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Hello Gamers, The New PUBG Mobile Game PUBG New State launch for Android and iOS mobile. After watching the trailer of this game fans getting exciting to play. You will the new battle royale experience in this game and new features. If you want to know all about this so please stay with us till the end.


PUBG: NEW STATE offers to all Gaming lovers the new original battle royale experience of PUBG on mobile. New state, a new Battle Royale designed by PUBG Studio. The focus of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS: NEW STATE is to play 100 playeho are equipped with diverse weapons and strategies, until one party remains. Survive on a diminishing battlefield by utilising gear, vehicles, and consumables to become the “last man standing”. In the new version habe new look, new features and more new fun. Get new high level Weapons and new city area for being the Battle.

PUBG New State Apk download

Game Features

Many new Features and Updates in the Battle ground experience and maked it the Next level PUBG Mobile Gaming.

Surpasses the bounds of mobile gaming, ultra-realistic graphics

  • PUBG: NEW STATE is brighter, more beautiful, and more immersive than anything seen previously in mobile gaming visuals.
  • A huge, open-world combat, with only the realism of PUBG’s PUBG-Studio offering in-game reality.
  • A brand-new graphics quality.
  • in the snap of a finger, the best gameplay experience available.

Gunplay is more realistic and lively in the PUBG NEW STATE!

  • Experience our unique “PUBG-style gunplay” on your mobile device
  • In the game, you may customise your weapons to match your needs using the game’s unique attachment system.

The next generation of action-based interactive gameplay

  • One of the new features added like ability to dodge attacks, different calls from drones, and making help requests.
  • Only the newly introduced vehicles, which are only featured in the game, are a good option for getting around the game’s 8×8 open environment.
  • The feeling of an intense match may be accomplished in-game through numerous in-game objectives that can alter the course of the game.

The Universe of the original PUBG was greatly expanded in this new version

  • The new PUBG groups appear in the chaotic year 2051.
  • In the game, the survival game PUBG takes on a whole new level of complexity.

This is where PUBG New State on mobile devices truly begins.

  • For players, the true battle royale is the one they engage in among themselves: for PUBG players, it’s a struggle they wage within themselves.
  • PUBG: New State is the only mobile version of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS that serves as a successor to the original PC version.

Pubg New State Apk Gameplay

In accordance with PUBG Mobile, the new state apk interactivity gameplay trailer contains a lot of footage in a first-person view, indicating that the organisation may develop this part of the game on the first PUBG portable. As there are numerous new weapons, there is also an equally large number of new ways to use them. With a huge selection of different weapons and the ability to customise them, Crafton, according to its Google Play Store page, makes use of “sensible interactivity streamlined for versatile gaming.”

Updates and new features have been added to this year’s version of PUBG, dubbed PUBG New State, which takes place in 2051.

Many gamers, particularly those who enjoy shooting games, are no longer unfamiliar with this genre. Intense and exciting battles are possible when their opponents are numerous and can appear at any time and in any place. A good example of a game that fits this description is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), which features a massive map. When the game’s context is elevated to a new level, how do you feel about that? You can’t just ignore it if you want to find the answer.

A New Advance Level Gaming Experience

PUBG: New State does not have a government, despite the fact that many wars have taken place there. There are many environmental aspects of a modern nature, despite taking place in 2051, in the game. In comparison to the previous iteration, both the residences and the automobiles have undergone significant upgrades. Players will be more likely to engage in this activity as a result. pubg-new-state Fans of fantasy games will love this one, which features stunning graphics and enchanting settings.

There is an air of well-cared-for grandeur about this domain, despite its being completely deserted and eerily quiet. It’s possible to see the fictional drones that only appear in video games. Despite all of the above improvements, the game’s open world still holds a special place in the hearts of gamers everywhere. You have the freedom to do whatever you want in this vast, open universe. As a result, driving a car to get somewhere quickly is sometimes required. You can also interact with the surrounding environment and gather the necessities.

How to Survive in the Field of Battle

In addition to the above-mentioned improvements, the game’s gameplay remains the same and it is still a daring battle royale game. In a matter of seconds, a hundred gamers will go toe-to-toe on an enormous landscape, battling it out to the death. When it comes to seeing the landscape from above, first-time explorers face a steep learning curve. They won’t have to go on a sightseeing spree to get a sense of a place, as is the case with RPG games. PUGB’s Bluezone function cannot be ignored. In order for everyone to get around, Bluezone’s markers are essential. When there are only 100 participants in a large plan, the match can take longer. As a result, designating a specific area for guests seems reasonable.

The size of Bluezone will gradually shrink over time, based on the number of players remaining. For this, you must find the weapons and equipment you need, as well as continue your journey. You’ll almost certainly have to use your pistol to take out other players along the way. In order to become the game’s Lone Survivor, you must defeat all the other players in the game’s first round.

Chose the right weapon for the job at hand.

The new setting and gameplay mechanics in PUBG: New State rely heavily on the game’s stunning automobiles. The game’s weaponry and gear, on the other hand, should still be of primary importance to you You begin the game in a new location, where you must find supplies such as blood, armour, helmets, and weapons. As you progress through the game, you’ll come across more and more useful items and defeated enemies.

In a shootout, long-distance shooting is possible. It’s up to you whether you want to face them head-on or attack from afar. There are many ways in which you can hide from other players in this game’s vast landscape. As a result, this is a challenging encounter that necessitates the use of multiple strategies by the player. The player has no say in which weapons he or she receives in the game. A wide range of novel weapons and equipment will be required to deal with this situation. Aftermarket accessories such as silencers and muzzles can enhance a firearm’s visual appeal. A more precise weapon will be at your disposal because of this; don’t forget to stock up on ammo, either.

PUBG NEW STATE Apk + OBB Download 2022

PUBG New State Apk + OBB Data is available on Google Play Store and just after some time it’s going to be released for iOS on App Store But ony 3 countries can not play this game. PUBG: New State Mobile will not be released for China, Vietnam, and India, as well as these three countries: Pre-registration is not available for gamers in these countries. PUBG New State released date in india is not possible to say because the Indian government is already baned PUBG Mobile game in your country. The Developers of this game try to release PUBG NEW STATE Apk + OBB Data Download 2022 in india by discussion from government.

Requirements And Additional Information

DeveloperPUBG Studio, KRAFTON lnc.
GenreBattle royale game, Survival game, Third-person shooter.
PlatformAndroid & iOS
Android9 or 10
ProcessorSnapdragon 600 and more
Internal space8GB
Online/ OfflineOnline
PUBG NEW STATE Apk OBB Download 2022

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