Real Drag Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk 4.0 (Unlimited Money)

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Now Real Drag Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk Unlimited Money Download is available for Android. You can enjoy All Bikes Unlocked and Everything Unlocked by using Real Drag Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk Unlimited Money Latest version 2022. Today we are going to cover all about this game and how you can Download and install it on Android so please stay with us till the end.

Real Drag Simulator Indonesia Mod apk 2022

About Real Drag Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk

One of the types of video games that are consistently popular among players is the racing game genre. You should play Real Drag Simulator Indonesia Mod APK if you want to experience one of the very finest Drag Simulator Mod APK games available.

The game of motorcycle racing has recently seen a resurgence in popularity among gamers. People will not be able to attend motorcycle races or ride their bicycles on the streets while the world is in its current state, therefore these activities will not be possible.

The desire for motorcycle racing games is likewise growing, much like the demand for drag racing games including motorcycles.

As a result of the large demand in the industry, game producers in Indonesia are also seizing the chance to build drag bike racing themed racing games.

An exhilarating new motorbike racing video game called Real Drag Simulator Indonesia Mod APK 2022 has just been published by an Indonesian developer by the name of Marangi Putro. This game is based on the drag racing subculture and has a variety of Indonesian-style motorcycle customizations.

Real Drag Simulator Indonesia Mod apk Unlimited Money

Gameplay of Real Drag Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk

On Android, you can now enjoy this fun motorcycle racing whenever you want to play it. Due to the current status of the world, it is not possible to host a live competition that can be watched by millions of spectators at this time, just as it was not possible in earlier years.

despite the fact that nearly every city in Indonesia has at least one crazy racing arena that was built exclusively for drag motorbikes. Real Drag Simulator Indonesia Mod APK for Android is a game that will help you get rid of your cravings for motorbike drag races if you miss the ones that are typically held in your city or if you miss watching the matches that are typically broadcast on television when you are in need of a fix.

In this game, you can ride motorcycles such as the Jupiter Z, the Vario, and the Mio, and each of the bikes has been customised to the greatest extent imaginable.

If you are intrigued or want to get a sense of the environment, you should download the most recent version of Real Drag Simulator Indonesia Mod APK for Android. You can experience the excitement of drag racing on your mobile device.

Real Drag Simulator Indonesia Mod apk All Unlocked

Features of Real Drag Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk Unlimited Money

In order to make you feel more prepared to take on the challenge of playing this exciting game, we have collated some internet user opinions regarding the game. This is the appropriate game for those of you who are interested in playing something revolving around drag bikes.

You will be able to obtain a modified version of this game if you download it from this page. The name of the modified version is Real Drag Simulator Indonesia Mod APK Unlimited Money. Using this Mod, you will be able to purchase any item or motorbike you choose.

Amazing User Experience And Sound Effects

The graphics in this game aren’t quite as realistic as those in games like Moto GP or WSBK. In spite of this, being a game with a concept centred on motorcycle racing, it provides a visually enjoyable experience that is extremely fulfilling for the players.

This game utilises simple 3D graphics technology, very similar to that found in games for the PS2 console. Consider the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas game on the PS2 if you want to find other games with graphics that are comparable to those found in this one. If you’re a professional racer, you’ve probably felt the adrenaline rush of competing in car drag races. These visuals will bring back those memories.

Not only does this game have stunning visuals, but it also has excellent audio configuration options. You have the ability to take advantage of the game’s realistic audio system. When you are at a real racetrack, you might hear the wind or the hum of an engine from a motorcycle.

The developers of this game have made an attempt to provide players with an experience that is completely immersive by utilising this suitable architecture. Naturally, it was successful.

Controls That Are Simple To Operate

The majority of video game players give up on racing games like auto racing and motorbike racing because the controls are too difficult. After all, human beings are naturally competitive and want to achieve victory at all costs. In addition, the majority of the racing games feature a complicated control mechanism, which makes it impossible for the player to win any of the races.

Even though the game is intended to inspire players to put in as much effort as they can during practise, many players already feel defeated before they have even begun playing.

The good news is that none of the elements of this game will be particularly difficult. This game offers players a choice between two different ways to control the action. The first mode of control is the joystick mode, while the second style of control is gyroscopic control. With these two different control options, you are free to select the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

The developers also gave considerable consideration to the sensitivity controls, the balance system, and any other control methods. As a direct consequence of this, you will feel absolutely at ease taking on any match, regardless of the play style.

Real Drag Simulator Indonesia Mod apk Latest Version

Numerous Different Game Modes To Choose From

The developers of this game have provided the players with a variety of gameplay options, the purpose of which is to give them a sense of familiarity and ease while playing for an extended period of time. This racing video game features three different game modes: Quick Race, Career, and Free Play.

In this game, you have the choice to play any mode at your leisure. The Fast Race mode, you can play races on a variety of different circuits in a short amount of time, whereas in the Career mode, you can gradually explore your possibilities as a racer. In addition, Free Play option grants you access to the expansive game universe. When you are in this mode, you are at liberty to wander around the city at your own pace.

Racetracks from a variety of regions: This game includes a number of racetracks that are based on locations in a variety of cities around Indonesia. From the cities of Palu, Aceh, Bali, Bandung, Jakarta, Surabaya 1, Surabaya 2, Semarang, and Pontianak, circuits are available. You get a first-hand feel for the track when you play in the Quick Race mode. In contrast to Career Mode, in which you must first win a few matches in each city, this mode does not require you to do so.

Large Selection of Motorcycles Available

The most easily recognisable aspect of drag racing is the motorcycles themselves. In contrast to other types of motorcycle racing, drag racing utilises customised motorcycles, the majority of which are motorcycles. This motorcycle has had a number of upgrades, including ones to its engine, exterior, and other attributes. In this game, you will race on specially modified motorcycles such as the Satria FU Drag, the Jupiter Z Drag, and the Vario Drag.

No Ads

Additionally, we have removed all of the advertisements from within this programme. You will be able to play Real Drag Simulator Indonesia Mod APK for Android without having to deal with any advertisements this way.

Key Features of Real Drag Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk Latest Version

  • HD Graphics is being used.
  • There is a diverse selection of Viral motorcycles, including the GL Petronas, the GL Barbara, the Tiger CJDW, the Varioh 150 Drag, and other Drag Motors.
  • Can Mabar be played co-operatively with other players?
  • Indonesian Nuasa Map
  • There are a great number of Levels. there are Circuits to be found. In addition to it, there are also Wild Race Tracks.
  • A great deal of additional content.

How To Download Real Drag Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk For Android

  1. Simply clicking on the Download Button that is located further down on this page will allow you to obtain the most recent version of Real Drag Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk.
  2. After clicking on the Download Button, you will need to wait 20 seconds before you can see the Download Now Button.
  3. After clicking the Download Now button, you will see the Real Drag Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk Mediafire Link on the following screen.
  4. On Unknown Source inside the Android Sequrity settings, as well as Uninstalling the Old Version Apk.
  5. Look in the File Manager’s Download Folder for the New Version of Mod Apk.
  6. Install the APK, and have fun!

Requirements And Additional Information

NameReal Drag Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk
DeveloperDobelD Project
ModYes (Unlimited Money)
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Real Drag Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk Download
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