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Now NA2 WhatsApp Update Version 2023 Download is available for Android. You can enjoy New NA2 WhatsApp Apk Latest Version free with all premium features Unlocked. Today we are going to cover all about this App and how you can Download and install it on Android without any problem so please stay with us till the end.

NA2 WhatsApp Update

About NA2 WhatsApp Apk

The well-known Qatari software developer Nassar Al-jaidi is the creator of the NA2 Whatsapp Apk. He has produced a variety of additional NA WhatsApp apps, including a series of eight apps, each of which has a unique colour motif. One of the apps in the NA Whatsapp Mod Series, NA2 Whatsapp can be downloaded here. This WhatsApp is most well-known for its ability to restore previous messages as well as its wide selection of appealing themes. Altering the font styles available in NA2 Whatsapp is also an option.

There are currently eight different iterations of the Whatsapp application. NA2 Whatsapp was designed and developed by a well-known developer from Qatar named Nassar Al-jaidi. This programme utilises a dark theme as its standard colour. The colour of this application is not what makes it renowned. Despite this, a number of features, such as message recovery options and bot chatting, elevate this application above similar offerings from competitors. Also, with the assistance of this programme, you are able to download the WhatsApp status.

NA2 WhatsApp Download

Why Use NA2 WhatsApp Apk Latest Version 2023

NA2 WhatsApp is well-known for having enticing theme colours to choose from. At NA Whatsapp, you can get WhatsApp themes in a wide variety of styles and colours. NA2 default theme colour is dark green. NA2WhatsApp is famous not only for its themes but also for its amazing features such as different Fonts, Messages recovery, Hiding chats, Auto messaging bot, Scheduling messages, Hiding blue tick, and Downloading WhatsApp status. NA2 WhatsApp is not only famous for its themes but also for its amazing features.

The technique of downloading NA2 WhatsApp is straightforward. When installing NA2 Whatsapp on your mobile device, you must ensure that any pre-loaded versions of WhatsApp are deleted first. NA2 There are no viruses or other malicious software found in WhatsApp. The platform is completely secure.

NA2 WhatsApp New Version

Features of NA2 WhatsApp Apk 2023

NA2 WhatsApp is new Modified version of WhatsApp App with new premium features so here the all following features you will see in this App.

Themes Unlocked

There are eight distinct theme’s accessible in this programme with colour gradients, and you can also locate third-party themes by importing the theme. There are presently 8 different colour themes available in NA2 Whatsapp apk.

NA2 WhatsApp Latest Version 2023

Many Font Styles

This WhatsApp mod offers a wide variety of fonts to choose from, including Roboto lite, Comic Sans, Barot, Product Sans, Comfort, Bebas Neue, League Spartan, Anton, and Bangers, amongst many more. All the Google fonts are available in this application, and you may use them like robot, Muli, Sans Serif, and many more. Namely, within the Mod version of the application.

Scheduling Messages

If you want to send a WhatsApp message at a specified time when you cannot send a text then you may now schedule that message in advance.

WhatsApp Mod Apk

Hide Options

Do you want to hide any contacts from appearing on the home page of your WhatsApp? Whatsapp’s latest version, NA2, includes a “hidden contact” feature that can only be accessed by entering a password. This was done to improve the app’s privacy features.

The option to hide your last seen, shown by a blue check, is now accessible on the standard WhatsApp as well. Nevertheless, if you use NA2 WhatsApp, you may configure your blue tick such that it will only be visible once you have replied to the person in question.

Massanger App for Android

NA2 WhatsApp Recover deleted messages

With the NA2 WhatsApp app, you can access messages that are up to one month old. WhatsApp Nasser Al-Jaidi The NAWhatsApp – After completing the actions outlined in the prior feature, you will be able to delete this content and view these statistics. You can manage your messages by selecting the option at the bottom of the page after clicking on the icon of the contact or group you want to manage. You can also enable options relating to various items, and then click the Clear messages button to delete all of these materials.

