Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 PPSSPP ISO Download

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Hello Everyone, Today I am back with another Naruto Ultimate Ninja Impact Mod namely Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 PSP ISO. This is New Naruto Impact Mod Textures in Storm 2 Graphics. You can easily play this game on any device by using PSP Emulator. So stay with us, if you want to know more information about this game.

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 PSP ISO Download

Naruto Ninja Storm 2 PSP ISO

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Impact is 3D fighting game for PSP. This is game of Naruto Ultimate Ninja series, Develop by CyberConnect2 and Published by BANDAI Namco Entertainment. Today you will see Naruto Storm 2 Mod of this game. In this mod you will see New front page, New Battle Selection Menu and New Characters selection Menu. Every thing try to design in Storm 2 Graphics.

With 23 different fighting arenas, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 keeps many of the same gameplay mechanics as its predecessor. In addition to the prologue and an additional chapter, there are nine chapters in the book. When the Awakening Mode is activated, each character gains new combos and jutsu. A Tekken 6 guest character, Lars Alexandersson, can also be used in the game. A variety of new Jutsu and Ultimate Jutsu are available for some characters as the storey progresses.

Traditional JRPG screens and movement have been replaced with more traditional JRPG screens and movement in the game. Besides the Leaf Village, players can explore the world outside the village, which includes forests, deserts, and the Hidden Sand Village, as well as a variety of other environments. Quick-time events and cutscenes have brought back boss battles.

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Impact Mod

Game Features of Naruto Storm 2 PPSSPP

The game is provide you onle some play options so let’s know about it.

  • Ultimate Road:- You can enjoy Naruto and Sasuke Legends storyline in Ultimate Road.
  • Extra Missions:- Here you will see 9 Challenge stages and 6 Bonus Stages. In Challenge you will fight against 3 Ninja Fighters alon. In Bonus Stages you will fight against 100 of Ninja Fighters alon.
  • Tag Missions:- This is team Battle Mode. Here you can create team with CPU and your friends via Had hoc server.
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Impact Storm 2 PSP ISO Download
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Impact Mod Textures Download

About Gameplay And Characters

New Characters selection Menu with fully modified in Storm 2. You will see 25+ Characters and some new characters Models. You will see Naruto, Sasuke, Minato Namikaze and more other characters with Orginal Anime Attacks. The Gameplay of this game is very easy. You can learn about gameplay in Combos list. Gameplay is different but if you play so you can learn.

Naruto Storm 2 Android PPSSPP Game Storyline

In the game’s adventure mode, players follow young ninja Naruto Uzumaki as he returns to his ninja village of Konohagakure after training with Jiraiya for three years. As Naruto and his friends progress through the game’s storey mode, they face numerous foes from the Akatsuki criminal organisation. Gaara, the former village leader of Sunagakure, is taken prisoner in the first chapter.

During the second chapter, Naruto’s team tries to rescue Sasuke Uchiha from Orochimaru, but fails. Two chapters later, Shikamaru Nara, a Konohagakure member, and his team face off against Akatsuki’s newest recruits. To track down his brother Itachi, Sasuke betrays and defeats Orochimaru in the next chapter, and then forms his own ninja team. Following the death of Jiraiya by Pain, the leader of Akatsuki, Naruto trains to avenge his death in the final two chapters. [8] An additional “fragment” chapter detailing Sasuke’s failed capture of Killer Bee after their alliance with Akatsuki is unlocked after completing the storey mode.

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 PPSSPP Download Highly Compressed

  1. Download Naruto Ultimate Ninja Impact ISO and Mod Textures. The Download Link is given below.
  2. Then Download PSP emulator acording to your Device and Install it and then open and Close. You can Download PSP Emulator from
  3. After Download Naruto Ultimate Ninja Impact ISO and Mod Textures. Then Extract them.
  4. After Extract you will see Some Folders like, Sava Data and Textures. So Copy and paste in PSP Folder.
  5. Then Go to PSP Emulator and select Game and start play.

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Requirements And Additional Information

NameNaruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 PSP
SizeGame 530MB and Mod Textures 285MB
PublisherBandai Namco Entertainment
Mod ByYoga Gaprex’s And Generasi Gamers
GenreFighting Game
PlatformPSP Emulator for Android, PC, iOS and Mac
Online / OfflineOffline
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 PSP ISO
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