Pokemon let’s Go Pikachu Apk English Version Download for Android

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Pokemon let’s Go Pikachu is a most popular game in the Pokémon games series. Now the Pokemon let’s go Pikachu Apk Download is available for android mobile. There are many things about Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu which you need to know before going to Download this Game.

Pokemon let’s Go Pikachu Apk

The Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu Apk RPG Game. First released for the Nintendo Switch in 2018 and is the first true remakes of the Game Boy Color role-playing video game Pokémon Yellow. Game Freak, and jointly the Developers of this game and publishers is The Pokémon Company and Nintendo. This games were originally released on the 3DS and then ported to the Nintendo Switch. A couple of weeks ago, Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu launched on Android. Let’s Go, Pikachu were released in Nov 2018 for the worldwide market. These games are the first Pokémon games on a home console that belong to the seventh generation. While featuring connectivity with the popular mobile game Pokémon Go, the Poké Ball Plus is also compatible with a controller, the Poké Ball Plus controller.

First Announcement of Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu

The games were first revealed in May 2018 at a Japanese press conference. The goal of bringing in new players as well as serving aficionados of the series. These games were also created with younger players in mind, so they feature anime aspects, just like in Pokémon Yellow. Critical reviews commented on the accessibility and charm of the game, while the motion controls garnered their fair share of criticism. As of December 2020, these titles have worldwide sales of over 13 million, which places them among the system’s best-selling games.

Pokemon let's Go Pikachu Apk Download

Pokemon let’s Go Pikachu Apk Gameplay

The latest instalment in the Pokémon series, called Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu, takes place in the Kanto region, where fans will find the original 151 Pokémon as well as their Mega Evolved and Alolan forms from Pokémon X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire, as well as the other Pokémon introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu Apk is based on the most popular Pokemon games. Include battling NPC Trainers and Gym Leaders with Pokémon you’ve collected. However, while battling wild Pokémon, a Pokemon catching method similar to the smartphone spin-off game Pokémon Go is employed instead of the standard battle system. In order to soothe a Pokémon or to attempt to capture it, players can throw Berries or Poké Balls utilising the motion controls of the Joy-Con controller or the Poké Ball Plus device. If the Joy-Con controllers are docked to the console or in handheld mode, you can perform the action with a button press.

This still requires using motion controls to aim, however. Using motion controls has a significant impact on the catching of Pokémon. Despite it being possible to miss a throw, it is virtually certain that the ball will collide with the Pokémon. Additionally, wild Pokémon can be seen in the overworld in the newly released Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu APK, rather with respect to random encounters in grass and caves like in prior main series Pokémon RPGs. The player must approach the Pokémon to begin an encounter with a wild Pokémon.

Pokemon let's Go Pikachu Apk Game for android

Let’s Go Pikachu Apk Controls

For a better multiplayer experience, the games’ control system only supports using one Joy-Con for each participant. You may be able to join in by shaking another Joy-Con while the first player has already shaken one. After that, you can play in the game together with the first player, helping in the efforts to catch wild Pokémon. When playing multiplayer, Trainer bouts become fights between two Pokémon, and in wild battles, players have a 50 percent chance of throwing a Poké Ball each.

In the overworld, the player will be riding on Pikachu, which is situated on the player’s shoulder. Similar to how Pikachu follows behind the player character in Pokémon Yellow, this mechanism has a Pokémon that stays with the player throughout the game. If you are near a concealed object, your partner Pokémon wiggles its tail and can be customised further. This mechanic was initially seen in Pokémon X and Y, and it was then built on in Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Gaming Experience and Skills

Experience points are granted to Pokemon regardless of whether or not they beat an opponent Pokémon. But furthermore by the time they’ve captured a wild Pokémon. Experience points granted by catching wild Pokemon are modified by many multiplier bonuses. Such as making an overarm or underarm throw. In addition to Poké Balls, which are used to catch Pokémon, “candies” are introduced in these games. They are used to increase the Pokemon’s statistics, such as HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed. Players who move their Pokemon to Professor Oak via an in-game storage box are awarded different varieties of candy. In Pokémon Go, “combat power” is also returning.

In Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu apk, the evolution mechanic from earlier games returns. The player’s starter Pikachu cannot evolve, like in Pokemon Yellow. But it can also encounter and catch other Pokémon of the same species as the partner Pokémon. In certain games, such aspects like Pokemon breeding and HMs are lacking.

