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New Dragon Ball Game Deep Blue Youth Thunder Fight has built a solid and loyal fan base through various forms of media including anime, manga, films and video games. The latest addition to this impressive list is New Dragon Ball Game.

New Dragon Ball Z Game

This 2D mobile fighting game brings the iconic characters from the series to your phone screens for you to play with in real-time multiplayer battles. You can also become one of these legendary warriors by going through a character customization process that allows you to choose their hair color, eye color and more. Or you can create your own fighter and discover their unique fighting style by competing in the game’s many multiplayer modes like story matches, training or survival.

With plenty of content to explore, you can amass countless hours of entertainment on your device. But it gets better; there are tons of missions to complete which will give you plenty of reasons to play the game over and over again.

Dragon Ball Z Game For Android

About New Dragon Ball Game

The mobile game Deep Blue Youth Thunder Fight features a national war theme and is designed for the iOS and Android platforms. To keep things exciting and challenging, Deep Blue Youth Thunder Fight incorporates a variety of gaming features into one cohesive whole.

There must be a full screen option for the game. Super-burning battles with super strong and hearty attacks allow you experience the perfect blend of vintage animation and cards, so join us and become a super Saiyan together.

New Dragon Ball Game mobile

New Dragon Ball Game Features

  • Reduce Wukong’s message size by going online! Turntable to hand hemp with a 10,000-draw capacity is now available. It shot out of the gate with such a bang!
  • Send as many dragon balls to your soul as you can with VIP10! A never-ending supply of white prostitution advantages awaits your submission.
  • You’ll be able to lead Wukong in the opening strike! Enjoy double the happiness and twice the surprise!
  • There’s no end to the VIP and other high-roller carnivals! Millions of diamond rebates are waiting for you in the growth fund!
  • The highest good You can get a lot of diamonds by investing in the game and earning a lot of money every day. More gift bundles that are good value for money

Deep Blue Youth Thunder Fight Gameplay

Deep Blue Youth Thunder Fighting Game based on Dragon Ball Series of Z and Super. 2D fighting gameplay defeat your enemies one by one. Every stage you will see the Boos fight based on real anime storylines.

Story of this New Dragon Ball Game start from the first Dragon Ball Series. Players can move characters left and right because it’s 2D game. The fighting skills is Orginal anime style and all characters have real skills. Graphics of this game is fully like Dragon Ball FighterZ style.

About Characters

If you are old Dragon Ball Series fans so you already know which characters available in the Dragon Ball Anime. In this new Dragon Ball Game have all Dragon Ball Series all characters means you will see old and new characters.

Dragon Ball Super Characters Goku, Vegeta, DBS Broly, Gogeta and Vegito Blue and much more. Super fighting skills easy to control every characters. You can unlock all characters by completing storyline and more others tasks.

How To Download New Dragon Ball Game

  1. This is New Dragon Ball Game Download link is given below.
  2. Click on the Download button then you will see other Download page where you can Download this new Deep Blue Youth Thunder Fighting Apk directly.
  3. After Download then install and start play.
  4. You need internet connection to play this game.

Requirements And Additional Information

NameNew Dragon Ball Game Deep Blue Youth Thunder Fighting
Genre2D Fighting
Online / OfflineOnline
Deep Blue Youth Thunder Fight

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