Naruto X Baruto Mugen Apk For Android BVN 3.3 Mod

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Hello Everyone, Today I am back with another Anime Game. This is Naruto X Baruto Mugen Apk BVN 3.3 Mod for Android. Yes friends it’s Real Naruto Mugen and you can esliye play this game on Android without any Emulator. For more information about this game, so stay with me till the end of this post, let’s start.

Bleach Vs Naruto Mugen Apk For Android

About Naruto X Baruto Mugen

Naruto X Baruto mod Version of Bleach Vs Naruto Mugen Apk 3.3. This is real Anime Mugen Game for Android. If you want to play any Anime Mugen Game on Android so BVN 3.3 is best Mugen Game for Android. This is new BVN 3.3 Apk namely Naruto X Baruto. In this mod you will see only Naruto And Baruto Characters with Amazing attacks like Mugen. So let’s about this Game features.

Play Modes

  • Team Play Mode:- This play mode is Divided in 2 Part and in this Option you select 3 Characters and do start play. The First part is Team Play Arcade and Second is Team Play Vs CPU. In Team Play Arcade you will do battle one by one next Team. In Team Play Vs CPU you can do only one Battle.
  • Single Play Mode:- Single Play mode is also divided in 2 Part like Team Play Mode Option. The First part name is Single Play Arcade and Second name is Single Play Vs CPU. Single Play Mode gameplay rules same as like Team Play Mode Option but in this option you can select only One Character.
  • Traning Mode:- Here you can check all Characters Combos and Attacks. You can also Improve your fighting skills in Training Mode.
Naruto X Baruto Mugen Apk For Android Download


This is Spacial BVN Mod Apk for Anime Naruto X Baruto, so in this game you will see Only Naruto Anime Characters with real Anime attacks. You will see 56 Characters and 17 Assistance Characters. Which Characters you will see Naruto all forms, Sasuke all forms and Baruto all forms. You can see in the screenshot all Characters.

Naruto X Baruto Mugen Apk For Android
Naruto Mugen Apk For Android


The Gameplay of this game is fully real Mugen games Style. You will see every Characters Attacks real Anime Style with amazing sounds effects. Every Characters have 3 type Super Attacks and Combos.

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How To Install Naruto X Baruto Mugen Apk on Android

If you facing Installing problem so follow all Steps Carefully.

  • First of all Download Apk. The Download link is given below. Click on Download Button then you will see Video of Creator of this Game. Then Check of Video Description.
  • Then go to your Android phone system setting and Security setting and ON Unknown Sources Option.
  • After doing this Setting then Install Game. If you see Google Play Protect is wants permission so click on Allow. This Apk is fully secure for your Device.
  • If you have Android 10 so Install this APK from your original file Manager App.
  • I hope you understand all Tips.

Requirements And Additional Information

  • Game Name:- Naruto X Baruto Mugen Apk BVN 3.3 Mod
  • Game Size:- 600MB
  • Mod By:- Kazuto Tsu
  • Platform:- Android
  • Online / Offline:- Offline
  • Android:- 5.1
  • RAM:- 4GB
  • Internal Memory Space Required:- 2GB
  • Processor:- Octa-Core
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