Pokemon let's Go Pikachu Apk Download

let’s Go Pikachu Apk Features & Connectivity

Players are now able to exchange Pokémon with one another. Even battle others across the internet using simplified online features. On the other hand, there are other elements, such the Global Trade System, Wonder Trade, and Battle Spot, that are missing from the apk version of Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu Apk.

Players must utilise a code consisting of three Pokémon glyphs, chosen from a total of eight, in order to connect with others and trade or battle online. Two players using the same code will either swap Pokémon with each other or engage in a Pokémon battle together. To access the online features of the Nintendo Switch, you must have a membership to the Nintendo Switch Online service.

Let’s Go Pikachu Apk also offers the feature integration for Pokemon Go, however this is an option rather than required.

First generation Pokémon and their Alolan Forms can be transferred from Pokémon Go to Let’s Go Pikachu. Following this, the players can access the Go Park where there are numerous Pokemon wandering around. In that the catch attempt has a higher possibility of failing, Pokémon with higher CP or levels are harder to catch. Pokémon Go and Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu Apk allow users to trade unidentified “gifts” with each other.

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu Apk English Version VS Pokémon Go

Many people are baffled by Let’s Go Pikachu Mobile because Pokemon Go and Let’s Go Pikachu English Version are both popular. Although, Pokemon Go has improved the way people see and utilise their cellphones. There are over 140 million active monthly players for the game, and they’re welcomed to bring their Pokemons along. Players will be able to take part in battles, grow, engage in raids, and all sorts of other things with various Pokemons.

There are, on the other hand, Pokemon, which are ready to move to the adventure. Niantic and its role-playing video games will be released next year, with Pikachu and Eevee being one of the game’s main characters. Let’s just go on the Nintendo Switch with Pikachu or Eevee, which are both free for the ioS and Android platforms.

Being a role-playing game, you don’t have to log out or talk to your teammates. Instead, it must be visited in the Pokemon Universe in Kanto, and certain duties will have to be completed. In the Let’s Go Pikachu game, you’ll obtain Pikachu or Eevee as your Pokemon Trainer. As of now, almost 11 million copies of the game have been shipped.

Pokemon let’s Go Pikachu Apk Download Without Verification

You may have observed that every website you search for requires a verification process that is only a few questions long. The sites on this list do not allow you to play the game unless you complete verification, which is mostly comprised of filling out surveys and downloading apps. We, on the other hand, would like to help you obtain Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu for Android without any form of authentication. If you cannot verify, you can simply download the apk file and instal it on your Android. Once you have done that, you will be able to play the game. It’s now that simple to download the game, so feel free to pass this game around to everyone you know. In order to give people the option of downloading the game directly, too.

How To Download Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu English Version Apk

  1. The download method is the same for both Android and iOS users: it’s just a matter of clicking the button and downloading.
  2. Once you’ve downloaded the game, go ahead and instal it.
  3. Make sure the “Unknown sources” installation option is enabled on your device.
  4. To get the full experience, please launch the game after installing it.
  5. Now, to effectively download the Obb file, you’ll need to have a high-speed Internet connection.
  6. In addition, android systems need at least 3GB of free space available.
  7. If you’ve downloaded the OBB file, you will not experience any problems while playing the game.

In order to play pokemon let’s go Pikachu, it is recommended that you play pokemon go first, as it will give you a lot of experience that will benefit you when you play this game.

One of the best things about Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu Mobile is that you can already learn a few useful strategies for beating the game. You’ll learn some new tricks in this guide to Pokemon: The time has come to perform like a true professional. I’ll show you how to do some things.

A connection between Pokemon Trainers and wild Pokemon is possible, allowing them to assist in the capturing of wild Pokemon Multiplayer battles pit two Trainers against each other, and in the wild there are opportunities for all players to simultaneously throw a Poké Ball in an attempt to catch the Pokemon.

Requirements And Additional Information

NamePokémon Let’s Go Pikachu Apk
Size141MB Highly Compressed
DevelopersThe Pokémon Company, Game Freak And Nintendo
Platform Nintendo Switch and Android
GenreRole Playing Game
Android5.1 and more
RAM2GB and more
ProcessorSnapdragon 400 or more
Pokemon let’s Go Pikachu Apk Download


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