Street Of Rage 4 Apk Download For Android

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Now Street Of Rage 4 Apk obb Download For Android is available. Enjoy the new fighting game on Android. Do it all over again in the streets of Rage 4 Apk obb file for Android download and enjoy now.

Streets of Rage 4 Apk OBB Download

Street Of Rage 4 Apk

Retro beat’em up Streets of Rage 4 features hand-drawn comic-inspired graphics and updated gameplay mechanics to carry on the Streets of Rage legacy.

Street Of Rage 4 Apk

Streets of Rage returns for a second instalment. An entirely new crime syndicate has taken over the streets and corrupted the police 25 years later. With the help of your friends and your fists, you can defeat them. Streets of Rage 4 Apk has been widely praised and has been nominated for the 2020 Game Awards for Best Action Game.

Street Of Rage 4 Android Gameplay

Street Of Rage 4 Apk Download Features

Retro hand-drawn comics-inspired artistic direction by the Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap studio serves juicy animations and vivid FX in this beat ’em up homage to the classic Streets of Rage franchise.

  • Bring order to the streets by unlocking up to 5 new and iconic playable characters and battling your way through 12 different stages. Play in a variety of modes, including Story, Training, and Arcade…
  • In addition to world-class musicians like Olivier Derivière and Yuzo Koshiro, there is a new Electro OST that you can listen to here:
  • The SoR1&2 OST features Retro Pixel graphics, allowing you to play as any of the game’s 13 alternate retro characters or levels.

Multiplayer will be available in a free update after the game is released, but it will be unavailable when it launches.


  • New user interface – Achievements in Game Center
  • MFicontrollers are compatible with this device.
    It’s time to put an end to microtransactions!

Gameplay of Streets Of Rage 4 Apk

The gameplay of Streets of Rage 4 is similar to that of the previous games in the Streets of Rage series, which were released in the early 1990s. It is a side-scrolling beat ’em up in which up to four players locally or two players online fight against waves of enemies, with the assistance of weapons that can be discarded and items that can be picked up along the way.

In addition to regular attacks, throws, and Blitz Moves, each playable character also has a set of special attacks that can be used if the player is willing to sacrifice some of their health. However, in this game, players can restore health that was spent on a special attack by performing successive follow-up attacks without taking damage.

This is the only way to do so. In addition, each playable character possesses a one-of-a-kind super combo known as “Star Moves,” which can be activated by amassing a certain number of Stars within a given level. In addition to the ability to juggle opponents against walls and other players, a new combo system has been implemented.

This system, along with the ability to juggle opponents against other players and walls, enables players to earn bonus points by stringing together long combos without being hit. Each of the playable characters possesses their own set of distinctive abilities, such as Max’s wall jump and grappling jump, Shiva’s weapon parry mechanics and aerial rave/air combo, and Floyd’s long-range grapple.

Story Mode of Streets Of Rage 4 Android Apk

The primary gameplay mode is known as Story Mode, and it requires players to progress through each level in order for the story to be told. Completing Story Mode allows players to access a stage select menu.

The number of lives available to players is dependent on the game’s difficulty setting; however, they can acquire additional lives by reaching a predetermined point total. If all of the players lose all of their lives, they will have to restart the level from the beginning.

They will have the option to use assists that add additional lives and Star Moves; however, doing so will result in a lower score. After completing a stage, players are given a rank that corresponds to the total number of points they obtained during the stage. Earned points are added to a player’s lifetime score, which is used to determine whether or not bonus player characters from previous games, presented in a pseudo-16-bit style, can be unlocked.

In addition, there is a mode called Arcade Mode that challenges players to complete the game despite having a limited number of lives, a mode called Boss Rush Mode, and a mode called Battle Mode that allows two players to compete against one another in a fight. In addition, the game includes a retro audio option, which allows players to listen to music tracks taken from the Mega Drive/Genesis and Master System/Game Gear versions of the first two games.

All Characters

Cherry Hunter, Adam’s daughter, and Floyd Iraia, a part-cyborg apprentice of Dr. Zan are the five main playable characters in the base game. Series veterans Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding are also playable, as is Adam Hunter, who made his debut in the very first Streets of Rage game and is unlocked as the player progresses through the story. By increasing your lifetime score, you will be able to unlock 16-bit versions of characters from the first three games in the series, including Max Thunder, Skate, Dr. Zan, and Shiva.

These characters have movesets that are based on the games from which they originated (e.g. SOR3 Axel can run, unlike the SOR1 and SOR2 versions of the same character). Estel Aguirre, Max Thunder, and Shiva are the three new characters that are introduced in the Mr. X’s Nightmare downloadable content pack.

Max Thunder and Shiva were both previously playable characters in Streets of Rage 2 and Streets of Rage 3, respectively. Estel Aguirre is an entirely new addition to the series. Cheat codes can also be used to unlock the SOR3 version of Roo if you have the game.

Requirements And Additional Information

NameStreet Of Rage 4 Apk
Streets Of Rage 4 Apk obb download

In the Future Streets of Rage 4 Android is coming to consoles and PCs alike, so brace yourself!

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