Motu Patlu Car Game and Speed Racing Game Download Mod Apk

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Hello Friends, Today I brought for you a India Cartoon Motu Patlu Car Game. So Today I have brought for you two Motu Patlu Game Namely Motu Patlu Car Game and Motu Patlu Speed Racing Game. Both are Android Motu Patlu Game So let’s Know about it.

Motu Patlu Car Game Mod Apk

Motu Patlu is Indian funny cartoon show in Hindi language. You can watch this show in Nick Channel and Sonic Channel. Motu Patlu is most popular Cartoon show in India and many people also watch this show because it’s very Entertaining Show. You can also watch this show in YouTube. Today in Both Motu Patlu Games you will see Motu Patlu in Car with Motu Patlu voice sounds effects. First Game You will see unlimited racing filled with no limits because in this Game not have any Stages but Second Game Motu Patlu Speed Racing, you will see So Many Stage and Levels with Motu Patlu Voice and Story lines. So Let’s Know about Game Features of Both Games

Motu Patlu Car Game

Features Of Motu Patlu Car Game Mod Apk

You will see Motu, Patlu, Doctor Jhatka and Inspector Chingam in a car with Furfuri Nagar front gate in the Game First interface. In this Game you will see only one play Mode and some other settings Options.

  • Play :- You can start play this Game just clicking on Play button Option. In this Option you will see 2 Modes one night Mode and second Day Mode. Night Mode Option you will see Night background of Racing Road. Day Mode Option you will see Day Background of Racing Road.
  • 6 Cars :- In this Game you will see 6 Cars which you can select and start play but only one car is open and 5 more cars locked. You can unlock all cars just collecting coins by playing this game.
  • Instruction :- You can learn about Gameplay in Instruction Option.
  • Graphincs :- You can Do Game Graphics Low, Medium and High in Graphics option.
  • Setting :- Select Gamepad Like Keypad and Tilt in Setting Option.
Motu Patlu Car Game For Android
Motu Patlu Car Racing Game

Gameplay of Motu Patlu Car Game Apk 2022

You can play this Game Very easily. You can play this Game in 2 types Keypad and Tilt Mode.

  • Keypad :- Click on triangle shapes icon for Left and Right. Click on exilator for speed and slow.
  • Tilt :- Do Mobile Left and Right for control Car direction.

Additional Information

  • Game Name :- Motu Patlu Car Game
  • Game Size :- 46MB
  • In App Purchases :- Yes
  • Online :- No
  • Offline :- Yes
  • Android :- 5.1
  • RAM :- 2GB
  • Processor :- 1.3Ghz

Features of Motu Patlu Speed Racing Game Mod Apk

Motu Patlu Speed Racing Game

You will see Motu Patlu in Scooter with Motu Patlu Background Song in Game front interface. In this Motu Patlu Game you will see many features so let’s know about it.

Motu Patlu Game
  • Daliy Rewards :- in this Game you will get Daliy Login rewards which is help you collect more Coins for Unlock more car and bikes.
  • 7 Stages :- You will see 7 Play Options Namely Summer World, Furfuri Nagar, Egypt, Jungle, Ant World, Aline World and Snow Monster. Furfuri Nagar Mode is already Unlock but other play modes in Locked. Collect 7 Stars for Unlock Summer World. Complete Furfuri Nagar Stage for Unlock Egypt Stage. Complete all stages one by one for Unlock 4 more stages.
  • Vehicles :- In this Game you will see 3 Car, 1 Bike, 1 Scooter, 1 Jeep and 1 Auto. You will see Flame Car, Boxer’s Sports Car, Vintage Car, Chingam’s Bike, Badi Gaadi Jeep and Snow Tuk Tuk Auto.
  • Powrup Gadgets :- You get some Gadgets tool which can help you to complete stages. You will see magnet, Booster and 3 more Gadgets. You can see Powerup Gadgets in Screenshot.
Motu Patlu Game
Motu Patlu Car Game

Gameplay Of Motu Patlu Speed Racing Game Mod Apk

Motu Patlu Speed Racing is Adventure Game of Motu and Patlu exciting World Furfur Nagar. You will see all places of Motu Patlu where Motu Patlu has gone the cartoon episodes. You need to do Race till the end Quickly and Collects Coins for Unlock cars and upgrade Powerup Gadgets. During the gameplay you will face John and his thug followers. you as a Motu Patlu will the help the people of society to stay away and safe from John the don. After completing 5 stages you will Collect puzzles through which you can unlock even more new levels and challenges.

The Gameplay of this Game something like Hill Climb Game. Click on Triangle icon for Star car Race. This Game is Like Hill Climb so you can Click on left icon for balance car.

About Characters

Here I will tell you which Characters you will see in this game.

  • Motu and Patlu The main characters of Motu Patlu Cartoon
  • Doctor Jhatka
  • Inspector Chingam
  • John with his goons
  • You will also see Furfuri Nagar peoples for doing Cheer up Motu Patlu.

Requirements And Additional Information

  • Game Name :- Motu Patlu Speed Racing
  • Game Size :- 72MB
  • Develover :- Nazara Games
  • Online :- No
  • Offline :- Yes
  • In App Purchases :- Yes
  • Android :- 5.1
  • RAM :- 2GB
  • Processor :- 1.3Ghz

How To Download And Install

How to Install Android Application
  • Go to your Android Phone system setting and Click on Security option.
  • Then On Unknown Sources. You can see in Screenshot.
  • After Do this Settings then Download Game. Click on Download button for Download the Game.
  • If you click on download link so you redirect to Play Store.
  • Then Click on Install Button for Download Game.
  • After Complet Downloading process you can see Motu Patlu Game on Your Android installed App list.
  • Then Click on Game and Start Play.

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