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Now Tekken 6 PPSSPP Download is available for Android. You can play Tekken 6 Apk Download PPSSPP Zip File Highly Compressed on Android. Today we are going to cover all about Tekken 6 file Download for PPSSPP and how you can Download and install Tekken 6 PPSSPP Highly Compressed on Android so please stay with us till the end.

Tekken 6 PPSSPP File Download

About Tekken 6 PPSSPP

Bandai Namco Games is the company responsible for developing and publishing the fighting game known in Japan as Tekken 6 PPSSPP. The Tekken series has now reached its sixth main iteration and seventh overall entry with this game. It was the first game to be played in arcades after it was published on November 26, 2007, and it was the first game to run on the System 357 arcade board, which was based on the PlayStation 3.

After a year had passed, a new version of the game was released with the subtitle Bloodline Rebellion. Both versions were only made available in certain locations around North America. On October 27, 2009, a home version of the game that was based on the update was made available for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

This marked the first time a primary instalment has been developed for play on a different console. On November 24, 2009, it was converted so that it could be played on a PlayStation Portable. Katsuhiro Harada, the game’s producer, intended to give the battles a strategic nature while yet being authentic to the gameplay of the previous games in the series when he designed the game.

Story of The Game

Jin Kazama is now the new head of the Mishima Zaibatsu special forces as a result of his victory over his great-grandfather, Jinpachi Mishima, in the previous King of Iron Fist Tournament. Jinpachi Mishima was Jin Kazama’s opponent in the tournament. Jin uses the resources of the company to declare independence, becoming a global superpower in the process.

Over the course of the following year, Jin also severing all of its national ties and openly declaring war against all nations. In the meantime, Jin’s father, Kazuya Mishima, who has worked his way up to become the leader of G Corporation, puts a bounty on his son’s head. As a form of retribution, Jin declares the sixth King of Iron Fist Tournament and hopes that it will entice Kazuya to participate.

Tekken 6 PPSSPP ISO File Download

Gameplay of Tekken 6 PPSSPP Zip File

In Tekken 6, the stages are larger and more interactive than in previous entries in the series. Players will be able to break through walls and floors in order to access new areas for battle. The functionality that allows players to customise their characters has been improved, and certain goods now have consequences in specific elements of the gameplay.

When a character’s vitality drops below a specific threshold, the new Rage system kicks in, causing them to deal more damage with each strike. As soon as it is engaged, a crimson-tinged energy aura appears around the character, and the health bar begins to flicker in that colour.

Tekken 6 PPSSPP Zip File Download

Features of Tekken 6 PPSSPP File Download

You will see many features in Tekken 6 PPSSPP game download on Android so here we are going to cover all most important features of Tekken 6 PPSSPP ISO File.

New Rage System

Tekken 6 introduces a new Rage system, which boosts the player characters’ strength whenever their health bar gets low. This version of the game maintains elements from the earlier games, but it also includes the new Rage system. In addition to that, it includes a beat ’em up mode that centres on a soldier named Lars Alexandersson who leads a coup d’état together with his subordinates.

Lars embarks on a journey with a robot by the name of Alisa Bosconovitch to discover his identity after suffering memory loss during an assault on Jin Kazama’s Mishima Zaibatsu special forces. This is done in order for Lars to be able to complete his mission, which is to retrieve the object of his search.

The player has the opportunity to improve many aspects of the power of any character they choose to control by completing missions in this campaign mode and winning prizes for doing so.

Tekken 6 PPSSPP Download For Android

Postive Response in Tekken 6 Zip File Download For PPSSPP Android

The game was met with mostly favourable critical reception. The game’s aesthetics and its revamped combat system were lauded by reviewers, however the scenario campaign prompted conflicting reactions due to its execution. In spite of this, the PlayStation Portable port was also very highly regarded due to the fact that it was quite close to the original platform versions.

The total number of copies sold of the game has reached 3.5 million across the world. After some time, it was redone and reissued for the PlayStation 3 alongside the spin-off Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and the fifth instalment of Soulcalibur. In 2015, the sequel Tekken 7 was made available to the public.

Tekken 6 PPSSPP Apk Download

Customise with Rage Aura

The Rage aura can be altered to take on a variety of appearances, including that of fire, electricity, and ice, amongst other things, by applying a variety of colours and effects. The “bound” concept is another new addition to the gameplay that was just just implemented.

Every character has a few moves that, when used in a juggle combo, will cause the opponent to be smashed hard into the ground, bouncing them off it in a stunned state, leaving them vulnerable to another combo or an additional attack.

These moves are called “ground smashes.” Since the Bloodline Rebellion update, successfully parrying a low attack will also put a character into a bound state. Prior to this change, parrying a low attack had no effect.

Tekken Force Mode in Tekken 6 PPSSPP 250MB

The console versions, with the exception of the PSP version, come with an additional beat ’em up mode that is referred to as “Scenario Campaign.” This mode is very similar to the “Tekken Force” and “Devil Within” modes that were featured in the earlier games in the series. When in this mode, the player is placed in a setting that is analogous to that of a third-person role-playing game, but the player has complete freedom of movement.

Tekken 6 PPSSPP Download Highly Compressed

Skills and Abilities

In addition, players have the ability to pick up weapons such as poles and Gatling guns, as well as lootable items, money, and power-ups that can be found inside crates that are strewn about the playing environment. Players can find these crates throughout the game.

The gameplay transitions to a more conventional, two-dimensional Tekken style once a group of adversaries is encountered, despite the fact that players are free to wander about between fights. This mode initially only supported offline single player, but on January 18, 2010, Namco released a patch that enabled online co-op play for the Scenario Campaign. Originally, this mode was only available for single player offline.

Multiplayer Mode

The online versus multiplayer option is accessible over the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live in both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game, respectively. It contains a mode called Rated Matches, in which the player can advance their character to a higher ranking, as well as a mode called Player Matches, in which the player’s fights are not ranked and they can ask their friends to compete with them in matches.

Fighting Game for android


There are a total of 39 playable characters available in the arcade edition of Tekken 6, comprised of 34 returning fighters and 5 brand new fighters. Bloodline Rebellion and the console version both include two more playable combatants, bringing the total number of characters that may be controlled to 41. There are also two bosses that cannot be controlled by the player: NANCY-MI847J and Azazel. However, the former can be manipulated for a short period of time in the Scenario Campaign mode of the console version.

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Tekken 6 Apk + ISO Download For Android PPSSPP Highly Compressed

  1. You can download Tekken 6 ISO File for android by clicking on Download Button which is given below.
  2. Wait 20 Seconds after clicking on Download Button and Wait to generate your Download link.
  3. After 20 Seconds later you will see Download Now Button and click on Download Now Button and your Downloading is start automatically.
  4. Download PPSSPP Apk and Install it.
  5. Extract The Tekken 6 PPSSPP Zip File and then you will see Tekken 6 ISO File.
  6. Open PPSSPP Emulator Apk and Select ISO file and Start Play.

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Requirements And Additional Information

NameTekken 6 PPSSPP
DeveloperNamco Bandai Games
PlatfromAndroid PPSSPP
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Tekken 6 PPSSPP Download
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