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ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest is a mobile game that has been produced for two years with formal permission, authorised by Shueisha! 1st authorised Android & iOS Mobile OPM game. Famous CVS. Famous. Great open now. Now download! We will also going to tell you how you can play One Punch Man The Strongest on PC.

One Punch Man The Strongest (Authorized) Apk

The first turn-based smartphone RPG, legally sanctioned by the spectacular Japanese “ONE PUNCH MAN The Strongest ” Anime – “ONE PUNCH MAN” is here! Supervised by Shueisha’s production commissioner, our game has rebuilt the universe 100 percent and fascinating anime stories! The SEA Download Number is over 5 million!

Our town is being attacked by monsters, and people seek refuge from peril. It is time for the Association’s Heroes to execute justice! Since childhood, we’ve dreamed of becoming a hero and don’t want to hide anymore! Follow Saitama sensei and fight the Monsters valiantly. Our objective is not the quest of glory, but the actual guardian spirit. Let’s become entertaining heroes!

One Punch Man The Strongest Story Mode

Features of One Punch Man The Strongest Mod Apk

There are so many features available in the game.

Anniversary Log in Gift and Events

Login from 1/6 each day to claim free loads of uncommon prizes: Cash Limited, Ascend Supply Token, Demon Badge and more!

Come into the OPM universe and be startled by the fresh scenes. Finish NPC requests to receive Coin and Cake Anniversary ingredients that can be exchanged for unusual prices. The more the more, the more merrier! Defeat bosses in the tough core final challenge and you’re going to gain lots of supply and prizes!

One Punch Man The Strongest all characters

Incredible SSR Character Debut & Rare Costumes still.

Your favourite character will be stronger! There are new skill variations and you must think more tactically about your line-up! Build your strongest team now and be Arena No. 1!

The Swimwear Costumes will return at the celebration of the anniversary. A Swimwear Costumes will again be available in the mall for the Terrible Tornado, Hellish Blizzard, Zombieman, Atomic Samurai. Don’t miss this uncommon opportunity! Dress your heroes and savour the cool summer atmosphere!

Complete reconstruction of OPM’s exciting world

Saitama sensei who can destroy with only one punch all powerful foes, Mumen Rider who does justice on a bike, the strongest extraterrestrial Monster Boros, Speed-o’-Sound Sonic, the strongest Ninja who sees Saitama as his life adversary… The heroes and monsters of the original Anime have gathered together and legendary scenes have been reconstructed. Explore the universe where monsters and heroes combat!

Build your own Hero Association and train and grow!

CV cast from the original anime are fully re-established to fully dubb storey lines! Take the shock of a one-punch fatality! Feel free to use different personalities and special capabilities of heroes and monsters and to design your own Hero Association! Create the strongest line-up of PVP fighting at 3V3 Arena and 6V6 to the top!

One Punch Man The Strongest Android Gameplay

One Punch Man The Strongest Gameplay

Innovative gameplay, please explore the game with different features! Join exploration, perfection, BOSS and many RPG gameplays to get wonderful rewards! Evolution, Arena, Unnatural Disaster, Conquestor Challenge, Talent Perfection and more multiplayer games are available. Saitama fighting mode is available in PVE stadiums, one-punch kill, quick clearance and free fire!

One Punch Man The Strongest Download PC

How To Download One Punch Man The Strongest On PC

  • One Punch Man The Strongest for PC Download link is given below. first of all click on the Download button.
  • Then you will see 2 options “play on BlueStacks 5” and “Play on BlueStacks 4”. Choose any one and install the BlueStacks on your PC.
  • After install the BlueStacks then Create a PlayStore account and if you have already PlayStore account so login.
  • After creating the PlayStore account then you will automatically see the One Punch Man The Strongest Download. If you not see so come again in our website and click again “Download for PC” link it’s given below. You can also search in the BlueStacks search bar at the top right corner.
  • Click ONE PUNCH MAN: The strongest of search results, then install it.
  • Click on One Punch Man the Strongest Game icon on the home screen to start playing

Play One Punch Man The Strongest Apk For PC With BlueStacks

The finger action of ONE PUNCH MAN The Strongest can be experienced no better than on PCs using BlueStacks. BlueStacks leverages your home computer’s crude computing power to deliver unrivalled Android gaming performance. Enjoy a host of incredible features you won’t find on your mobile device: keyboard and mouse support, GPU acceleration and much, much! Advanced Keymapping enables you to build custom control settings for all your favourite Android titles.

It supports mouse, claw, and even a gamepad so you can play ONE PUNCH MAN, the strongest on your PC, with true console gaming experience. Develop a personal control system or work from one of the many templates! Want to perform your deadliest combinations of skills properly every time?

Take advantage of the BlueStacks Macro Recorder feature. Macro Recorder lets you record whole input sequences and attach them to a button. Tap a key and unleash complicated attack combos without sweating. Does your guild think your quests may need a little help? To run several copies of ONE PUNCH MAN: the most powerful on a single PC, use the Multi-Instance Manager. Then go to war simultaneously with several accounts!

One Punch Man The Strongest Android Guide

Your main heroes: 1. Lily, 2. Genos, and 3. Mumen Rider, will shape your way in the first three or four chapters of your game.

  • Religiously level up your MUMEN RIDER. Maybe he’s not your CORE attacker, but HE’s one of the NANNIES that’s going to make your main computer sit during the whole game.
  • Genos is an excellent starting CORE, so attempt to take early ESPER (for that 10 percent ATK increase). HELLISH BLIZZARD (Fubuki) is an excellent starting ESPER if you can spare a DOLLAR for this game.
  • NEVER be given the opportunity to use your ELITE VOUCHERS! Epic Bills are OK! (But if you can roll them 10 times, you will have the bang of your BUCK)

OPM The Strongest Apk Quick Level Guide

Continue to accomplish your daily QUESTS. These tasks are vital for your advancement because the EXP is roughly 6 EXP every run through a dungeon.

  • Tacitle in your GEMS spending to resilience. This is the instant your STAMINA gets fired all over the roof. But make sure you invest too much GEMS on endurance.
  • It’s time to consider about your future squad compositions. Start with DISH OUT AOE damage compositions. You can get AMAI MASK, he’s a highly recommended CORE.
  • Most SR’s and R’s are your FRIEND! The following SRs and Rs I strongly recommend as your beginner complies and heights them up to your needs: Golden Ball, Blue Fire, Amai Mask, Hellish Blizzard, Messenger of the Seafolk, Smile Man, Beast King, Mumen Rider, Fukegao, Iairon and Men’s Esthetician Man.
  • Please Never Miss Your Chests & Daliy Rewards.

Requirements and Additional Information

NameOne Punch Man The Strongest
SizeAndroid 828MB & IOS 1.9GB
Developer and PublisherFingerFun (HK) Limited
GenreRole Playing Game
PlatformAndroid and iOS
Android 6. 0
PCIntel i5
LanguageEnglish, Indonesian, Simplified Chinese, Thai, Traditional Chinese.
Online / OfflineOnline
One Punch Man The Strongest

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