are certain requirements which your Android device must have if you want to play the Tekken tag Tournament at a decent speed.

Tekken Tag Tournament ISO Download PS2

About Tekken tag Tournament

Tekken Tag Tournament is an immense fighting combat game. The character consist of many special and ultimate combos with various styles. There are more than 35 characters within the game and the graphics really looks full HD Awesome as it is supposed to be being a PS2 game. This game has many game modes, so let me introduce them all.

Tekken Tag Tournament All Characters

Tekken Tag Game Modes

  • Arcade – Arcade is the default mode of this game. There see 10 stages among which the 10th stage is of the boss. You can unlock all characters by Completing Arcade mode several times with different characters.
  • Vs Battle – this is a Multiplayer tekken Tag mode, through Hostpot connection you can play with your friends.
  • Team battle – you can choose up to 8 characters as your fighters and 8 characters as your enemies.
  • Time Attacks – Time attack mode’s challenge is that complete the battle before time runs out. There is less time given to defeat the enemy.
  • Survival – Play endless battles without getting bored. As the name stats, you have to until you die.
  • 1 on 1 – This is free battle mod where you can choose 1 Fighter and 1 enemy and simply start the battle.
  • 1 on 1 Vs – it’s a Multiplayer mode Option. This group has two multiplayer options.
  • Practice – Learn all characters best skills and combos. Become the most skillful fighter of the game. Defeat all enemies by using various new combo tactics.
  • Game Option – control and change volume, language, difficulty levels and fight count.
Tekken Tag Tournament Gameplay PS2

How to Play Tekken Tag Tournament on Android

To play this game on Android, first of all you need a high quality Android device that can handle the PS2 emulator. As you may know that PS2 is still not completely build for Android so even if you the most powerful Android phone but the game would still lag a little. But remember only a little.

Android Device Requirements

  • Android – 10.0 and Up
  • RAM – 4GB
  • Core – Octa
  • Battery – 4000 mah ( This game exhausts battery very much faster that’s why a powerful battery is also necessary.
  • Architecture – 64 bit.

Now after having the Phone which meets above requirements, now you need a PS2 Emulator. Damon PS2 Pro is the best choice. Download Damon PS2 from the playstore and then download PS2 BIOS and Rom File of Tekken Tag Tournament. Now install PS2 Emulator and select the BIOS then choose Tekken tag and start play.


DOWNLOAD Tekken Tag Tournament ISO

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