One Piece Unlimited Adventure Wii ISO Download Highly Compressed

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Now you can play the One Piece Unlimited Adventure Wii ISO on your Android device by using Dolphin Emulator. Today we will going to know about this game and how can I play One Piece Unlimited Adventure Wii ISO on Android. You can also Download One Piece Unlimited Adventure Wii ISO Highly Compressed only 350MB. So please stay with us till the end.

One Piece Unlimited Adventure Wii ISO

One Piece Unlimited Adventure is a Wii action fighting video game. It offers an original Anime Storyline, adopting selected manga elements and animating the Water 7 Saga. Unlimited Adventure developed by Ganbarion and released by Namco Bandai. It was the first one-piece game of seventh generation and the first one to be localised in North America when FUNimation got a series licence. It launched a short (and primarily Nintendo-exclusive) series, starting with the unlimited cruise direct sequence. The game was launched on April 26, 2007 in Japan and on January 22, 2008 in North America.

One Piece Game Wii

Game Storyline

One day, whilst fishing for food (after the Sunny store was empty by an ill thought of eating contest). Luffy pulls an odd blue sphere from the depths of the ocean. Just as the other pirates of Straw Hat exhibit disinterest. Luffy demands an island to be explored aloud. Seconds later, the orb invites you to beach the Sunny and spread the crew.

Although surprised, the Straw Hats swiftly recover and gather, camping along the shore of the island. They find many varied landscapes, ranging from dense rainforests to freezing mountainsides, and infinite waves of deadly pirates and Marines. Throughout the course Luffy’s orb reveals various other powers. Including a psychological connection with the memories of every Straw Hat. Whenever they come close to one of the stone seals placed throughout the island. This connection ignites fantasies of numerous former opponents.

Without care, the Straw Hats are struggling through these fantasies and smashing a seal with each win. All in all, a bizarre rabbit-like monster called Popora is trying, obviously determined to safeguard the seals, to assault them. At initially contemptuous, the Straw Hats reconsider when Robin found a collection of ruins describing the island’s history.

The island hosted a small but fruitful civilisation a thousand years ago, supported by an elderly sage and his magical orb. This wise man sculpted Popora from the clay and filled him with life as his people’s guardian. In time, however, more and more foreigners took an interest in the island. His people became suspicious and angry, Demanding that Popora be re-formed to destroy the outside.

When the sage refused, his orb was stolen and used. Despite his warnings, to activate the ancient guardian god of the island’s idol. Corrupted by hate of the inhabitants. The magic of the orb unleashed a rampant beast that devastated the island. Even the wise man found this monster too strong to fight. He desperately committed his whole soul into a spell underneath the island. Heart-broken, but obedient, Popora kept the enchantment until the monster had no longer existed.

The Straw Hats, touched by his dedication, decided to friend Popora and released him from his lonely vigil. Even while Popora is at first too bitter to help, he finally trusts them and takes them to the remaining seals. When these seals and their fantasies are bestowed, Straw Hats storms an underground room against the guardian animal.

At first, the old monster assaults with only physical blows and evil magic. However, as the conflict continues it becomes a dragonlike being with the power to imitate all the most deadly skills of the Straw Hats, from Don Krieg’s poison gas to Portgas D. The Straw Hats can only overcome this sheer force by fighting – as a group – from every aspect conceivable and slay the beast.

Then the chamber of the beast collapses, threatening to bury the Straw Hats and Popora until Luffy breaks the base with a Gear Third attack. As the group retreats to the surface of the island, the orb – which has finally accomplished its duty – transforms into ordinary stones and shakes. The spirit of the sage comes from his shards, who compliments Popora on his thousand-year vigil and apologises for the solitude he has imposed; and because his spirit only has seconds to go, he collects the shards for one more spell.

Unable to see or hear the spirit (save Luffy) the Straw Hats go back to the Sunny to refresh and replenish. Soon, they cast off and watched Popora take goodbye from the shore of the island. Several similar creatures – friends and families raised from the last magic that Popora can at last call his own – join in to their amazement.

One Piece Unlimited Adventure Wii ISO Gameplay

One Piece Unlimited Adventure Wii ISO Gameplay

The game contains completely three-dimensional models and locations that provide substantial freedom of movement for exploration and fighting. The player characters can walk, run, jump, dash and access several types of attacks of differing sizes, range and power at the lowest possible level.

During fight, a series of specific attacks are often delivered to the character of the player. If this set is complete (in any sequence), a Break Shot will allow the last attack of the set to provide much increased damage and knockback power. However, if the player character is knocked down at any moment, the set rework itself, eliminating all progress.

