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Hi gamers, today tekken 7 Apk for Android 2021 & iOS devices is brought and now you can download and play it quickly and free on any version of Android devices. Here we provide complete data for APK + OBB so that when the Files are successfully downloaded you don’t require the data connection. Getting the tekken 7 APK download without checks implies that no checks are necessary to get the tekken 7 apk, and at the conclusion of this post you have a direct MediaFire link. This is an offline version of tekken 7 that can be played on your android whenever you wish.

Tekken 7 Apk Information

Tekken 7 Apk is the fighting game that Bandai Namco Entertainment has produced and published. In the Tekken series it is the seventh and ninth largest instalment. In March 2015, Tekken 7 released a limited arcade. An revised arcade version was published in July 2016. Today here you will download Tekken 7 Apk for android and it’s Mod version. Tekken 7: Fated Retribution with increased contents including new stages, costumes, equipment and characters. Fated Retribution was used in the home edition of PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows in June 2017.

The plot focuses soon on the events leading to the final fight between Heihachi Mishima, the martyr, and Kazuya. Their events follow Tekken 6 events. Tekken 7 incorporates a number of new features to the combat system, such as Rage Arts and Power Crush mechanics, making the game more fun for beginners than before. As of March 2021, Tekken 7 had been a critical and business success and sold 7 million copies.

Tekken 7 Mobile Storyline

The storyline of the Tekken 7 Mobile is told from a reporter whose wife and children. Are murdered in the crossfire, which leads him to start writing an exhibit on the Mishima Zaibatsu and G company. Heihachi Mishima exploits the power vacuum and forces Nina to work for him, reclaiming Zaibatsu authority. Jin Kazama is saved by Lars Alexander’s son. His half-uncle who claims that Jin is the only one to stop the fight. After finding that he had inherited the Devil Gene and had to kill her in self-defence Heihachi tosses Kazuya off a steep cliff. Before he travelled to a volcano for an ultimate fight with Kazuyan, heihachi accompanied him back to Lars.

Vengeous at the betrayals of his parents, Kazuyas finally kills Hehachi in battle. Jin wakes up and sees Lee, Lars and Alisa, and promises once and for all to put a stop to the battle. The reporter completes and publishes his exposé reflecting on everything that he has learnt.

Tekken 7 Apk Download for Android

Tekken 7 Apk Gameplay

Tekken 7 is focusing on 1v1 fighting. New gameplay features include: Rage Art, Power Crush, Screw hits and Rage Drive. Here the all information about Gameplay Features.

Rage Art & Drive

Rage Art A unique and only available critical move for each character in Rage mode, which causes it to be turned off to the next round. If the initial attack strikes the adversary, a film sequence will trigger and do approximately 30 percent of damage depending on the character. Rage Art also been changed to ensure an inverse proportion of the damage inflicted on the enemy in the current health bar.

Rage Drive most characters are moved by one or more Rage Drives, either fresh new or amped up actions. Like Rage Art, surrendering the Rage mode for the whole round involves trading for a move with less danger and different usefulness, the severe harm of Rage Art.

Power Crush & Screw Hits

Power Crush carries out an attack that can absorb hits of the opponent and continue to attack.

Screw hits: This substantially replaces the ground-bound mechanic (previously simply bound), adding a major chance to conduct long and damaging combos by knocking an opponent hit in a susceptible condition with a thrower on the ground. Screw hits have similar uses as Ground Bounding moves, but the animation of the receiving opponent is altered and placed on the floor with a “screw” in the air. Screw hits cannot be used for wall combos, unlike ground bound.

Tekken 7 Apk Download

Tekken 7 Android Game Modes

  • Mode of storey Mishima Saga – Mishima’s family history
  • Online – You have a wireless hotspot connection, and you need to play multiplayer with your friends.
  • Offline – play arcade mode towards the conclusion and fight against the boss.
  • Change – modify clothes, design, boots, shoes, haircuts and jackets for your character. Add aura, spark and a lot more to your presence.
  • Jukebox – Change gameplay backdrop and menu music, build tekken 7 mod music. Only PlayStation 4 is available ( PS4 ).
  • Gallery – see the photographs, action pictures, positions of the characters and you can contribute the pictures.
  • Options – music level control, difficulty level, resolution, health bars, round numbers, etc.
  • Player Information – you know who you are, why you matter, your role in a series, and what power you possess. Player Information

Game Features

Tekken 7 Apk Download for Android not officially published. You’re all finding mods like as tekken 6 mod apks and other tekken series mods adapted to match tekken 4 images. It’s not the official, despite the fact. It still has many original tekken features.

