Online Anime Game SoulWorker Zero For Android And iOS

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Hello Gamers, Today I am back with another Online Anime Game Namely SoulWorker Zero. You Can Play this Anime Game on Android and iOS Devices because it’s available on Google play store and App Store. So let’s know more about this Game.

SoulWorker Zero The Online Anime Game for Android and iOS

Online Anime Game SoulWorker Zero

The Anime Game SoulWorker Zero is Online Role-Playing Game For iPhone and Android. This is High Graphic Anime Game. In This Game you will see 6 Dragon Warriors Characters with Power of Soul which is give those characters Super powers for destroy enemies. The store of this is, evil Robots are destroy the world and your have 6 Heros for save the world. You will see robots of Spiders, human and some Big Animals. If you are a real hero and your soul have strongest power so start the Game and save world. Only true Soul worries can save the world. You will get many features in this Game which you can use and play. So let’s know about it.

SoulWorker Zero Features
Open World Online Anime Game
SoulWorker Zero all Gameplay Features

About Features Of This Online Anime Game

In This Game have many Options which is entertain you.

  • Customize :- You can Customize your Character Hair styles, Hair Color, Eyes Color and Costumes.
  • Talking :- You can talk anybody on this Game. You can do Handshake, Laughing, Sadness, Dancing and Sitting.
  • My Info :- Here you can check Character info.
  • Lab :- in this option you can see items which is you can use.
  • Skills :- Here you can see Character skills.
  • Mission :- in this option you will get amazing mission which is entertaining you but you can unlock this option after completing level 12.
  • Achievements :- in this option you will see which items you won.
  • Store :- You will see many items in Store. In Store you will see Top up Cubic, PVP Store, Friendship Store, League Store, Cooperative Store, Cubic Store, Costume Store and Package Store.
  • Story Mode :- 150 plus Levels in Store Mode.
  • Friends :- You can connect with friends for battle.
  • Survival Mod :- Check how much time you can do battle in survival mode and Complete Survival Mod then you will get many rewards.
  • Showdown
  • Steel Grave
  • Restricted Area
Online Anime Game SoulWorker Zero For iOS and Android

About Characters

You will get 6 Anime Warriors for playing which there are 2 Boys and 4 Girls Warriors.

  • Jin Seipatsu :- Jin is extremely kind and humble characters, his kindness and integrity is the key of his soul powers. He Fights for the Justice and a true warriors. He uses spirit arms and dynamic attacks to knock down his enemies.
  • Iris Yuma – She improves her powers through extreme wrath and irritation. Her soulforce keeps receiving energy from her wrath ability. Iris Yuma uses Fire ball power and hammer stol to crush her opponents.
  • Stella Unibell – her soulforce gets energy from melodious guitar and her deadly dangerous dance. She take over her opponents through deadly dance moves and guitar Harmony.
  • Lilly Blommerchan – Very delicate and soft for the society and her friends but very mad for the opponents. She uses her madness to drive energy to soul Force and attack on enemies with mist scythe.
  • Erwin Arclight – a very powerful warriors who lives with having great fun all the time. He has wide open eyes and a motivated soul. He Fights with guns and his rapid movement abilities.
  • Haru estia – her families fate controlled by the great void on the very happier day of her life. She promises herself to take the revenue of her families. She fights with soulumn and her great agility.
Online Role-Playing Anime Game SoulWorker Zero

About Gameplay

This is Hand Free Game means you don’t need do anything for running combos because you can run all combos and Attacks just clicking one buttons. In this Anime Game have Tutorial system which is learn you how you can use all Buttons.

  • Normal Attack you can run combos attack just Multiple touch.
  • You can Dodge enemies attacks.
  • Guard :- you can defend attacks by Soul Gauage.
  • You can run all skills attacks just on buttons. You will see 5 skills attacks of every Characters.

Requirements And Additional Information

  • Game Name :- SoulWorker Zero
  • Game Size :- 750 MB
  • Online :- Yes
  • Offline :- No
  • Developer :- Aprogen Games
  • Available On :- Android and iOS
  • Android :- 6.1
  • iOS :- 9
  • RAM :- 2GB

Download For Android

Download For iOS

Why You Should Play This Online Anime Games

Friends here I am telling you which is Features provide you Online Games. Online Games Provide you many features like PVP Mod, High Graphics and Many new updates about new features. You can play any other person on Online Games and You can defeat world champions and Check who is world champion of this game in real time on Online Games but those features is not available on Offline Games. You will get many play modes in Online Games compare to Offline. Offline Games also provide you high Graphics but he not tell you who is best Gamer of this Game in the World.

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