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Hello Everyone, Today new Pokemon game PokeMine Apk launch for Beta Testing. This is PokeMine Beta Apk for testing gameplay of this game. If you want to play this Beta Apk and went to become a beta tester gamer so you need to know more about this game before playing.

Pokemine Apk

Pikachu-themed mobile game PokeMine lets players develop their own Elves and change their appearances in turn-based battles. This is new Pokemon game where players can catch new Pokemon by doing battle. If the opponent Pokemon lose so you can catch him in the Pokemon ball. The Battle mode 1 Vs 1 and one by one attacks system. You can play this game manually and auto mode X2.

This is an action card game based on an Oriental fantasy theme. You will see a fantasy-themed interface, a collection of pets and an array system, and a variety of gameplay modes. Various Sprite Combinations and Gorgeous Skills allow players to immerse themselves in the fantasy world and increase the immersion of the game and combat.

The Mission System, Check-In System, Game Guide, and Game Mode have been improved. It’s Allowing players to have a more enjoyable and convenient experience. In order for players to enjoy the game to the most, the game incorporates a variety of elements that can compel them to want to improve themselves.

Pokemine Apk Gameplay

The Gameplay of this game is Role Playing Game. You need to create an account in Deme website because it’s official website of PokeMine Apk. After creating account by using your Gmail account then open game and login. Select game server and your region.

Beginner Guide of PokeMine Apk

To begin, watch the second CG cartoon. The Z move can be unleashed by clicking. This option is available at the end of the battle. Take a look at the [adventure] game map, then click Pikachu to begin the tutorial. Get ready for a one-on-one combat. Then, after completing the mission, press the “continue” button.

Close the upgrading interface by pressing the Close button. In order to continue the beginner’s instructions, click 1–2. Continue clicking 1–3 after you’ve won the battle. It’s up to you to direct the second Z movement.

You’ll be led to the treasure chest if you win the combat. To proceed, simply click anywhere on the screen. Begin twisting your egg by following a map to the centre of town. You can win any prize if you follow the instructions. The drawn elves can then be deployed with the help of the instructions. It is time for another round of adventure!

Pokémon Features & Position

Battle Damage Output is determined by the attack and the defense’s physical defence. Determine the amount of magic damage you will take during a battle in order to build a defence against it. In combat, a player’s health determines how long he or she can hold out. Preference for Priority Attacks; Dodge; Crit; Hit; Block; Damage Bonus; Damage Reduction; and so on.

Output Role: Attack, Focused on Damage Defense; Skills Focused on Damage Dedicated to Shields and the Tank’s Primary Role in the Team. Assist: Among the team’s skills, recovery and buffing are the primary treatments. Skill: The BUFF Attribute Is the Focus of This Member’s Skills, Making It the Team’s Primary Controller.

Pokemine Apk Play Modes

In the game you will see many other functions and some play modes.

Training and the line-up

Enter the cultivation interface by clicking the wizard. Purchasing spirit experience from the store or earning it through exploration is how you gain spirit experience for the purpose of upgrading your spirit.

Spirit rising star has the ability to change appearance, unlock skills, and greatly enhance their attributes. Card pieces with the same name are required. To get card fragments with the same name, you can automatically breakdown a spirit by drawing cards.

In order to increase the skill level, you must spend points and diamonds. New abilities are unlocked when the spirit’s star level rises.

  • Spirit dispatch:- Click any task to complete requirements to dispatch elves, then split the diamond prize pool each day by the number of elves dispatched each day.
  • Shop:- In order to purchase any kind of equipment, you must go to a shop first. In a slithering motion,
  • Backpack:- This is where you keep all of the props you own.
  • Research Lab:- Elf experience can be extracted from extinct creatures and remnants of extinct creatures.
  • Friends:- It is possible to trade physical strength with your buddies on the Friends list. Befriend someone by adding them as a friend or searching for their names in the Friend Requests list.

Pokemine Apk Features

You will see many features which will entertain you. Here the some features of PokeMine Apk.

Exquisitely Detailed and Stunningly Beautiful Fights

Over 150 Characters Use Skeletal Animation Technology To Create A Battle-Focused Environment. Battle’s Special Effects:”Special effects that make players dizzy are made more exciting in real-time combat mode.

The Pleasures of War Are Yours Through Real-Time Control

When using the QTE Combat System, gamers can unleash powerful Z moves that aren’t possible in turn-based games.

Combat Strategies that can be altered on the fly

It’s easy to categorise Pokémon by their attacks, treatments, abilities, and defences. It’s Possible for a Pokémon to Make Use of Its Own Positioning Qualities. Front and back row battle positions are distinct. Attack Methods can be matched to Pokémon based on their various positions and skill effects. Mutual Restraint Battle Strategies, such as Single, Horizontal, Vertical, Overall, Minimum Attack HP, Minimum Defense, and so on, can be created with ease.

These Combinations Create a Restricted Facelift. Stun, silence, bleeding, poisoning, and burning are only some of the abnormal states that can be caused by skill effects. If you can hit the enemy while they’re in a certain state, you can do a lot more damage, making the entire battle process more intelligent and strategic.

There are many other types of gameplay modes, and the rewards for each one are equally impressive.

Little by Little, Build an Exclusive Pokemon.

Increasing the Pokemon’s level, class, star, and skill level. Giving Players the Ability to Cultivate One Special and Powerful Pokemon After Another From the Ground Up. Training: The Equipment can be worn by anyone, as well as being able to have its attributes improved by various training methods such as inlay or a rise in class and stars. Equipment Attributes Will Be Given To The Corresponding Pokemon, And The Equipment Is Also A Main Pursuit Point For The Players In The Game.

Pokemine Apk Characters

Team Experience (Adventure Checkpoint Acquire) is required for Pikachu to be upgraded as the main character. The new system, as well as the level caps of other elves, can be unlocked after reaching the required level. It’s possible to improve a Pokemon’s attributes by consuming Pokemon experience (Explore Checkpoint Acquire).

Diamonds and their own card fragments can be consumed by Pokemon in order to rise to the stars. It’s a Big Part of the Game’s Development. It’s possible to gain new abilities, unlock new skills, and alter one’s appearance in this way. Skill Points and Diamonds can be used to increase a Pokemon’s abilities, which include its normal attack and its burst. Pokemon’s ability effects become more potent after they have levelled up their skills. Risen Stars have the potential to learn new skills.

The Z-Energy Move’s Requirement Can Be Acquired During The Battle by causing and receiving damage. The Z Move can be manually released when the Energy Value is met. Powerful Z-Move Usually Controls the Battle. There are several ways to use Z moves, including offensive and defensive, recovery, control, and more. Only four Z moves can be used in a single battle, and the order and timing of their release is entirely up to the player.

How To Download Pokemine Apk

  1. Direct Download link of Pokemine Apk is given below.
  2. Click on on the Download button the apk is automatically downloading start on you mobile.
  3. After Download go to your android device Security settings and ON Unknown Source if it’s already On so don’t do any think.
  4. Now install Apk and start Play.
  5. Internet Connection required to play this game.

Requirements And Additional Information

NamePokemine Apk
DeveloperDeme Games
PlatformAndroid & iOS Coming Soon
Android9 or 10
ProcessorSnapdragon 600
Online / OfflineOnline
Pokemine Apk Download
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