These modders have been made for people who don’t have a PS4 or a PC or don’t want to play games on huge consoles since they’re not portable. You know that everybody wishes to have the most wonderful games on your cellphone. Because you can play your fave games in your pocket anytime and wherever. You must go close and sit there for PC and Xbox on the other hand. Tekken 7 Mod apk android & iOS may be downloaded by clicking here.

Now tekken 7 mobile apk is available, and when you like, you can enjoy these games. You may also download and enjoy all tekken versions of tekken tekken 5 apk, and tekken 4 apk.

  • Tekken 7’s same interface
  • Almost the same 3D gameplay and funny movements
  • All the special and ultimate attacks
  • Gameplay offline and online
  • Download it free
  • Play Android over 5.0 and Snapdragon 450+ on all versions.
  • All types of play (Story and Arcade battle, Training etc.)

About Characters

The game contains 54 playable characters (including pallet swaps), of which 20 constitute the default cast when it is launched, whilst 36 make up the completely unlocked cast. Twelve make their first debut in this release together with a new incarnation of Jack, and four Capcom and SNK combat game franchise guest characters, the Square Enix Final Fantasy and the Walking Dead image comics.

Tekken 7 Apk Download 35MB

Before going to Download Tekken 7 APK. I going to tell you some questions which people also ask. One thing you have also check the system Requirements of Tekken 7 Mobile Apk before going to Download. Here I have tell you how to download, game size and Is Tekken 7 Apk available on Playstore?.

Size of Game

Many people look for the highly compressed Tekken 7 apk in nearly 35mb, but I want you to understand that it is not possible. The game for this capacity, visuals and characters cannot be that much compressed, yet after installing Full apk+Obb data file we provide the tekken 7 apk in 140MB. The Obb is actually connected to the apk, so you don’t have to download it separately. Yes, there’s a direct download link, no human checks are necessary.

Is Tekken 7 Mobile Apk + OBB Download Available on Playstore?

Since the game has been launched officially on high-end game platforms such as PC and PS4. It isn’t truly available and can’t be downloaded through the Google PlayStore. You may download Gloud games from Google Play shop and play the original Tekken 7 Mobile on Android and it’s open publicly. Gloud games for cloud play can be downloaded for free and your favourite PS4 games can be played.

How To Download Tekken 7 APK for Android and iOS

Tekken 7 APK for Android Download link is given below.

  • First of all, it is important that your Android device has 2GB ram and at least 1GB of free space.
  • Click on the link the you will see the Apk and OBB File Download link.
  • After Download install the Apk and open it.
  • Then select the OBB in the Apk. You will also see the File section in left.
  • Select obb and start play.

Requirements And Additional information

NameTekken 7 Apk
DeveloperBandai Namco Studio and Bandai Namco Entertainment
GenreFighting Game
Android9 or 10
ProcessorSnapdragon 400 or more
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Tekken 7 Apk Download for Android

Final Word

This tekken 7 apk download for android without verification game is going to be the finest option for players who are interested in playing battle games that are filled with a lot of furious action. We are certain that you will like playing this Tekken 7 game very much since it has everything that you could desire, including a variety of gaming modes, animation effects throughout the fight, battles with characters, and a variety of gaming modes, as well as many other features.

However, there are certain restrictions attached to it, which I believe the developer will address in the next version that is released. Therefore, we recommend that you download and play this Tekken 7 game so that you may enjoy the animated images it has.


Can I download Tekken 7 in android?

Although Tekken 7 Apk has not yet been made available for Android OS in its official capacity, a Mod version of the game may be downloaded from the internet. It is modified from its previous version, which is Tekken 6, and it has high-quality visuals. You’ll be able to play the brand-new Tekken 7 on any Android smartphone as long as you have this Tekken 7 Apk + IOS for Android download.

How can I play Tekken 7 for free on android?

Download the Tekken 7 Apk free for android from our website Apk2me.com. Install the apk and enjoy Tekken 7 Apk free for Android.

Is Tekken 7 Apk Download 35MB is free and safe?

Yes! Its safe and free.

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