Remi Launcher Premium Apk v48 Mod Latest Version for Android

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Now Down Remi Launcher Premium Apk Mod for Android Latest version for free and change the way your mobile looks and functions.

Simple launcher

About Remi Launcher 2023: Colorful Widget

Widget-packed Android launcher with support for a huge variety of themes (over a thousand, in fact). Do it now!

The best Android home screen Remi launcher is packed with useful features that improve the launcher’s performance and usability.

Android launcher skinnable in over a thousand colours and styles.

Remi Launcher latest version

Key Features of Remi Launcher Premium Mod Apk

  • Quick and simple to personalise app launcher Awesome app that lets you personalise your main screen Make available a free Android launcher theme library of 500+ themes.
  • Launchpad pre-release access Access 1000+ free Launcher – theme for android skins online: Choose from a variety of Anime, Dark, Color, and iOS Launcher Themes!
  • New varieties of launcher skins are added every month.
  • Stunning wallpaper for your home screen: There are more than a thousand wallpapers to choose from.
  • Wallpapers for your launcher, home screen, and lock screen can be easily saved and applied. Multiple-Widget Launcher Widget iOS 16, Widget Colorful, Widget Simple, etc.
  • Searching Efficiently and Intelligently Simple system-wide indexing facilitates searches in any area of the launcher. Users can quickly and easily look up information via the web, in their apps, and among their contacts.
  • With Smart Groups, your group size (and app download limit) are both infinite. Hide Apps (Hidden app) allows you to conceal useful programmes from the main menu.
  • Popular Apps: Instant access to your most used apps (Siri suggestions).
  • Put your own stamp on your home screen by customising it with new shortcut icons and icon packs. There are a variety of wallpaper and theme options for the launcher. Android widgets: Widgets allow you to completely personalise your home screen.
  • Make your own widgets and tweak them to perfection. Numerous weather, calendar, photo, contact, clock, and countdown widgets among others. Widgets can be modified to suit your needs.
  • It’s simple to make your own launcher, and you can tweak it to your liking.
Use Remi for free

Standard Features of Remi Launcher

  • Aesthetic launcher for Android – launcher 2023; Launcher theme for android; Free online themes for launcher android; and much more are all included in this handy app.
  • Make your own start menu Free wallpaper for your android Launcher with a pretty home screen Android widgets for the Launcher Hiding apps from the Launcher Put a shortcut on your main menu Launcher with dynamic notch, edge lighting, app lock, and lock screen.
  • Create a custom launcher and start screen in no time! Change up your new home screen by trying out different widgets, icons, and backgrounds.
  • You can change the look of your home screen, from the icons to the wallpaper, by choosing a new theme from within the launcher app.
Remi Launcher for Android

Extra Superior Functions

  • Quicker responses thanks to centralised control
  • A warning and a lock screen: Keep your phone safe.
  • Touch for Help: Instantaneous Navigation
  • App Lock: A Privacy Safeguard – As the name suggests, this function automatically swaps out your device’s background image.
  • The trendiness of the dynamic notch. Lively. Facilitates simple manipulation. Simple and fast access to relevant query.
  • Modify the start menu by making a new button bar.
  • A home screen with well-crafted and distinctive icons is considered aesthetically pleasing.
  • An Icon Editor That Allows For Personalization Pick images from your album to use as new shortcuts. Your new icon will be easily accessible from your home screen thanks to our app.
  • Apps on your Home screen can be arranged with this feature.

App Permissions

The “Animation App” feature requires accessibility permission in order to access the following screens and functions: home, recently used apps, back, lock, Control Center, and listening while an app is open.

How to Download Remi Launcher Premium Apk Latest Version

In order to obtain a one-of-a-kind Remi Launcher Premium Apk, follow these steps. Unlocked:

  • To obtain the updated Remi Launcher Premium Apk, please press the button that is provided below.
  • When the countdown timer reaches zero in ten seconds, an email with the download link will be sent to the user.
  • Downloading and playing Remi Launcher Premium Apk offline means that the presence or absence of an internet connection has no bearing on the quality of the experience.
  • If you have prepared everything correctly, the Installer ought to function normally.
  • It doesn’t take long to install the Android app and configure it.
  • Because you downloaded a MOD APK, all of the app’s features and resources will now be unlocked.

Requirements And Additional Information

NameRemi Launcher Premium APK
DeveloperRemi Apps
Android8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13
ModPrimium Unlocked
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An Android launcher with more than a thousand skins and themes, Remi Launcher Premium Apk Mod for Android is fully customizable. Simple and fast app customization; includes 500+ free Android launcher themes, launchpad early access, and 1000+ free Launcher - theme for android skins available online; and more. As an added bonus, it can index your entire system, create Smart Groups, hide apps, provide quick access to your most frequently used apps, and provide you a large selection of wallpapers and themes to choose from. It's simple to build a launcher from scratch and modify it to your needs. Dynamic notch, edge lighting, an app lock, and a lock screen are just some of the features included in Remi Launcher Premium Apk, an Android launcher.

By selecting a new theme from within the launcher programme, users are able to completely alter the appearance of their home screen, from the icons to the wallpaper. Touch for Help, Quick Navigation, App Lock, Privacy Safeguard, and a Customizable Icon Editor are just some of the many features it provides. The "Animation App" feature necessitates accessibility authorization for use on the home screen, in the list of recently used applications, when going back, locking the device, using the Control Center, and listening to audio when an app is running. If the programme is downloaded and played without an active data connection, the user's experience is unaffected by their connection status.

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