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Now NU Carnival iOS and Android Download is available. You can play NU Carnival Apk for Android. It is possible to play a combat-heavy role-playing game on both Android and iOS. Players will find the perfect balance of action and humour in NU Carnival Apk iOS. There are countless ways for players to become engrossed in this game. This is a must-have item for any fan of role-playing games.

To keep readers engaged, the plot twists and turns. Gamer’s immersion in the storey will be complete. A high-quality video will summarise the storey. Players will be able to immerse themselves in the storey. Just getting into the game is the first step.

Description of NU Carnival

The elemental spirits on the Klein Continent were wreaking havoc hundreds of years ago. Grand Sorcerer, known only as Huey, decided to build five altars across the land, each with a gigantic gemstone implanted in it, to regulate and seal away these skewed elements.

Huey and his clan members would travel to each of the five altars every few years to maintain the gemstones and seals there.

Huey, on the other hand, went missing for the first time in twenty years. Having no one to care for the altars, the elemental harmony he had created began to fall apart as a result. As time progressed, monsters appeared in every corner of the country. Natural disasters hit Klein and the dreaded Dead Zone spread as the elemental spirits were thrown off balance once more.

Then, one day, two familiars that Huey had created many years prior used a top-secret method to call down a visitor from another dimension. This is the hero they’ve been waiting for; they recognised him as a descendant of their master right away.

NU Carnival iOS

NU Carnival Apk is an Android & iOS role-playing game. It will bring a slew of new options to gamers. As previously stated, the plot is the game’s strongest suit. To keep gamers on their toes, this game will feature a variety of anime characters.

This exhibit is a must-see for anime and role-playing game fans alike. In this section, there are more than five characters to choose from. Each player character will bring a unique set of abilities and capabilities to the table. In addition, the backstories of each character will be distinct. Everything will be crystal clear in this game.

The world of NU Carnival Android is one where evil is still prevalent. There will almost certainly be many encounters with the demons. We, as gamers, are tasked with defeating these evil forces. Turn-based strategy is used in this game’s combat. Consequently, you must seize every opportunity to unleash your best shot.

NU Carnival Apk

The NU Carnival Apk have clan system which also allows players to form their own clans. To begin building a clan, players need to acquire the NU Carnival Codes. Users will be able to interact with each other and form bonds in the game with the help of this code.

There will be a wide range of tasks to complete in this game. Additionally, the game’s in-game store allows you to make a variety of in-game purchases. Real-world money or in-game currency must now be used to purchase these items.

The store of NU Carnival iOS does not impose any requirements on the purchase of any of its products. The products can be purchased by anyone who wishes to do so.

Features of NU Carnival Mod Apk

  • The characters in NU Carnival Mod apk come to life thanks to some stunning animation. Expertly crafted characters are moving in real time. There is a main tab where players can choose a character and their clothing and nudity level. Because of the raucous encounters, players can exchange birthday gifts. Your peers will continue to back you up as time goes on.
  • While undressing, there are two ways to get your heart racing: The carnival employs a five-character customizable team fighting system, allowing players to employ a variety of special abilities and type matchups to their advantage. As your teammates take more and more damage, the colours and patterns of their clothing will stand out more. Their toned physiques will be on display soon!
  • We’ve got some of the best Japanese voice actors in the business. The carnival is a visual and aural feast for the senses. With the help of Japanese voice actors, we’ve brought the characters to life. The voice of pure masculinity can be heard when you put on headphones and listen intently. Whether it’s a lighthearted exchange or an emotional one, you can rely on us to make your BL time a memorable one.
  • In order to access more in-depth side stories, you must meet certain requirements. Having a steamy relationship is a great way to start fresh stories. There are a variety of H-scenes to choose from for each character. You’ll be able to show off your lusty, sweaty moves with spine animation, whether you’re on top or bottom. Get ready for some sizzling hot action to arrive right in your own living room!

NU Carnival iOS Features

  • It’s available for free download and playing.
  • In a fantasy world, there are four distinct regions: the Land of Light, Land of Water, Land of Jungle, and the Dead Zone.
  • Everyone in the world, whether they are fictional or real, has an individual history and set of skills.
  • There are a number of people waiting to meet you, among them Aiden, Aster, Morley, Yakumo, Edmund, Olivin, Quincy, Kuya and Garu. Among them are vampires, succubi, werewolves, and knights.
  • You’ll need to work closely with other players in order to succeed in battle.
  • To defeat the level’s increasingly difficult opponents, including the level’s boss, a team of up to five heroes must be assembled at the level’s conclusion.
  • There is the option of making in-game purchases.
  • Logging in every day will earn you points.
  • You can form a clan with the help of buddy codes.
  • The interface loads in a matter of seconds.
  • Excellent graphics and user interface.
  • The game revolves around turn-based combat.
  • The many characters interact in a variety of ways.
  • Unlocking more characters after finishing a chapter.
  • The in-game shop where players can buy new items.

Chapters and characters are now available for you to explore.

From this point on, you’ll be able to access additional chapters. In the beginning, only two Anime characters will be available. To access all of the game’s characters, players must make their way through the storey. The difficulty level will vary from chapter to chapter. There are new characters who can handle more difficult tasks.

The best part of the game will be the interactions between the characters. The range of topics for discussion is practically infinite. There is a lot of wit and humour in the dialogue of the characters. Gamers can rest assured that they will have a blast. There will be a wide range of discussions based on what you do.


Just look at this game’s incredible visuals. You won’t get bored playing if you’re having fun. In terms of visuals, this game is absolutely stunning. The settings tab offers a variety of options for customising the look and feel of the interface. With each new update, things only get better!

How To Download NU Carnival iOS & Android

  1. You can download the file by clicking on the Download button at the bottom of this page.
  2. After clicking on the link, the download will begin immediately.
  3. Allow the game to download.
  4. After that, download and play the game on your Android or iOS device of choice.
  5. Begin playing the NU carnival on iOS and Android after the installation is complete.

Requirements And Additional Information

NameNU Carnival
DeveloperNU Carnival
PlatformAndroid & iOS
GenreStoryline game
Online / OfflineBoth
NU Carnival iOS & Android


What is Nu carnival?

Nu Carnival is a mobile game that combines elements such as turn-based RPG battles, gacha, graphic novels, and plenty more! Yaoi. You read that correctly; it contains overtly sexual material and should only be viewed by those of a mature age; consider this your fair warning.

Can you play NU carnival on iOS?

Simply go to the Nu Carnival website, scroll down until you reach the bottom, and then click either “Android Download” or “iOS Download” to start the download process. You can also go directly to the official Erolabs Nu Carnival store page and download the file for the platform of your choice from there. This is an alternative option.

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