Power Warriors 11.5 APK Download

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Power Warriors 11.5 APK Update

Hello Friends, today I have brought a New Dragon Ball Z Game Power Warriors 11.5 APK with Download link. Today you will also get to download Power Warriors 11.0 Mod apk. The game contains so many Mugen style features as well as so many options to play the game. This game has approximately 200 dragon ball Z,super and GT characters that is very rare to find any other DBZ Android game.

Power Warriors 11.5 APK Download

Power Warriors 11.5 Apk Features

  • Story mod – the game contains a story mod, the story makes no sense in terms of original anime since it has all mixed characters from DBZ, GT, AF, Absolon and Super. The whole story goes as developer wants it go. In battles, you have only one character but you have to fight against two or three characters.
  • Battle mod – battle mod has many options such as single battle, team battle and survival battle. In single battle mod, you choose only character. In team battle mod, it’s up to you whether you want to choose single character, two or three characters.
  • Survival mod – Survival mod is the most amazing battle option in this game played by thousands of people. Survival mod has no end and defeating a character gives you 10 coins.
  • Arcade mod – Arcade mod contains 10 stages to win and there’s no boss type battle in the last stage. Just the fight becomes more harder as you complete them.
  • Boss Battle:- This is new Battle mod in this version. You will see big hand Attacks of Boss between Battles.
  • CPU Vs CPU :- This is New Battle mode in this version so in this option you can do CPU battle.
  • Training Mod – Training mod contains all the instructions of all combos, moves, special and ultimate attacks.
  • Coins – coins are the most essential thing in this game since the game has no purchase option so the only way you have is to collect the coins. Through Survival mod you can collect the coins easily.
DBZ Mugen APK Download for Android
Power Warriors APK 11.5 New Characters
Power Warriors 11.5 Mod Apk Download

About Characters

  • Gohan Saiyaman – This is a Dragon ball Z Gohan’s another characters, you can play with this character. Gohan Saiyaman man has Combo attack as his special and Kamehameha ha attack as his ultimate attack. Gohan Saiyaman also can go super Saiyan 1 and super Saiyan 2.
  • Kaly – this is a new fan made fusion character that consist of two berserker characters. This is a fusion between Broly and kale. This character has giga meteor attack of broly and Normal Green bean attack of Kale.
  • Freiza New Form (Cold) – Till the Power Warriors 11.5 Apk, we have Golden Frieza and now we have frieza new fan made form namely Cold. Cold has dark energy ball attack and he looks so evil in his new form.
  • Jiren – Although you can find Jiren in any version of Power Warriors but this version has a Jiren with great original energy ball attack.
  • Broly – This version has new Legendary Broly with intense aura around him and great new attacks.
Power Warriors 11.5 APK Download with new characters

Gameplay Features

This is a Mugen style dragon ball Z game in which you can perform special and ultimate attacks. All the characters has maximum three special attacks. You can perform ki blast, combos, defense and instant transmission during the gameplay. All the characters can charge their ki except Android 16,17,18 and 19.

How to Install Android Application

How To Install Power Warriors 11.5 Apk

If you facing Installing problem of Power Warriors 11.5 Apk so you have to do this Settings

Go to your Android Phone system setting and then security Option then you will see Unknown Sources Option so On Unknown Sources Option for Install any Application on Android. You can see in screenshot.

Requirements And Additional Information

  • Game Name:- Power Warriors 11.5 APK
  • Game Size:- 107MB
  • Developer:- Ariel
  • Online:- No
  • Offline:- Yes
  • Genre:- Fighting Game
  • Released on:- 30 June, 2020
  • Android:- 5.1
  • RAM:- 2GB
  • Processor:- 1.3Ghz
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