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Hello everyone, I am back with Android And iOS Game. Today I brought for you Power Rangers Game Legacy Wars. In this Game you will many features and many characters. This is Online Power Rangers Game but don’t worry it’s easily run on low internet connection. This Game is going to be special for you. So let’s Start.

Power Rangers Game Legacy Wars Download

Power Rangers Legacy Wars MOD Apk

Power Rangers Legacy Wars MOD Apk is 2D Fighting Video Game. This Game is Based on Power Rangers Movie 2017. You can play this Game on Android and iOS. Play and Experience the Power Rangers Powers and become port of the Rangers. The Story of this Power Rangers Game is that, You have to save the Morphine Grid because Rita Repulsa has contagious the Morphine Grid. Rita Repulsa is a space witch. Rita Repulsa creates clones and duplicates of Power rangers and various monsters to fight and beat the true power rangers. You can create your Rangers team to Fight against Rita Repulsa’s monsters to save the morphine grid. There are also many new rangers available on the game that can be Unlocked through coins and then make a new powerful power rangers team. You can also upgrade their power, Defence and attack levels.

Power Rangers Legacy Wars Download

About Game Features

  • Home :- You will See Battle Mod and Megazords Battle mod in Home Option. In Battle Mode Option you will see 18 more Battle Options Namely Traning Pit, Angel Grove, Zedd’s Throne Room, Dino Lab, Shiba Grove, Rooftops, Harwood Country, Island Fortress, Terror Spacecraft, Juice Bar, Zord Graveyard, Crystal, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Elite.
  • Team :- Make your Power Rangers Team and Upgrade Team Powers in Team Option. In this option you will see 2 play Mode which is help you learn about Gameplay. Play Modes name Traning and Custom Battle Mod.
  • Shop :- In this Option you can buy Power Rangers and much more items because in this Game have app purchase.
  • Alliance :- You can do real time battle in Alliance option. You will see other countries Player and you can do Fight and Chat with him in Real Time. You can play with your in real time in Alliance option.
  • Missions :- You will get exciting Missions in Missions Mode.
  • Challenges :- in option you will get new Challenges every day.
Power Rangers Game Download Dino Thunder and Ninja Steel

Power Rangers Legacy Wars MOD Apk Characters And Attacks

This is All in One Power Rangers Game means in This Game you will see All Power Rangers Series Heroes and Villains. So Let’s Know.

Power Rangers Game Mighty Morphin

Power Rangers Mighty Morphin

  • Red Ranger Jason Lee Scott Attacks Triple Kick, Karate Kick, T-Rex Takedown and Rising Power Slash.
  • Yellow Ranger Trini Kwan Attacks Tiger Strikes, Claw Counter, Spinning Blades and Flying Dagger.
  • Black Ranger Zack Taylor Attacks Hip Hop Kido, Breakin’ Kick, Spinning Axe and Cosmic Cannon Blast.
  • Purple Ranger Ellarien Attacks Vortex Spin, Solarix Slice, Void Chakram and Counter Flare.
  • Green Ranger Tommy Oliver Attacks Kickin It, Spinning Heel Kick, Dragon Charge and Dagger Quake.
  • Green Ranger V2 Attacks Power Beatdown, Challenger Kick, Flying Assault and Nightmare Charge.
  • Adam Park Attacks Twin Slicer, Vanishing Drop, Explosive Escape, Flanking Frog and Maximum Ninjetti.
  • Pink Ranger Kimberly Hart Attacks Evasive Archery, Dragon’s Legacy, Skyward Shots, Perfect Shot and Inherited Will.
  • Blue Ranger Billy Cranston Attacks Tricera Combo, Vaulting Kick, Mighty Launcher and Power Lance Pull.
  • Ninjor Attacks Katana Triple Strike, Burning Ninja, Deceptive Dash and Waiting Game.
  • Black Dragon Attacks Stomp and Chopmp, Tail Whip, Negabeam and Chaos Wave.
  • Goldar Attacks Golder! Slash! and Stomp!, Mighty Punch and Drop Kick.
  • Ranger Slayer Attacks Blast Trap, Slayer’s Edge, Blast Biltz and Savage Shots.
  • Rita Repulsa Attacks Wand Sweeps, Such a Headache, Stunning Jolt and Mystic Fate.
Power Rangers SPD Game

Power Rangers Zeo

  • Red Ranger Tommy Oliver Attacks 5-Pointed Combo, Fired Up Kick, Big Bang Slash and Heroic Leap.
  • Pink Ranger Katherine Hillard Attack Shield Throw.
  • Black Ranger Jason Lee Scott Attacks Quadruple Kick, Leg Sweep, Golden Pulse and Lord’s Assault.