In addition to the conventional medical measurements (HP). All player characters are filled with Special Power (SP) gauges, which should be paid out—as well as attacks by the end user (Hissatsu?). The two gauges can be recharged by several Techniques. The most popular being the little “recovery balls,” occasionally formed by striking adversaries or environmental characteristics.

One Piece Unlimited Adventure Wii ISO Download

Play Modes of One Piece Unlimited Adventure

4 Game Play Modes you will see in the One Piece Unlimited Adventure.

Adventure & Story Mode

The “Adventure Mode” covers the primary storyline of the game. Which shows you the Straw Hat pirates to explore and fight their way across the island of Popora.

This mode starts with Luffy as the only playable character. It connects him with his teammates as the tale unfolds and in a single adventure party collects all eight Straw Hats. The player can change between members of the party at any time. Except those that have lost all HP; if HP is zero for each party member it will declare a game over which resets progress to the last point of saving.

Initially, every Straw Hat is limited to just a few low power attacks. However, sufficient combat use will unlock new and existing attacks via a numbered level system. All attacks will reach the maximum 10th level power.

Players can also create items for crew members to use, such as the Sanji kitchen (enhancing his cooking range) or the Chopper compounding tools. The player can gather ingredients to manufacture food to enhance the character’s stats or medicines to heal them while fighting. Usopp can create and improve fishing network and fishing rods as a side search to enable users to capture various critters on the island. All things may be crucial to bombs, ultimate-attack components, or whole weapons such as Perfect Clima-Tact.

Vs Mode

The Versus Mode allows the Straw Hats – and any character opponent seen in Adventure Mode – to take part in two styles of storyless fighting. All 8 Straw Hats from the starting are available from vs mode with all attacks (excluding higher-level finishers) at maximum power. All other characters must be vanquished in Adventure Mode at least once for availability.

Team Battle Mode

Team Battle, which organises arcade-like battles between CPU adversaries and other players. As its name suggests. Each side can create a squad of seven characters that must struggle sequentially. A score of either 8 or 15 points determines a team composition. Which is more expensive than weaker characters (such as Aokiji or Whitebeard).

Survival Mode

Survival, that sets one player character with 200 generic adversaries defeating (including Marines, pirates and the Evil Guardian lovers) without replenishment of the HP or SP. There is indeed no deadline, yet all completion times are recorded.

One Piece Unlimited Adventure Wii ISO Download highly Compressed

One Piece Unlimited Adventure Wii ISO, All Characters

There are 44 playable characters, Some characters you will in the different play mode options like Adventure, VS and Survival. Two more opponents, the Marine Rifle and the Pirate Bomb. Only appear in the main campaign and cannot be played in VS mode. There is all characters name which you will see in the One Piece Unlimited Adventure Wii ISO game.

Monkey D. LuffySmoker
NamiRoronoa Zoro
Sword SoldierFranky
Knuckle PirateArlong
SpandamTony Tony Chopper
Don KriegEnel
Nico RobinPistol Pirate
Saber PirateSanji
Normal MarineLeader Marine
Portgas D. AceKnuckle Soldier
Golem SoldierMass Soldier
Evil GuardianGreen General
Red GeneralPopora
Violet GeneralWhitebeard
Evil Master Beast“Overlimit” Chopper
KalgaraNefeltari Vivi
Bazooka MarineDracule Mihawk
Wii ISO One Piece Unlimited Adventure All Characters

How To Play One Piece Unlimited Adventure Wii ISO on Android

  1. Download the game link is given below.
  2. Extract the game.
  3. Install Dolphin Emulator from Play Store.
  4. Open Dolphin Emulator and select the ISO file folder where you downloaded the game.
  5. After selecting the folder you can see the One Piece Unlimited Adventure Wii ISO Game logo.
  6. Click on game icon and start play.

How to Set One Piece Unlimited Adventure Wii ISO Save Data

  1. You will see the 100% Complete Dolphin Emulator One Piece Unlimited Adventure Wii ISO Save Data. Download One Piece Unlimited Adventure Wii ISO Save Data, Link is given below.
  2. Extract the Save Data.
  3. Copy Save Data folder and paste in Dolphin-emu / Wii / Title. If you see Overwrite and Replace so do this all.
  4. Then play again the game you will see the save date is set.

Requirements and Additional Information

NameOne Piece Unlimited Adventure Wii ISO
Size350MB Highly Compressed
PublishersBANDAI NAMCO, Bandai Namco Holdings
GenreFighting game, Action-adventure game, Role-playing Video Game.
PlatformNintendo Wii & Dolphin Emulator
Android9 or 10
ProcessorSnapdragon 400 or more
Online / Offline Offline
One Piece Unlimited Adventure Wii ISO Download
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