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Now Download Project AFK Apk for android & iOS Mobile. This is new super heroes game based on popular Marvel, DC and Anime series. An idle RPG game with a twist: make your heroes fight! Collect and upgrade equipment, upgrade weapons, and learn new abilities to help you succeed in this unlimited online RPG. Join now to play with your unique hero with their unique skills.

Project AFK IDLE RPG Mobile Game

Project AFK Apk

Project AFK Heroes Squad Fight Idle RPG in which all actions are simple, informal, and strategic. It is easy to play, and fun to win. The AFK project welcomes you. The Idle RPG is a unique and amazing experience that you will really love, so please do download and play it! Be one of the millions of people across the world who begin their fantasy adventure today!

Build and battle as a group of friends or solo. Evolve your skillsets as you go from warrior to mage or whatever mix you like. Become king of the hill by defeating all other heroes on the map. Defeat other players in PvP to become the best fighter in the universe! Communicate with players and form an online guild to increase your power and earn great rewards. Win special prizes like: Monthly Ranks, limited edition heroes and weapons, and much more.

The idle RPG game with a twist: make your heroes fight! Building each hero is different. You’ll start by choosing between 4 different types of basic ‘class’ (warrior, mage, healer and thief) which will determine their starting stats. From there, you’ll choose from 20 different weapon types that will determine their specific abilities.

Project AFK Heroes Squad Fight Apk

Equip your heroes with gear up to level 30! Choose from a large variety of weapons, armor and accessories to give your character a unique feel and style. Level progress carries over between online games so you can play with your friends no matter which server they’re on. Evolve and upgrade your weapons to increase hit chances, critical strike chance and more! You will find your favorite weapon and hero pairings as you become more powerful.

Features of Project AFK Mod Apk

The best equipment can be gained from defeating special bosses and dungeon bosses. Group up with others or play solo Play as a part of a large online guild where you receive bonuses for time spent online, or go off on your own to battle as a lone wolf.

Project AFK is new game and developers Try to make it more entertaining. Many Features you will see in the Game but here are some features explaining.

Project AFK Apk Download

Idle system

Even if you’re offline, your heroes will continue to fight. You will have easy access to big rewards when you return to the game. Simple and clean idle battle system: Tap the screen to attack and input commands at any time.

Battle strategy

Over 100 heroes exist in six separate factions, each with unique abilities. Recruit and train strong heroes. Use your brains to build a highly-effective team and aim for victory. The best retro 2D graphics in the idle RPG game world!

Recruit teammates from the idle RPG game chatrooms for extra boosts when you fight! – The best idle RPG game free download ever. Guilds are group chat channels where you can communicate with other players. – Tons of quests to kill monsters, defeat bosses and collect items. 

Types of Content

With auto-battle, idle mode, a space elevator, an arcane region, a hero tavern, an arena, and a sync core, there is a lot of fun to be had. Here, boredom will never exist. Clear quests to earn gold and items. Endless gameplay: Progress farther when you earn more gold! – Group up with friends in public chat for bonuses when you play together. Join a guild with your friends to earn even more gold! Fight bosses and earn “transcendence” points to increase your level.

Level up your equipment and evolve it with special bonuses for more power. – Collect items in the dungeon or buy them with real money using the store system.

Global Arena

Enter the arena with your greatest squad of Heroes and let the combat commence. In an online multiplayer contest, watch as the PK players face off! Challenge the top players across the globe and collect the most generous awards!

Idle RPG game free download with a free hero! Join a large online guild – The best Idle RPG ever is free to play and you get a starter hero for free! You ca Join other players from across the globe in shared guild chat rooms where you earn bonuses for playing together. There are also shared guild workshops where you can share items with other players.

How to Download Project AFK Mod Apk Latest Version For Android

  1. Download link is given below which you can use to download this game.
  2. Click on the link then you will see PlayStore and install this app from PlayStore.
  3. After installed You can easily play this game on Android.
  4. You need internet connection to play Project AFK.

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Requirements And Additional Information

NameProject AFK
DeveloperSuper Strategy Games
Online / OfflineOnline
Project AFK Heroes Squad Fight
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