Power Rangers Space

  • Psycho Green Ranger Attacks Seething Slash, Purging Storm, Helm Breaker and Sadistic Strike.
  • Blue Ranger T.J. Johnson Attacks Astro Axe, Combo, Stellar Smash, Star Strunk and Rising Star Strike.
  • Red Ranger Andros Attacks Cosmic Combo, Shooting Star, Saber Slash and Saber Drill Attack.
  • Zhane Silver Ranger Attacks Z Storm, Star Shot, Silverizer Slash and Laser Break.
  • Ecliptor Attacks Cutting Edge, Cyber Security, Electric Overload and Fiber Optics.
  • Psycho Red Ranger Attacks Psycho Rage, Rolling Slash, Mad Dash and Psycho Storm.

Power Rangers Time Force

  • Eric Myers Attacks Quantum: Alpha, Beta and Breaker and Drop Shot.
  • Wesley Collins Attacks Fast Forward, Split Second, Time Strike and Chrono Saber Fury.
  • Pink Ranger Jen Scotts Attacks Overclocked, Temporal Takedown, Time Strike and Saber Laser.

Power Rangers Wild Force

  • Yellow Ranger Taylor Earthardt Attacks Delta Strikes, Soaring Darts, Lofty Kick and Exemption Nudge.
  • Black Ranger Danny Delgado Attacks Wild Kick Combo, Spinning Roundhouse, Bison Charge and Axe Flurry.
  • Zen-Aku Attacks Wolf Bite, Savage Maul, Crescent Surge, Moon Rising and Full Moon.

Power Rangers SPD

  • Sam White Ranger Attacks Omega Comb, Hyper Mode, Electro Mode, Blast Mode and Light Beam Mode.
  • Kat Manx Ranger Attacks Cat Scratch, Backflip Pounce, Cat Stunners and Feline Grace.
  • Anubis “Doggie” Cruger Attacks Shadow Slice, Justice Combos, Confinement and Shadow Saber.
Street Fighters Game

Street Fighters

  • Ryu and Ryu Ranger Attacks Jodan Sanrengeki, Sokuto, Hadoken, Shoryuken and Super Mode.
  • Guile Attacks Bullet Revolver, Sonic Boom, Somersault Kick, Sonic Blade and Super Mode.
  • Cammy Attacks Lift Upper, Cannon Strike, Spiral Arrow, Cannon Spike and Super Mode.
  • Chun-Li and Chun-Li Ranger Attacks Tsuitotsuken, Kikoken, Spinning Bird Kick, Hyakuretsu and Super Mode.
  • Akuma Attacks Kongoken Combo, Zanku Hadoken, Gohadoken, Goshoryuken and Super Mode.
  • M. Bison Attacks Psycho Axe, Power Slide, D. Knee Press, Psycho Inferno and Super Mode.

Power Rangers Turbo

  • Pink Ranger Cassie Chan Attacks Turbo Charge, Wind Chaser, Turbo Wind Fire and Braking Kick.
  • Blue Senturion Attacks Turbo Kick, Blaster Mode, Baton Mode, Citation and Haywire Mode.
  • Phantom Ranger Attacks Phantom Fury, Specter Rush, Backpedal Barrage and Ruby Blast.

Power Rangers Galaxy

  • Pink Ranger Kendrix Morgan Attacks Relentless Spirit Combo, Quasar Crusher, Saber Riser and Wildcat Reflex.
  • Trakeena Attacks Insect Queen Combo, Beetle Sweep, Bug Out and Wasp Sting.
  • Magna Defender Attacks Valiant Combo, Noble Blow, Zika’s Vengeance and Magna Storm.

Power Rangers Rescue

  • Ryan Mitchell Attacks Lightspeed Kick, Titanium Blazer, shockwave Slam and Demon’s Bane
Power Rangers Game Dino Thunder And Mystic Force

Power Rangers Dino Thunder

  • Mesogog Attacks Mesozoic Rage, Focus Strike, Psionic Brain Blast and Meso Flash.
  • White Ranger Trent Fernandez Attacks Drago Assault, Dashing Punch, Laser Arrows and Super Speed Attack.
  • Black Ranger Tommy Oliver Attacks Jurassic Strike, Brachio Beatdown, Wind Strike, Energy Orb and Super Dino Mode.

