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Now PUBG Mobile Apk 2.5 Update Without VPN Download is available for Android. You can play PUBG Mobile Apk Without VPN on Android without any problem. Today we are going to cover all about this game and how you can Download and install Apk OBB file of this game on Android so please stay with us till the end.

PUBG Mobile Apk 2.4 Bruce Lee Download

About PUBG Mobile Apk

One of the most well-liked additions to the game was the PUBG Mobile 2.3 update. The PUBG Mobile 2.5.0 update is almost ready to go live in-game after the 2.5 update was met with such positive reception. The upcoming version 2.5 of PUBG Mobile has been teased by the game.

Let’s take a look at everything that is going to be included in the PUBG Mobile 2.6 update. In this article, we will walk you through the process of downloading the latest version of the PubG Mobile APK, which is 2.5.0.

The patch note for PUBG Mobile version 2.5.0 reveals the following: If you update the pubg mobile apk to the new version between January 6 and January 12 (UTC 0), you will be eligible to receive the following rewards: 2,888 Battle Points, 100 Allied Coins, and a Backpack (3d) 1.

PUBG Mobile Apk Without VPN in India

Features of PUBG Mobile Apk 2.5 Update

As the rollout of PUBG Mobile version 2.5 begins, players are buzzing with excitement over the new features that are scheduled to be released in the following days. The update features a brand new map, which is one of its most notable highlights. Other aspects, such as game modes and alterations to the Erangel map, are not far behind in terms of their ability to generate excitement among fans.

Players are being offered something as an incentive to update their version of the game before November 14th.

PUBG Mobile Apk Latest Version download

New Nusa Map

The next map to be added to PUBG Mobile is going to be called Nusa, and it will have a size of just 1 kilometre by 1 kilometre. Fights at close range will be most effective on this map. A Ferris wheel and a number of other amusements will also be included on the map. On this map, one match can be completed in as little as ten minutes, and there is room for only 32 players in the match lobby.

PUBG Mobile Apk Without VPN For Android

New Mode In Erangel

Gear Front 2.0: PUBG Mobile’s latest update adds a new game mode called Erangel Gear Front, which gives players the ability to select one of eight unique powers. In addition to the various powers, this game mode will also feature a variety of locations and objects.

Battle Royale Game for android

The Front Gear

The Gear Front feature has been reinstated in PUBG Mobile as of version 2.5. This would be wonderful news for those players who have been pining for this mode for a considerable amount of time. The new Gear Front now has even more depth to its strategic design thanks to the addition of two incredible talents.

The Player Launcher has the potential to send you careening off in the selected direction in a matter of seconds. In addition, if you use tactical camouflage, you will be able to better blend in with the environment of the jungle so that you do not attract the attention of other players.

PUBG Mobile Apk 2.4 Apk OBB download

Developments in Arms and Transportation

Two brand-new weapons were introduced in the PUBG MOBILE 2.5 update. These are the Honey Badger and the 2-Seat Bike. There have also been reports of the arrival of Polaris side-by-side vehicles on the battlefield. The player character will have access to a wider selection of weapons and vehicles throughout the course of the game.

Season 4 of the Cycle

The beginning of Cycle 4 Season 10 has a titles archive system as well as the addition of four new titles. By completing quests, you can obtain legendary items.

Since the official PUBG MOBILE channel hasn’t provided any further information on version 2.5, we will continue to publish new features that are already included in the most current version. Once version 2.5 is available.

Key Features of PUBG Mobile 2.5 Update Apk No VPN in India

  • Airdrops of a new throwable football, a new themed region called the mine pit area, and a technological item called the golden shoe football
  • iceland’s football team was given a carnival mode, middle eastern style, and urban area football cover.
  • Let us also clarify here that the size of the 32bit apk file for PubG mobile is 714 megabytes, and that the 64b bit version is the same.
  • The size of the apk file is 714Mb
  • New PUBG Mobile colaboration with Bruce Lee.
  • Theme Mode For a Brand New Material Art Area
  • Nusa, Livik, And Erangel Will All Feature Theme Mode Gameplay.
  • New Cycle Season C4s10 And Royal Pass, Both With Revised Rankings.
  • New In Game Loading Screen And Lobby Changes.
  • Graple Hook System For The Recall 2.0
  • New Metro Royale Royal Pass Featuring An Animated Motorcycle Ride New Metro Royale
  • Gameplay Improvements And Smoother Game UI.
  • Other Gameplay And Safety Improvements.

How To Download PUBG Mobile Apk OBB Without VPN For Android

  1. You may get the APK and OBB file by clicking the Download button below.
  2. Find the Pubg Mobile APK and OBB files once they have been downloaded into your device after you have completed the download.
  3. Simply launching the installation procedure by clicking on the APK file will get you started.
  4. It is possible that you will require your device to have the installation of apps from unknown sources enabled.
  5. You may find this option under Settings > Apps and notifications > Special app access > Install unknown apps if you are using Android 11 or later.
  6. After the APK file has been successfully installed, you should then copy the OBB file into the Android > OBB > com.pubg.imobile folder. If the folder in question does not already exist, you should make one with the same name.
  7. After you have finished these procedures, you can open PUBG Mobile and enjoy the most recent update, version 2.5.0. Downloading the game’s maps and other files will continue to be necessary for you to complete.
  8. In the event that an error occurs while you are installing the APK file, you will need to download it once more and then proceed with the instructions that were outlined above. (Please comment below on the mistake you made.).

Requirements And Additional Information

NamePUBG Mobile Apk
GenreBattle Royale
RelatedBGMI 2.4 Update Download Apk OBB (Highly Compressed)
PUBG Mobile Apk Download
Download Now ,


Pubg mobile apk is a smaller version of the PUBG MOBILE/BGMI game, and a fresh update for Pubg light was only released recently. This page has a link to the Pubg mobile lite download for android; if you want to play the most recent version of Pubg light, get it here. Make sure to let us know in the comments section below if you have any questions or concerns of any type.


When will the version 2.5 of Pubg Mobile be available?

The 2.5 version of Pubg Mobile is scheduled to be released on November 11 2022.

Where can we get the Pubg Mobile 2.5 version download, or how can we upgrade it?

You must follow the instructions that we provide in order to download or update Pubg Mobile 2. version.

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