Talking Tom Gold Run 2 Mod Apk Download for Android & iOS

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Talking Tom is vertical pet game, every one already know about it. Today here the new Talking Tom Gold Run 2 game is released where you will enjoy the Adventures Of Talking Tom. Are you ready to know more information about this new Talking Tom Game so stay with us till the end.

Talking Tom Gold Run 2 Apk Download

Talking Tom Gold Run 2 Apk

It’s game on once more! Talking Tom will be your guide on this new Gold Rush time travel experience. Prepare to race against the hands of time! Talking Tom Gold Run 2 sees Tom, The Rakoonz, and all of their friends return.

Tom and his pals built a time machine, and now they’re on a quest to see what it can do. This new running adventure takes place in the past, so grab a buddy, jump through a time portal, and race into the past.

When Roy and The Rakoonz got their hands on Tom’s time machine in Talking Tom Gold Run 2, they sneaked back in time. It’s no longer only a question of where they’re causing trouble, but also when! Discover fascinating Time Worlds with Tom and your pals as you race against time to put an end to The Rakoonz’s reign of terror. Developers of Talking Tom Gold Run and Talking Tom Hero Dash are back with another fantastic endless runner game!

Features of Talking Tom Gold Run 2 Mod Apk

Talking Tom Gold Run 2 Mod Apk is new Talking Tom game with new features. In the game you will see so many adventures stages. So let’s know about more features of Talking Tom Gold Run 2 Mod Apk.


That’s right, you’ll get access to a time machine that will whisk you away at breakneck speed! Unlock doors to bizarre Time Worlds. Collect crystals to advance the machine’s level and gain access to other planets, each with their own set of running obstacles and unique running courses.


Discover ancient lands in a way you’ve never imagined. Run with buccaneers in a country of pirate legend as you dash through gorgeous temples from history. Follow Roy’s trail down ancient roadways and avoid being trampled by massive dinosaur feet.


Seek out forks in the road and detours that will lead to new and fascinating experiences. To get about the jungle, hop on a stone-age scooter and be on the lookout for tumbling temple columns and lava balls on the move! Which way should you run: to the left, right, or straight ahead? You have complete control over the situation!


For every time world, there is a valuable time treasure that The Rakoonz are seeking steal and keep for their own benefit! Take action to save the Time Treasure from The Rakoonz by rescuing Tom and the others.


It’s a thrill! Look forward to theme-based surprises, unique challenges, and fantastic prizes. Get lost in the game’s majestic grandeur and unending fun with high definition graphics that elevate the experience to a new level.


Having fun with Talking Tom isn’t complete unless you dress the part. Unlock Time World-themed costumes and stickers. Shop for prehistoric garb, seafaring gear, and regal attire suited for emperors.


There’s nothing better than going back in time. All of your closest pals will be with you while you travel! Talking Ben, Talking Hank, and Talking Ginger have been travelling together since the beginning. Talking Becca will join the runners again this year! You don’t have to wait for anyone to join in on the fun because everyone is in on it right away.

Games like Hero Dash and Gold Run from Talking Tom will appeal to fans of casual arcade fare as well. Crash through barricades, jump over interesting obstacles and sprint through fascinating worlds in an unlimited time travel running experience. Run the second chapter of Talking Tom’s adventures for free right now!

Talking Tom Gold Run 2 Apk Gameplay

It’s that time of year again, virtual pet lovers! Have the most fun ever playing Tom’s latest game! My Talking Tom 2 is the follow-up to the worldwide success of the original game, created by the same team. Tom, the world-famous pet cat, embarks on a life-changing journey in this fantastic free game!

The return of Talking Tom has been announced: It’s been a long time since Tom was this funny and animated. Players may expect new shocks every day as he reacts to whatever they do. Run Talking Tom and enjoy the interesting rounds.

Having a good time: Players can take care of Tom’s basic needs, such as feeding him when he’s hungry, bathing him when he’s dirty, and putting him to bed when he’s sleepy… They’ll be able to see him mature into a healthy, happy adult cat!

Puzzles, action games, and Tom’s first-ever multiplayer mini-game are among the many new mini-games available. Foraying into uncharted territory is possible with Tom’s plane. Players can take to the skies and return with incredible loot, which they can then use to outfit Tom or enhance the appearance of his home.

Four more pets to discover: Tom has a pet, and there are three more to find! Each one is distinctive in terms of appearance as well as personality. Players can watch what happens if they feed them.

How To Download Talking Tom Gold Run 2 Apk

  1. Talking Tom Gold Run 2 Apk Download for Android is available in our website end of this post.
  2. See the Download link is given below, Click on Button.
  3. Then you will see direct Download link of Apk.
  4. Download and install then start play.

To join the millions of other players who are having fun with Talking Tom, get the free game and play with Talking Tom today. Talking Tom Cat allows you to interact with Tom in a variety of ways, including through play, communication, and laughter. It’s non-stop awesome fun!

Requirements And Additional Information

NameTalking Tom Gold Run 2 Apk
DeveloperOutfit Limited
PlatformAndroid & IOS Coming Soon
ProcessorSnapdragon 600
Online / OfflineOffline
Talking Tom Gold Run 2 Apk Download
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