Power Rangers Mystic Force

  • Leanbow Attacks Blazing Slash, Wolf Attack, Burning Heart and Shield Of Light.
  • Udonna Attacks Mystic Avalanche, Ice Storm, Bilzzard Rush and Cold Spell.
  • Koragg Attacks Knight’s Fury, Shield Bash, Wolf Attack and Dark Magic Strike.

Power Rangers Jungle Fury

  • Dai Shi Attacks Zocato Fury, Phantom Beast, Black Lion Rush and Ferocious Roar.
  • Wolf Ranger Robert “R.J.” James Attacks Alpha Wolf, Hunter’s Ploy, Wolf Beam Blast and Predator Pounce.

Power Rangers RPM

  • Gemma Attacks Cyclone, Direct Aim, Energy Mode and Ice Mode.
  • Ziggy Grover Green Ranger Attacks Revs Per Minute, Woodsplit Swing, Green Fortress and Turbo Blast.
Power Rangers Game Dino Charge, Mega Force and Samurai

Power Rangers Samurai And Super Samurai

  • Master Xandred Attacks Nighlok Combo, Mocking Slash, Netherworld Bind and Master’s Fury.
  • Antonio Garcia Attacks Barracuda Dash, Blur and Blade and Sheath Slash.
  • Red Ranger Lauren Shiba from Super Samurai and Attacks is Samurai Combo and Strike, Fire Sword Charge.

Power Rangers Super Mega Force

  • Robo Knight Attacks Maximum Force, Silver Slash, Rapid Flurry and Blasterize.
  • Gia Moran Yellow Ranger Attacks Stun Gun Trio, Sword Stinger, Skeet Shot and Sabre Whip.

Power Rangers Dino Charge

  • Kendall Morgan Attacks Bayonet Slasher, Gun Bash, Reverse Blast and Plesio Silde.
  • Sledge Attacks Blindsided, Darkness Frenzy, Bounty Barrage and Merciless Volley.
  • Snide Attacks Rushdown, Exploding Sword, Personality Split and Vortex Slash.
  • Kado Attacks Capoeira Combo, Half Moon Kick, Shield Slam and Shield Toss.
  • Heckyl Attacks Dark Orbit, Energem Slash, Backtrack and Rewind.
Power Rangers Ninja Steel, Ninja Storm, Hyper Force and Beast Morphers

Power Rangers Ninja Storm

  • Blue Ranger Blake Bradley Attacks Triple Tempest, Grand Slam, Shocking Pinch, Pincer Paralyzer and Thunder Mode.

Power Rangers Ninja Steel

  • Preston Tien Attacks Stealthy Switch, Abraca-Grab-Ya, Dragon’s Ire and Blade Slash.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers

  • Devon Daniels Attacks Feral Flurry, Acrobatic Ambush, Ferocious Fang, Carnivorous Chase and Beast X-Blaster.

Power Rangers Hyper Force

  • Jack D. Thomas Attacks Big Horn, Ram Rage, Ram Rush and Hammer Time.

Power Rangers Megazords

Here I will tell you which Power Rangers Series Megazords you will see in this Game.

  • Power Rangers Mighy Morphin Dino Megazord, Thunder Megazord, Mega Goldar, Mega Black Dragon And Dragonzord
  • Wild Force Power Rangers Megazord Predazord
  • Samurai Power Rangers Megazord
  • Power Rangers SPD Delta Squad Megazord
Power Rangers Megazords Game

About Gameplay

  • Slide to Move Characters left and Right.
  • Click Skills icon for run attacks and Combos.
  • Every Power Rangers have 4 to 5 Skills and Every Power Rangers have different types skills.
  • Megazords have 4 to 5 Skills and every Megazord have different skills.
How To Install Games and Application on Android.

How To Install Power Rangers Legacy Wars MOD Apk

  • Go to your Android Setting and Click Security option and On Unknown Sources. You can see in screenshot.
  • Then Click on Download link is given below.
  • After Install Game then Open your internet connection and Start Play.

Requirements And Additional Information

  • Game Name :- Power Rangers Legacy Wars
  • Game Size :- Android 75MB & iOS 236MB
  • Develover :- nWay Inc.
  • In-App purchases :- Yes
  • Online :- Yes
  • Offline :- No
  • Devices :- Android & iOS
  • Android :- 5.1
  • iOS :- 8.0
  • RAM :- 2GB
  • Internet Memory Space required :- 2GB

Download For iOS

Download For Android

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