Naruto Mugen Apk For Android BVN Mod Download

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Hello everyone, Today I have brought for you M.U.G.E.N. for Android. This is Real Naruto Mugen Apk game for Android and you can play this game on Android without any Emulator. So let’s know about this game.

Bleach Vs Naruto Mugen Apk BVN mod Download

Bleach Vs Naruto Mugen Apk For Android

Bleach Vs Naruto Mugen is Pixel Fighting and Real MUGEN Game for Android. This is only one game have in Android like Mugen and Today I have given you New Naruto Mugen Apk BVN Mod. In this mod you will see many new updates and new characters with new attacks. The Develover of this mod Apk is 白黎改BVN特别版 and this is new Bleach Vs Naruto Mugen Apk released on August 2020.

An anime ninjutsu fighting mobile game with anime ninjutsu skills and smooth fighting combos; includes all of the most popular ninja characters! Become the strongest ninja in the world by defeating all opponents.

In addition to characters from “Naruto” and “Naruto the Movie,” this game also features various forms of each character, which enhances the overall playability. as high as it gets Naruto vs Sasuke: The Final Battle on the Go!

Bleach Vs Naruto Mugen Apk BVN mod Download

Game Features

This is Based on Naruto and Baruto Anime but in this game not have any story mode but you will see some play modes so let’s know about it.

  • Team Play:- in this Option you will see 2 more options namely Team Acrade and Team Vs CPU. Acrade mode you will do battle with Random Teams one by one and the Rounds come Next leave. Vs CPU mode you will play with Normal only One Round and After one Round complete the battle is End.
  • Single Play:- You will also see 2 more options in Single Play Options namely Single Acrade and Single Vs CPU. Single play all play modes is fully like Team play Mode but only one change have in this option you will play with Single character not Team.
  • Traning Mode:- You can improve your fighting skills and check all Characters skills in Training mode. Traning Mode is best option for learning this game.
Naruto Mugen Apk For Android Download

Gameplay of Naruto Mugen 300mb Apk

Bleach Vs Naruto Mugen Apk is 2D Pixel Fighting Game. You will all Characters of Anime Naruto with Real Anime attacks in Pixel graphics. So let’s know about Gameplay Features.

  • Running and Jumping
  • Kicking and Punching
  • 3 types Small Super Attacks of all Characters
  • 3 Types Super Attacks of All Characters
  • Instant Transmission
  • Transformation of Next forms
  • Assistant Characters, you can select assistance Characters and use it in Battle.

How To Install And Play Naruto Mugen Apk On Android

This is Mugen Apk game and it’s only for Android so you don’t need to do anything only Download the Game and install it and then you can start play. The Download link is given below.

If you facing Installing problem so go to your Android phone setting and then Security Setting and on Unknown Sources. Then Download Game and Install. Second Check your Android phone Memory Space it’s Required 2GB.

Requirements And Additional Information Of Naruto Mugen Apk low mb

  • Game Name:- Bleach Vs Naruto Mugen Apk
  • Game Size:- 300MB
  • Mod By:- 白黎改bvn特别版
  • Platform:- Android
  • Online:- No
  • Offline:- Yes
  • Android:- 5.1
  • RAM:- 2GB
  • Internal memory Space required:- 2GB
  • Processor:- Octa-Core


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