Maintain your long status

Normally, we can transmit WhatsApp status up to 30 seconds long, however with NA2 you may share status up to 5 minutes long. You can share long videos with your contacts up to 1 GB without any resolution trouble. If you want to share long films on WhatsApp, na2 WhatsApp is the ideal alternative because it merely compresses your content before sending it to others without reducing the resolution in any way.

WhatsApp App Alternative

Remove Calling status

You are now able to erase call notifications from NA2 Whatsapp for both the sending and receiving parties. When we accidentally phone someone, it may be quite awkward for all of us. Because of this, NA2 Whatsapp has designed this option to protect you from embarrassing situations that aren’t essential. This programme includes capabilities that allow you to remove the history of call notifications from both sides of your phone. You also have the ability to conceal messages from another individual.

Download Whatsapp statuses here

When we find someone’s WhatsApp status to be interesting, but for whatever reason, we are unable to directly ask them about it. Nevertheless, beginning today, you may instantly download your WhatsApp status with just one click. These applications give you the ability to save any status on your device and give you the option to choose a location to save your status.

Various Emojis

na2 WhatsApp provides multiple emoji packs for you to use in your chats. Emojis can be replaced by your own custom ones that you can set. 18 You can also import emoji from other sources and utilise them in your messages. A large selection of emoticons, including Facebook and Instagram exclusives, are available within this app.

Key Features of NA2 WhatsApp Update

  • The choice to lock the WhatsApp app using a fingerprint password, a pattern password, or a personal identification number.
  • The Blue Ticks, Double Ticks, Typing, and Recording statuses can all be hidden.
  • Anti Delete messages and Anti Delete Status.
  • Anti See Just This Once
  • Airplane Mode or Do Not Disturb Mode.
  • Turn off incoming calls from selected contacts.
  • Freeze Last Scene Status.
  • The Repost option allows you to quickly and easily update the status of all of your contacts with just a single click.
  • Mass Media Sender Message Bomber
  • Automatic Message Responder and Scheduler
  • You can change the way WhatsApp appears in its entirety.
  • You can change the colour of the background, as well as the theme, fonts, and emoji style.
  • Retrieve texts that have been erased up to a month ago.
  • You may alter the size of the notifications, as well as the sound that they make.
  • Modify the look of the Home Screen and the Talk screen. Modify things like chat bubbles and the tick style, among other things.
  • Hundreds of Different Fonts and Themes.
  • Create backups and restore them using WhatsApp. And free up more space on the device you’re using.
  • Group characteristics.
  • Share larger photos, other forms of media, and files with a high definition (HD) resolution.
  • You can now share several files at once.
  • Increase the length of your status updates and the number of characters you utilise in them.

How To Download NA2 WhatsApp New Version For Android

  1. You can download and install the WhatsApp application on your device by following the many steps in the living instructions, which are available to you if you wish to use WhatsApp.
  2. You can begin by conducting a search for NA2WhatsApp on any of the available search engines. Next, click on the results to access the page from which you can download WhatsApp.
  3. However, if you are unable to locate it, you can begin the downloading process by clicking on the download button that is included in this article. This will cause the process to begin automatically.
  4. Once you’ve downloaded the file, you’ll need to store it to your device.
  5. You have the option of activating the unknown resources setting, which is located in the privacy section of your mobile device’s settings for Android, prior to installing the application.
  6. Launch the programmes, then launch the installation process by opening the applications and clicking the install button.
  7. After the application has been installed, the icon will appear on your device’s screen and taping it will open the application.
  8. After properly registering your phone number with the country code, and entering the one-time password, your account will be successfully formed, and you will then be able to effortlessly connect with your friends and family.

Requirements And Additional Information

NameNA2 WhatsApp
DeveloperNassar Al-jaidi
Genre Massanger
Mod Yes
RelatedMBWhatsapp iOS v9.54 Apk Download For Android [Update]
NA2 WhatsApp Update Download
Download Now ,


NA2 WhatsApp includes a plethora of premium features and designs that are designed to attract attention. NA2 WhatsApp is a regionally restricted app that has been downloaded millions of times in North African and Asian nations. Leave a comment below if you are having any problems downloading NA2 WhatsApp, and a member of our team will get in touch with you as soon as they can!

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