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Now Rainbow Six Mobile Apk is released for android & ios mobile. You can play Rainbow Six Mobile Beta Apk and enjoy the first gameplay on your mobile device. Today here we are going to cover all about Rainbow Six Apk and how you can play this game on Android & ios. If you are interested so please stay with us till the end.

Rainbow Six Mobile Android Download

Rainbow Six Mobile

You can now play Rainbow Six on your mobile device! Learn about a wide variety of Operators in classic maps such as the Bank and Border. Rainbow Six Mobile, a first-person tactical shooter, is now available on your mobile device. Aim for glory in PvP battles as either a Defender or an Attacker. Pre-alpha in-engine cinematics and mobile gameplay footage were used to create this trailer.

Rainbow Six Mobile Beta Apk download

It goes without saying that we are huge fans of Rainbow Six Siege. By bringing this highly competitive, tactical, and immersive first-person shooter to mobile devices, we hope to make it more accessible to a wider audience around the world. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate that the mobile market has progressed to the point where we are able to create a game that is both ambitious and fun to play.

Rainbow Six Mobile iOS Download

Rainbow Six Mobile Apk 2022 Features

Here the some features of Rainbow Six Apk.

BATTLE MAPS in Rainbow Six Mobile Apk Latest Version

  • Bank:- This heavily fortified bank is difficult to infiltrate because it’s in the middle of a bustling metropolis. Attackers will have a hard time locating the goal because the building is divided into several smaller and medium-sized rooms, all of which are well-suited for defence.
  • Border:- Located on the border of two countries, this map will make you feel isolated. Mountains surround this map and it’s made up of both newer and older buildings, as well as a lot of open land. As the map is one of the most open and prone to destruction, moving around is a risk that must be carefully considered.


  • Main Operators: Caveira Bandit Smoke and Valkyrie Mute.
  • Ash\sSledge\sTwitch\sThermite\sHabana


Rainbow Six Mobile has been built specifically for mobile devices and has been optimised for play with shorter game sessions and matches. You may modify the in-game controls on the head-up display (HUD) to suit your play style and the degree of ease with which you are comfortable playing the game while on the go.


The critically renowned first-person shooter game will soon be available on mobile devices, along with its huge roster of Operators, their unique gadgets, its classic levels, such as Bank and Border, and its Secure the Area and Bomb game modes. Participate in intense 5v5 player vs player battles with other gamers from all around the world. The Rainbow Six experience may be enjoyed with anybody, anywhere, and at any time.


Consider forming an alliance with some of your close pals and thinking carefully. You can break through destructible walls and ceilings by using weapons and the special powers that Operators have, or you may rappel down from the roof and burst through windows. Make the environment a primary consideration in your strategy! Learn how to successfully lead your squad to victory by becoming an expert in the art of creating traps, reinforcing your spots, and breaking through enemy territory.


Rainbow Six Mobile rewards players who excel via the use of both strategy and collaboration. Change your tactics depending on the maps, operators, and whether you’re attacking or defending. As the attackers, you can either breach the structure through destructible walls, floors, or ceilings, deploy observation drones, or lean to protect your position.

You can also rappel from the roof. In order to protect your location, you should block any and all entrance points, fortify the walls, and set up surveillance cameras or traps. Utilize your team’s strategies and various tools to get an edge over your rivals. During the preparation phase, your team should work together to establish actionable plans. To win the match, you must switch between attacking and defending after each round. Since you only have one life, you need to make the most of it in order to contribute to the success of your team.


Put together a team of highly skilled Operators, each of whom specialises in either offence or defence. Choose from a roster of Rainbow Six’s most popular Operators. Each Operator is provided with their own set of specialised abilities, main and secondary weapons, and the most cutting-edge and lethal equipment available. Acquiring a command of each and every ability and piece of equipment is essential to your survival.

Update Features of Rainbow Six Mobile Android Download

Classified information about upcoming maps will be made available to all Operators within the next few weeks. You haven’t seen the last of it!

We announced earlier today that we’ve been working on a new game called Rainbow Six Mobile with the help of our team. This project is close to our hearts, and we’re excited to reveal more about it in this first blog post.

What’s New in Rainbow Six Mobile Early Access Apk

Rainbow Six Mobile is a competitive first-person shooter experience that can be played online with other players on your mobile device. The game is based on the popular Rainbow Six franchise. Participate in Attack vs. Defense, one of Rainbow Six’s traditional game styles.

Participate in fast-paced 5v5 battles as either an Attacker or a Defender and engage in intense close-quarters fighting while simultaneously making timely strategic choices. Choose from a pool of highly skilled Operators, each of whom comes equipped with their own set of special skills and gizmos. Play this ultimate tactical shooter game, which has been built just for mobile devices.

Rainbow Six Mobile Beta Apk Gameplay

Quebec, Canada, is home to the developers who work on Rainbow Six Mobile. We may work in the same building as the Siege team, but we are a separate entity comprised of seasoned professionals from the AAA console and mobile game industries. In order to develop Rainbow Six Mobile, we’ve formed a completely independent team from the ground up. Siege players need not fear: the Siege dev team remains fully staffed and committed to their own great game!

The visual resemblance between Rainbow Six Mobile and Siege is striking at first glance, which is great. With two teams of five players each, Rainbow Six Mobile is a competitive and tactical FPS game. Even though Siege’s core gameplay, characters, and maps share some similarities, we’ve rebuilt everything from the ground up for mobile usability. For mobile devices, we’ve put a lot of effort into adapting the Siege experience. This includes a brand-new gameplay control system tailored to mobile devices, as well as significant improvements to the user interface and the game’s visual presentation.

How To Download Rainbow Six Mobile Apk OBB For Android & iOS

  1. Download Rainbow Six Mobile Apk by clicking on Download button which is given below.
  2. Now Wait for 15 seconds to Generate your Download Link.
  3. After 15 seconds you will see Get Link Button so Click on GET LINK Button.
  4. Now you will see Device Verification page where you need to Verify your Device to Download this game. This is Required for the security reasons.
  5. You need to Download One App to verify your Device after verification is complete, your Download is automatically start.
  6. After Completed the Downloading Apk now install the Rainbow Six Mobile Beta Apk and Start Play.

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Requirements And Additional Information

NameRainbow Six Mobile
PlatformAndroid & iOS
Android6 and up
iOS10 and up
Online/ OfflineOnline
Rainbow Six Mobile Download

Final Word

Our final message to Siege fans: We don’t want you to stop playing on your PC or console and instead switch to mobile devices. We’ve all experienced the rush of watching a close Siege match on a big screen or the pinpoint accuracy of using a mouse and keyboard. You can play Rainbow Six Mobile whenever you have a few minutes to spare, and it will allow millions of new players to experience the game for the first time as a result.

After more than three years of work, we felt it was time to make a public announcement about the game and begin real-world testing. Our goal is to create the best R6 mobile experience possible, and we can only do so with the help of the community. The team, on the other hand, is eagerly awaiting the release of our game.

Live tests are set to begin in the coming weeks and we want your input on how we can improve the game. On our website, you can sign up for updates about the upcoming closed alpha. Our devs and Community Managers can be reached through our social media channels, which include: Discord, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

Please join us as we begin this new journey and help us build the best mobile tactical shooter. We look forward to seeing you along the thrilling release route!

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