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Tekken 3 Game Download For Android and enjoy Tekken fighting game on Android free offline. Today we are going to cover all about tekken 3 game and how you can play it on Android. So stay with us till the end for more information.

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About Tekken 3 Game Download

Tekken 3, one of the most popular arcade games of all time, is now available on the Android operating system. The mobile app version was not initially released by the game’s developer, Namco. However, it is still available as an APK file, which can be easily played through an external or built-in phone emulator application.

This is your lucky day if you are one of the two or three PlayStation owners who have seen, played, or at the very least heard of Tekken 3. There are no longer any justifications. This is the best fighting game that has been released to date, and it is past time for you to pry the controller from your grip and go pick it up. Tekken 3 mobile will not disappoint those of us who have been playing the series since its inception in 2001.

Android Gameplay of Tekken 3 Game

There have been no changes to the process of selecting players and entering a match as there were on the PlayStation. When playing Tekken 3 on an Android smartphone, veteran players who have been away from the game for a long time will be blown away by the smoothness with which the game runs.

On your mobile screen, the controls are represented by left-hand joysticks and right-hand buttons. The controllers will take some getting used to at first, but after a few attempts, you will be cruising through combos like you are playing on a console.

The fact that tekken 3 moves at such a fast pace has to be the most appealing aspect of the game. Every move appears to be transmitted directly from your fingers into the minds of your characters, who then follow your commands without hesitation. In most cases, there is little or no lag between when you make a move and when it is actually executed. Unless you have this going, you might as well give up because today’s gamer wants to be able to react in split seconds, and that is exactly what you will get with this game.

Game Graphics

The developers have managed to provide you with arcade-quality graphics without the need for an additional add-on. Every character, as well as their movements, appears to be fluid and natural. Even just sitting back and watching someone else play the game was an incredible experience. All of the characters reacted in a realistic manner. Example: When you strike someone in the side, they hunch over and look like they’ve been struck in the side. This made tekken 3 extremely realistic when you consider the game’s age and the medium on which you are playing it.

So if you have an Android device with a RAM greater than 1GB, you should download this game as soon as possible. In addition, you might want to check out the TEKKEN mobile game from the original developer, Namco.

Characters From The Tekken 3 Game

A total of 21 characters are available in the arcade version. Tekken 3 is set 20 years after the events of the previous instalment, which means that only six characters from the previous game return, with the rest being entirely new. In contrast to the previous two games, the character select screen displays all of the characters at the same time, rather than hiding some characters offscreen and requiring players to scroll past the screen in order to select them as in the previous games.

Two new characters, Dr. Bosconovitch and Gon, are introduced in the console version. Anna Williams, who was originally just a palette swap of Nina Williams in the arcade version, is now treated as a separate character with her own moveset, voice clip, and ending. In addition, there is an unplayable enemy named Crow, who can only be encountered during the Tekken Force minigame. The console version of the game only has 10 characters available by default, with the remaining characters being unlocked by completing various requirements.

How To Download Tekken 3 Game For Android

  1. You can Download Tekken 3 Game in our website the link is given below.
  2. Click on Download button and wait 20 seconds to Generate your download Link.
  3. Click on Download Now Button and your Downloading is Start Automatically.
  4. To order to install the Tekken 3 Game apk file on Android so make sure the Unknown sources is ON in your Android sequrity settings.
  5. Now install and start play.

Requirements And Additional Information

NameTekken 3 Game
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Tekken 3 Game Download
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